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I Tried Sunsilk Hairfall Solution Shampoo (In-Depth Review)

I Tried Sunsilk Hairfall Solution Shampoo (In-Depth Review)

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Lately, I have been going through a terrible hair fall problem. Probably due to a sudden change in the weather. So I picked up Sunsilk hairfall solution shampoo on a quest of following a strict winter hair care routine and control my hair fall. 

I read raving reviews of this Sunsilk golden shampoo so far.

Everyone claims how it helps with hair loss control and how it minimizes frizz. So I was pretty excited to try this shampoo for myself. 

Don’t worry, I am ready to share everything, the good, the bad, and the overall worthiness of Sunsilk hairfall solution shampoo in complete detail.

Let’s get to it. 

Sunsilk Hairfall Shampoo Review

sunsilk hairfall solution shampoo review

Product Claims: “Enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex, it gently cleanses weakened, easily broken hair while reinforcing the tresses from root to tip”

Appearance: The Sunsilk hairfall solution shampoo comes in a beautiful golden plastic bottle that shuts tight and is travel-friendly. The golden color is really pretty and catches your attention strongly. 

As usual, it has a nice perky standard Sunsilk fragrance which I adore and it stays for a while with you before vanishing completely. So to make my hair smell good all day, I use this homemade rose hair perfume sometimes.

The shampoo has a runny consistency and looked like melted pearls in your hand. It lathers well a little less compared to other drugstore shampoos but still does a fine job in cleaning hair and scalp in one go.

Ingredients: The shampoo has a long list of ingredients.

Now I am not the master of decoding which ingredient is good and which ingredient is terrible for your hair. But I did find this link where they explained every single ingredient from this shampoo in detail. You can check it out if you want.

It comes with a bright new ingredient called Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, which claims that it nourishes and strengthens each strand. This ingredient also helps reduce major hair breakage, resulting in healthy shiny tresses that can be seen from afar.

My Experience Using Sunsilk Golden Shampoo

Have you been worried about your falling hair and have people ask you why all the time?

Because it is happening to me right now and I can’t take it anymore. Everyone has always talked about my hair being so lovely and now that has changed. It seems my thin hair is the only thing that people are noticing these days.

So to stop hair fall and get my hair from thin to thick again, I decided to use this Sunsilk hair fall solution shampoo.

As I mentioned above the shampoo has a gentle fragrance that fades quickly without leaving its trace and leaves hair frizz-free for a day. It also cleaned my hair and scalp in one go. 

I do have a little complaint that it made my scalp dry and my frizzy hair appeared frizz-free for just a day. After that, it was back to square one. I however noticed that my hair fall has reduced to a certain extent.

I was losing more than 100 strands per day and now I can notice half of that. 

I did feel a noticeable difference in my hair fall after emptying the entire bottle and I am thinking of buying the next bottle again. But if you have dry frizzy hair like me, then you will need to use your hair conditioner afterward. 

I think the shampoo will suit nicely people with oily hair too. 

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  • Paraben-free formula
  • Gently cleanses hair without stripping the scalp of its natural moisture balance
  • Minimizes frizz for a day
  • Makes hair smell nice
  • Does control hair fall
  • Easily available
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Will suit people with dry or oily hair type


  • Fragrance doesn’t last long
  • Hair stays frizz-free just for a day
  • Makes scalp itchy
  • If you have dry hair, you will need a good conditioner after this shampoo
  • Contains SLS

HCS Rating


A good shampoo if you are losing a lot of hair strands and want something that would benefit even a bit then you can definitely consider buying this shampoo. But it does leaves hair frizzy after one day and might make your scalp itchy. So take these points into account before making your decision. 

Where to Buy Sunsilk HairFall Solution Shampoo?

You can get it easily from

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Yay Or Nay?


The fact that I was able to notice a good difference in my hair fall is something that makes me wanna buy it again and again. I can always use a good hair conditioner after this Sunsilk golden shampoo to minimize frizz and do an ACV rinse to minimize the itchiness of my scalp.

Let me know how you liked this shampoo? Or what you didn’t like about it? Do share your thoughts via comments. 

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Take care.

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~Written By Khyati Rathi