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DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit By BlendItRaw: Best For Hair Fall Control?

DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit By BlendItRaw: Best For Hair Fall Control?

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At this hair blog, you will see me preaching Ayurveda for better hair care. 

‘Ayurveda’, this term is used so commonly by almost everyone these days. And most of the time, it is coined onto the label just to increase sales.

Being a daughter of a Doctor who practices Ayurveda for a living, I am blessed enough to have the right resources and information when it comes to Ayurveda. That is why, when I got a chance to try the DIY Ayurvedic Hair Kit by BlendItRaw, I immediately hopped on board.

DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit By BlendItRaw Review

DIY Ayurvedic Hair Kit by BlendItRaw

The DIY ayurvedic hair mask kit contains

  • Amla pulp powder
  • Bhringraj powder
  • Bramhi powder
  • Shikakai powder
  • Fenugreek seed powder

Each in 50 gms sachets. You also get a recipe card and a wooden spatula along to help you use this kit a better way.

My Experience Using DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit By BlendItRaw

Honestly, I was a little skeptical when I noticed the word Ayurveda coined on the packaging. I thought I am trying another product that just claims to be natural and loaded with healing ayurvedic properties but won’t do much good to my hair. 

And since it’s my job here to be your guinea pig and test out different hair products and share their actual pros and cons, I gave this kit a try.

As soon as I opened this kit, I was relieved to read that the ingredients list was so pure. These were purely derived powders of some of my absolute favorite hair care ingredients. 

For the first use, I opened the packages, added a tablespoon of each powder from the kit, and simply applied it onto my hair. Kept the mask for about 30-45 minutes and then rinsed it off. I honestly felt less to none change in my hair the first time. The only change I noticed was that my hair smelt nice and had a nice bounce to its texture.

I tried the mask again after 5 days. But this time I added little coconut milk and a spoonful of fresh lemon juice to a teaspoon of each powder. I mixed them up and applied the mask. Kept it for half an hour and then rinsed it again. 

Sadly again my hair just felt fresh, a little hydrated, and smelt wonderful. Nothing too noticeable.

But I was adamant.

I know that natural DIYs takes at least a month’s consistent effort to start showing visible results.

So I used it once every week and changed some ingredients here and there but mostly tried using the kit in its natural form to test its optimum results. 

After a month, I noticed my hair fall was reduced quite considerably.

I noticed fewer strands on pillows and even while combing. I also noticed my hair started appearing more straight as compared to wavy. My scalp is also a little nourished than before.

Overall, I would say, this DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit is a good product to opt for. With regular application, it does control hair fall and minimizes frizz. For the scalp, it takes a bit more longer duration than a month. 

Some DIYS Using Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit

  • Amla pulp powder(1 tsp), fenugreek powder(1tsp), and coconut oil(3 tsps) mask for hair fall control.
  • Bhringraj powder(1 tsp), Brahmi powder(1 tsp), fenugreek (1 tsp) and aloevera gel(freshly extracted: 3 tsps) for faster hair growth.
  • Bramhi powder(1 tsp), shikakai powder(1 tsp), yogurt(2 tsps), and lemon juice(1 tsp) hair mask for oily and greasy hair.

These hair masks work well. But you can always whip up your favorite from this kit.

Where to buy DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit By BlendItRaw from?

I got it from their official online store. You can check them out for really good organic ingredients. 

Yay or Nay?


These are the best ingredients out there for hair care and that too in its purest forms. 

The kit does work well for your hair but consistency is the key here. The best part about trying this kit was that I finally found one more brand that treats Ayurveda with respect and doesn’t slap the term to increase their sales.

It’s a trustworthy brand selling good products. You can give them a try.

Have a lovely day!

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Barbershop Tyler TX

Friday 15th of January 2021

Thanks for sharing these ayurveda tips for hair care. Ayurvedic is very helpful in hair care.

Nimisha Popat

Sunday 24th of January 2021

I am glad you found them helpful :)

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