benefits of rose hip oil for hair

Benefits Of Rosehip Oil For Hair and 3 DIYs: Ft. Natures Absolutes

Have you used rosehip oil for hair yet?

I recently started using rosehip oil in my hair care routine and I couldn’t be more happier with the results. It does an amazing job in adding life to dull hair.

That’s why, I sat down to write and share my review of Natures Absolutes Organic Rosehip Oil and how I use it in three different ways in my hair care routine.

Benefis of rosehip oil for hair

What is Rosehip Oil???

Rosehip oil is the organic oil extracted form the rosehip seeds of specific variety of roses. Its a rich source of anti-oxidant and vitamin A. Its one of the best anti-aging oils available.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Hair and Skin

Benefits of rosehip oil for hair

About the Brand

Natures Absolutes is born out of quest for healthy hair and skin care. They strive to make the best quality and 100% organic products. You can check out more about them here.

Natures Absolutes Organic Rosehip Oil Review

The benefits of rosehip oil for hair and skin are really phenomenal.

The best one for me is that it repairs sun damage. However, it does not work as sun protection though. So, don’t get confused. This means you can use it to repair sun damage like tanning but it won’t prevent your skin from getting tanned.

benefits of rosehip oil for hair

The Appearance

Natures Absolute Rosehip Oil comes in blue colored glass bottle.

The packaging looks really attractive and classy. The oil is light pinkish in color and does not have a sweet smell nor too bad smell either. The smell vanishes within minutes after you use this oil.

Directions for Use

Benefis of rosehip oil for hair

My Experience

I have been using this rosehip oil for quiet sometime now and honestly, I loved it to the core.

As I mentioned above this oil has lot of benefits when it comes to hair and skin care. It is light and non-greasy in nature and gets instantly absorbed into your skin.

Hence, you can even use it as a body lotion after bath like I do.

It just leaves skin super fresh and repairs sun damage.

I use this rosehip oil as toner in my night time skin care routine too. Will update you soon on its results as a toner soon.

Rosehip oil actually made my hair really soft and manageable.

As the oil is non-greasy, its the best choice for summers. I oiled my hair overnight as a hot oil treatment using this hair oil and to my surprise the next morning my hair weren’t that oily.

The oil got easily washed off with my shampoo too.

My hair felt really manageable the next 2 days.

I have been using this oil in my hair mask, as serum and even by adding it to my shampoo. These diys not only has triggered my hair growth but have also made my hair super soft and frizz-free.

How to Use Rosehip Oil for Hair in 3 Different Ways

As I mentioned, I have been using Rosehip oil for hair growth in three different ways,i.e., Hair Mask, Serum and As Shampoo.

Using Rosehip Oil As Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Since, rosehip oil blends well with other carrier oils and essential oils, it makes the perfect ingredient for hair growth mask. To make this hair mask for hair growth we will need

Take 1 TSP of Castor Oil, 1 TSP of bhringraj Oil, Oil from 2 Vitamin E Oil caspules, 1 TSP of Rosehip Oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil. Mix these ingredients well. Your hair mask is ready.

Heat it using indirect heat method to enhance its nutrients and apply it evenly on your hair and scalp.

I prefer leaving it overnight but keep it at least for one hour. Then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Use this hair mask once a week for best results.

Using Rosehip Oil as Serum

After you wash your hair, instead of your regular hair serum, take dime sized amount of rosehip oil in your hands and apply it on your towel dried hair.

This will not only keep your hair manageable and frizz free but will also slowly help in repairing damaged hair over time. And don’t worry the oil gets absorbed in your hair leaving them moisturized and it won’t weigh down your hair.

Using Rosehip Oil as Shampoo

Do you guys remember my post on adding these ingredients to your shampoo and have problem free hair?

Same is what we are going to be doing here.

I know finding that right shampoo is hard. And when you do find it, you just don’t intend to change it.

So, if you have frizzy and dry hair and aiming to trigger your hair growth then do give this recipe a try. You will definitely love it.

Add 5-6 drops of rosehip oil to your dime sized shampoo and then wash your hair with it. This will not only make your hair super soft but will also add shine to it.

You can absolutely use your favorite conditioner afterwards.

Hope you guys found these DIYs using rosehip oil helpful. I love experimenting with different oils and sharing it with you guys makes me really happy. Do try these out and share your experiences trying them with me.


  • Cold-Press and organic oil
  • Light and non-greasy oil
  • No artificial fragrance added
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Makes hair smooth and silky
  • Triggers hair growth
  • Cruelty-free


  • Does not have pleasant smell
  • Not easily available in local stores
  • Bit pricey

Price and Availability

Natures Absolute Rosehip Oil costs Rs. 549 and is available on Natures Absolutes Page and even on Amazon.

Yay or Nay???

Yay for me.

I loved this oil.

Honestly, I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Do give it a try, if you are looking for a lightweight, non-greasy hair oil this summer or you have dry and damaged hair.

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