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Benefits Of Onion For Hair & Exclusive Tips To Use It For Hair Fall

Benefits Of Onion For Hair & Exclusive Tips To Use It For Hair Fall

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If you haven’t heard about the benefits of onion for hair, then you are probably living under the rock. Everyday, more and more people opt for onion juice for faster hair growth and post their success stories online raving about it.

But did you know onions can be used to treat most of your hair problems? Using onion for hair has been a Long Indian hair secret as shared by Nimisha. She praises here diy kalonji oil and her onion juice and bhringraj oil mask and how they help to control hairfall and regrow hair in 3 weeks.

Lets discuss the benefits of onion for hair and how you can use it to its full potential.

Why To Use Onion For Hair Fall?

benefits of onion for hair

As per a study conducted in 2018, by Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics which showed promising results and faster hair growth by using onion for hair. Also as per 2014 study, researchers found that onion juice can be an effective treatment for alopecia aerta.

Onions, specifically onion juice, works like a charm when it comes to our hair. It contains sulfur that helps to prevent hair from thinning and breaking, so it can stay looking healthy and fresh. The antioxidants, such as quercetin, contained within the onion juice can also prevent hair from greying, making it look younger for much longer.

The juice can nourish our very hair follicles. This is again thanks to the sulfur in the onion juice. Who would’ve thought sulfur would make one’s hair look fabulous? 

The list doesn’t just stop there for benefits of onion for hair. The juice has been said to also prevent scalp infection, this is again caused by the antioxidants within the juice. No scalp infections mean more chances for hair growth.

Onion juice will not only help your scalp out with infection, but it will make your scalp uninhabitable to lice. No need to buy expensive lice shampoo, as the smell and pH level of onion juice will ward off any unwelcome guests to your lovely locks of hair.

How to use onion for hair fall control?

Before you go to cutting onions and slapping them onto your head, there is a proper way to make onion juice to get all the benefits for hair. Simply peel your onion and place it into some sort of blender or grinder. We wouldn’t want onion chunks floating in your hair.


To prevent that from happening, we recommend filtering the juice out using a muslin cloth.

Once you have your onion concoction handy, simply apply it to your hair and gently massage it. Leave the juice in your hair for about an hour once you’re done.

It is gonna smell pretty pungent, so once you’ve finished, apply shampoo and rinse the juice off, unless you wanna smell like onions for the rest of the day.

WARNING to consider before using onion for hair fall

Onion benefits for the hair are not for everyone. You could potentially be allergic and applying it to your hair could result in an allergic reaction. Please do a patch test or consult your physician.

There are some onion juice-related products out there if DIY and messy pungent onion smell isn’t your cup of tea. You can check out these onion hair masks for better hair.

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But I prefer the old school method. I believe there’s nothing like a good old do-it-yourself.

So if you want gorgeous, fuller, more beautiful hair, head to a nearby grocery store and start dicing those onions or invest in any of these hair masks and gift your hair a good dose of love and care.

~Written by Claire D.