Benefits of Guava leaves for hair
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How To Do The Guava Leaves Treatment For Hair Loss & Hair Growth?

The guava plant is packed with vitamins that promote renewal and repair of damaged cells throughout the body, including the hair cells. The leaves of guava are great for use on the hair and scalp because they contain vitamin B2 and Vitamin C, which have several important and beneficial qualities such as anti-inflammatory properties, healing and repair, as well as antioxidant properties. These properties allow for the use of guava leaves for hair growth, guava leaves for hair loss and guava leaves for damaged hair repair.

Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Hair

Benefits of Guava leaves for hair

  • Repairs damaged hair follicles
  • Protects and prevents hair from having split ends
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties which prevent itchiness and dryness of the scalp
  • Stimulates the growth of new hair when hair loss has occurred
  • Promotes thickening of the hair
  • Stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which nourishes it and promotes more hair growth

Uses Of Guava Leaves For Hair

  • It can be used as a shampoo or co-wash
  • It can be used as a hair mask
  • Good hair conditioner
  • daily hair spray, to moisturize the hair and protect against dryness
  • as a hair oil
  • Great hot oil treatment for the scalp

You just name it and guava leaves are so versatile that you can literally use it for any problem and it won’t disappoint you.

How To Do The Guava Hair Treatment?

Guava leaves can be used for hair loss and also to promote hair growth. You can get a handful of freshly picked guava leaves from a healthy guava plant. Place the leaves in a pot and add some water, above the level at which the guava leaves. Bring the water and guava leaves to a boil. Allow for this mixture to cool down and then apply to your hair.

You can use this method before or after shampooing your hair. Allow the guava solution to penetrate your hair by leaving it in for at least over an hour. Alternatively, you can place a hot towel in order to allow the solution to penetrate the open hair follicles.

You may also apply the solution at night, right before going to bed. If you decide to use it at night, cover your hair and let the solution work through your hair overnight. Rinse out with running water after the application. This solution can be used at least three times a week.

Daily application to the hair promotes hair growth. Make the solution as described above, and place the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray down your hair every morning before styling it. The results will be noticeable within 4 to 6 weeks, as this is the standard time that the hair cells regenerate and repair.

Hair Mask For Hair Loss

Using guava leaves for your hair treatment are very easy to make and very economical. A combination of guava leaves and other natural products such as coconut oil, avocado, honey and egg yolk can produce excellent synergistic results.

For your hair mask, you need to combine the guava leaves to the avocado fruit or egg yolk. Use the avocado or egg yolk by whipping it into a smooth consistency. Add dried guava leaves or guava solution (guava infusion) to it and leave in the hair for a minimum of 20 minutes. Rinse out and spray down the hair with guava infusion from a spray bottle before styling it.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Honey and coconut oil can be used for daily moisturizing of the hair. Add dried guava leaves to honey and coconut oil and mix well. Use the mixture onto your scalp once a week.

Alternatively, your can use the coconut oil and guava leaves mixture as a hot oil treatment, at least once a week. Apply to your scalp, and cover your hair with a hot towel for 20 minutes. This will promote blood circulation to your hair and allow for penetration of the guava leaves into the hair follicles.

Cover Grey Hair Naturally

guava leaves for natural color

As you use the guava leaves more and more in your hair maintenance routine, you will notice the positive changes in the volume and health of your hair.

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