List Of Best Hair Spray For Women With Prices(Affordable & Highend)

best hair spray for women

If you’re living in a humid place or when the weather is windy, your hair may be untameable adding to your list of everyday woes. Pollution too fuels the trouble further. Is there anything you could do to tame your tresses with ease and in an inexpensive way? Of course, there is. Hair spray to … Read more

How I Use Avocado Oil In My Hair & Skin Care Routine? DIYs Included

avocado oil

Being a member of the dry hair and even dryer skin family, I am always looking for ingredients that have great nourishing and hydrating properties. And on my quest to find the best ingredient to soothe my dryness issues, I stumbled upon the good ole avocado oil. Benefits of Avocado Oil With so many different … Read more

Zilch Freedom Tango Shampoo and Tango Twice Conditioner Review

zilch cosmetics review

I often switch my shampoos and conditioners specifically because I love experimenting with different hair products and also because I can share its pros and cons with you guys. So last month I was using shampoo and conditioner by Zilch Cosmetics, solely because of its oh-so-appealing ingredients list. The Zilch shampoo and conditioner claims to … Read more

Cipla Sebowash Shampoo Review: Is It Really The Best Dandruff Cure?

sebowash shampoo review

Hi Guys, I have a lot of requests for a solution on irritated scalp and severe dandruff. And instead of replying to each query one by one, I figured I can simply write about a product that I discovered by accident but works well, i.e., Cipla’s Sebowash Shampoo. This shampoo is specifically meant to treat … Read more

Kalonji Oil: Benefits and How To Use| Ft. BlendItRaw Apothecary

kalonji oil

You guys know how much I love using different oils to treat my hair problems. Kalonji oil is one of my favorites especially when it comes to treating hair fall and regrowing new hair. So far I have been using my homemade kalonji oil but recently I thought of testing a readily available option just … Read more

DIY Amla Oil To Cover Grey Hair & Combat Hair Loss

amla powder and coconut oil for hair

Hey Guys, Today I am sharing a wonderful recipe that my grandma makes very often. Mind you I am stealing her secret of long & thick hair. Whenever I visit her, she insists on making this amla oil and massaging it generously on my hair. I dreaded it when I was a kid. But now … Read more

Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo Review: Best Clarifying Shampoo?

neutrogena anti residue shampoo review

Hey Guys, With this new year, I got my hands on a lot of new products and new DIYs. I am restarting the Reader’s Queries Section as well. So don’t forget to send in your queries too. So without further ado let me start today’s review. I have with me a clarifying shampoo by Neutrogena. … Read more

Nature Sure Thumba Hair Oil Review: Hair Regrowth by 70%, Really?

nature sure thumba oil review

If you are a regular reader here at this hair blog, then you might already know, I adore hair oils and Ayurveda. That’s the primary motive of my blog to spread awareness about these wonderful things gifted to us by nature. If you have got a hair or health problem, we’ve got an all-natural solution … Read more

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo Review: Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

On my recent trip to Dmart, I picked Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo for my dry frizzy hair. My hair is so dry that you can generate fire by rubbing their rough ends together. I am always trying new products that will tame my frizzy hair and add some life to them. I honestly wished to … Read more