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Laser Therapy For Hair Loss: Does It Really Work?

Laser Therapy For Hair Loss: Does It Really Work?

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If you are experiencing severe hair loss, balding or hair thinning, you have most likely been on the hunt for the best ways to regrow your hair. And the market these days is filled with hundreds of options.

There are topical treatments, transplant surgeries, vitamins, and even micro-needling. Along with these popular hair growth and regrowth options, you have most likely also come across low-level laser therapy for hair.

laser therapy for hair

What is Low-Lever Laser Therapy For Hair?

Low-level laser therapy or LLLT is a clinically proven hair growth therapy that takes the guesswork out of growing back your hair. It’s easy to use, has reliable results, and is backed by science.

But while LLLT is an excellent option for hair growth, you might be wondering how lasers can grow back your hair?

Wait, Lasers? Is this Safe?

First things first, while lasers sound scary- LLLT uses non-invasive (and safe) cold lasers. These lasers are typically housed in a hat you place on your head a few times per week. You can enjoy your LLLT treatment at home or even in a doctor’s office.

Some companies even offer FDA cleared laser cap options, so you know that their products are safe and held to higher standards. Clinical studies have also found that LLLT is both safe and effective, so you don’t have to worry about that.

So How Does This Whole Laser Thing Work?

Laser therapy works in five ways to restore hair growth at a cellular level.

1. Improves Blood Flow

LLLT helps increase blood flow through photodissociation. This process uses nitric oxide to widen blood vessels and improves the blood flow to your scalp.

2. Gives Oxygen Delivery A Boost

Your scalp needs oxygen and nutrients to support healthy hair growth. LLLT works to separate nitric oxide and cytochrome c oxidase, which bind together and lower cellular respiration. This gives your scalp a boost with a healthy flow of oxygen.

3.  Puts a Halt on DHT Production

We all are aware that DHT causes hair loss. Essentially 5-alpha reductase converts your testosterone into DHT, which then slows hair growth and causes balding. LLLT is not a DHT blocker. However, it does inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme from the conversion process.

4. Stem Cell Growth Activation

LLLT activates the shock protein HSP27 that encourages stem cell growth and cellular health (specifically for your hair follicles). This laser therapy for hair loss encourages hair growth at a cellular level within the top layer of the epidermis cell.

5. Causes helpful Inflammation

Some inflammation is actually good for you, and this natural immune response can help support hair growth. The red lights of the LLLT laser cap help encourage small does of inflammation that trigger a growth response.

So Does Laser Therapy For Hair Actually Work?


LLLT does show a significant results when it comes to restoring lost hair.

While this information was a little science lesson, that’s sort of the whole point. Low-level laser therapy is backed by science, and it delivers real results safely. However, not all laser caps are created the same.

If you decide you want to try out laser therapy, here’s what to look for:

● Is it FDA cleared?
● Does it have third-party testing?
● Does the laser cap have visible testimonials?
● Does the laser cap have a high amount of laser diodes?

Final Thoughts

The truth is when it comes to hair loss- it’s essential to have a complete hair growth routine that covers lifestyle changes and hair growth therapies like low-level laser therapy. Typically it can take a few months to see results, so make sure you are being consistent with whatever hair growth remedy you decide to try.

~Written by Tiffany Fuller. She is a writer who has special interest in holistic wellness and is working for illumiflow, a brand that aids people cure there hair loss issues.

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