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Try This Egg And Curd Hair Mask For Dry, Damaged & Limp Hair

Try This Egg And Curd Hair Mask For Dry, Damaged & Limp Hair

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Have you tried the simplest egg and curd hair mask yet?

You know I love trying out new and different hair masks be it homemade or store bought. And I also love using eggs on my hair. I use eggs for hair as deep conditioning egg and banana hair mask, homemade egg shampoo or even as egg oil.

It just suits my hair really well.

I recently came across the simplest yet power-packed egg and curd hair mask of all times. This mask not only treats your scalp infections but also helps your hair get stronger from roots. And the best part is you just need 2 ingredients for this: Egg and Curd(unflavored yogurt).

Egg And Curd Mask For Hair

I learned this hair mask from a neighbor of mine.

She is Punjabi and you know how they have been blessed with such beautiful thick and lustrous hair. I just couldn’t help myself but ask her the secret behind her gorgeous hair. She told me that she swears by this hair mask.

She has been using just this mask twice a month since she was a kid and it has been working heavenly for her.

So, I caved.

I thought let’s give it a try. And so I did.

Ingredients For Curd And Egg Hair Pack

As I mentioned above, you just need 2 ingredients:

  • Egg: One is more than enough even for long hair
  • Curd: 3 Tablespoons of it

How To Make Egg And Curd Hair Mask?

For making this mask, you need one whole egg. That’s right, take the yolk as well as the egg white and whisk it nicely for a minute.

Now add curd and whisk again until you get a thick paste-like consistency. I sometimes just use my blender because you know I am really lazy 🙂

Now that you have achieved the thick consistency, your hair mask is officially ready to use.

How To Apply It The Right Way For Maximum Benefits?

Just comb your hair to remove all the knots. Make sure you have not oiled your hair beforehand and you are applying this mask on non-oily hair for best results.

Now part your hair in 4 sections and apply this hair mask using a brush or your fingers. I prefer the old school way and I simply use my hand to apply this mask. I know its sticky and messy… Please don’t judge me here.

Leave this mask on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. Make sure you don’t use hot water while rinsing this mask. The smell clings to your hair more if you use the hot water.

You can now follow up with your favorite sls free shampoo, hair conditioner and hair rinse.

Why Would This Egg And Curd Hair Mask Work?

Egg And Curd Hair Mask For Dry, Damaged & Limp Hair

This hair mask would work because it has the best yet the simplest set of ingredients.

  • Eggs help your hair get the protein that it deserves thus strengthening your hair from within. Plus it adds a beautiful shine to your hair too.
  • Curd is an excellent ingredient that will soothe your scalp and treat all the infections. It also helps in fighting frizz and tames your hair in place beautifully.
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Notes To Keep In Mind:

As much as I loved using this hair mask, I am going back to using my favorite egg and lemon hair mask. I felt it gave me much better and effective results. But for my sister this mask worked better. So you can decide for yourself which one works best for you.

If you are someone who dreads the smell of egg, then skip using the yolk. The yolk is the main culprit behind that awful smell. Also, use cold water rinse the mask off rather than hot water.

If you are a member of the oily scalp or oily hair family, add few drops of lemon juice to this egg and curd hair mask and you will be able to keep that oil at bay for sure.

Don’t keep this mask more than an hour or the egg smell would become a clingy guest in your hair for the next few days. And if it does, you can always make your hair smell good using the homemade hair perfume recipe.

I hope you found this egg and curd hair mask recipe useful. Just let me know if you have any hair queries and I will try my best to help you guys treat it naturally.

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