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Cipla Sebowash Shampoo Review: Best Cure For Dandruff?

Cipla Sebowash Shampoo Review: Best Cure For Dandruff?

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I have a lot of requests for a solution on irritated scalp and severe dandruff. And instead of replying to each query one by one, I figured I can simply write about a product that I discovered by accident but works well, i.e., Cipla’s Sebowash Shampoo.

This shampoo is specifically meant to treat dandruff, dry scalp, inflamed scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, and even eczema and psoriasis.

This particular shampoo was recommended to me by my doctor because, after a long dose of antibiotics, my scalp and hair health suffered a lot. I was losing a lot of hair and my itchy scalp was getting out of hand.

Let’s see how this baby worked at treating dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

Cipla Sebowash Shampoo Review

sebowash shampoo review
The shampoo comes in a white colored plastic bottle with a purple colored flip shut cap. The bottle is travel friendly but doesn’t look that attractive.

The shampoo is white as well, has a runny consistency, and lathers good. You need little shampoo to clean your hair. It has a floral fragrance that isn’t too strong to trouble sensitive noses and lingers on for a while after you rinse off the shampoo.

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Is Sebowash Safe to Use?

Sebowash shampoo contains fluocinolone acetonide which has shown proven results to treat the dry, itchy, red, swollen, inflamed, irritated scalp. It usually is safe to use but I would urge you to consult your doctor beforehand.

My Experience Using Cipla Sebowash Shampoo

As I mentioned earlier, sebowash medicated dandruff shampoo was recommended by my doctor when my scalp became dry, flaky and I became a victim of severe hair fall.

The first time I used this shampoo, I was asked to skip the conditioner and serum and use only the shampoo for a month. Hot Oil Treatment was allowed.

After my first usage, my scalp felt extremely soothed as someone had somehow used a magic wand to take all the itching. But this happy feeling just lasted for a day. Since the next day, I again felt the urge to itch my scalp every now and then.

So I was dead sure that this shampoo is a temporary fix for my scalp troubles.

But I somehow pulled through and continued using this shampoo for almost a month(the bottle emptied after my third week of regular usage).

But after the third or fourth use, it started feeling better.

My scalp started getting clearer and the flakes were almost gone and I rarely reached out to itch my scalp anymore.

But the sad part was, even though my scalp was soothed and flakes almost bid me goodbye, the hair fall somehow stayed there. I was losing more than 200 strands a day and finally had to go back to my hair fall control routine.

In case if you opt for this shampoo for dandruff(or any scalp troubles) along with hair fall, I want to tell you that it does work amazingly well for dandruff but does absolutely nothing for your hair fall issues.

You might need some extra measures to tackle your hair fall and regrow new hair.

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My Friend(With Seborrheic Dermatitis)’s Experience Using Sebowash Shampoo

After having good results on my troubled scalp, I wanted to know how it fairs on the actual scalp with seborrheic dermatitis. So I asked a friend who suffers from it, to give it a try. After emptying the entire bottle, he felt the dermatitis is quite controlled and he is experiencing good results.

Overall I would say, opt for this shampoo only to treat your scalp issues. It works well for dry scalp, itchy scalp, dermatitis, and even psoriasis to a certain extent. But just to be sure before opting for this baby please consult your doctor beforehand.

If you have Seborrheic Dermatitis or severe scalp infection, check out this comparison of T-gel vs T-sal shampoos. I am sure you will find it helpful.


  • Travel friendly
  • Medicated shampoo
  • Works well on dandruff and dermatitis


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Doesn’t do anything to minimize your hair fall

Where to Buy Cipla sebowash shampoo?

I got it from the local medical store.

Yay or Nay?


The shampoo does exactly what it promises. A good option to pick up in case if you have dandruff, dry, flaky, or irritated scalp, or even dermatitis. But that’s all it does. Don’t expect it to make your hair better or even control your hair fall.

Hope this in-depth review of sebowash shampoo helped you choose better. In case if you have any particular product that you want me to try and review, then do share via comments. Till then you can check out reviews of other anti-dandruff shampoos:

Have a lovely day!

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