11 Easy To Do New Year Hair Resolutions To Make Your Hair Healthier

new years hair resolutions

Finally, the weirdest year of our lives is coming to an end. With hopeful eyes and stomach filled with butterflies, let’s set some easy to do yet super effective new year hair resolutions for 2021. 1. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment This is something I want to encourage you guys this year. Be fearless… Be … Read more

My Thin To Thick Hair Journey| How To Get Hair Thicker

my thin to thick hair journey

I often get compliments about my hair. People adore its color, shine, length, and most of it, its thickness. We all desire that thick hair crown on our head, don’t we? But due to our lifestyle choices, wrong products, bad eating habits, pollution, stress, and other countless factors, we lose that beautiful crown one hair … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately In 5 Steps|Tried & Tested

How to stop hair fall immediately

Rarely sunsets without this query finding its way in my inbox: How to stop hair fall? From last week, this has become the most requested one. And since its the time when we are continuing with our Reader’s Queries and My Solutions series, I thought why not help you guys find a quicker way to get … Read more

How To Fix Dull Lifeless Hair? Natural Tips That Actually Work

How to add life to dull and lifeless hair?

Ever since I started my Reader’s Queries Section on this hair blog, this has been one of the most requested queries: How to fix and add life to dull hair? Now that we are back with the series again, I thought this would be a perfect hair problem that I can address. So if you … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall After Smoothening/Straightening Treatment?

how to stop hair fall after smoothening/straightening

Hey guys, It’s been ages since we did this: My Solutions to Your Hair Queries! I have my inbox filled with hair queries from you guys. I thought its high time, I share naturals tips and tricks to some of the most requested hair queries of all time. So let’s begin with today’s query: How To … Read more

My Grey Hair Reversal Story: How I Got Rid Of Premature Greys, Naturally

grey hair reversal story

Hey Guys, As most of you already know that I have grey hair. And I often share quick remedies and hacks that help to maintain and hide greys naturally. So recently I thought of sharing my grey hair reversal story with you guys. Here it goes… Let Me Start By Sharing A Little Bit Of … Read more

Monsoon Hair Care Tips: How To Take Care Of Frizzy Hair & Control Hair Fall

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Hey Guys, As promised, I am here with some easy and doable monsoon hair care tips. So I asked you guys on Instagram what are you guys currently struggling with now that Monsoon has arrived. So based on your messages, main problems for the monsoon that you guys are struggling with are dry frizzy hair, … Read more

Harmful Ingredients In Shampoo And Conditioner: Why You Should Avoid Them?

sulfate free shampoo

Shampoos and hair conditioners have become an integral part of our lives. But when you use these shampoos and conditioners with harmful ingredients, you expose yourself to toxic components which can result in a lethal condition. Before buying either shampoo or conditioner, take your time to look at the ingredients. If it has no harmful … Read more

How To Protect Your Hair From Hard Water? 9 Tips To Save Your Hair

Hey Guys, Washing hair regularly is one of the best ways to maintain healthy hair. To do this properly, you need to have the best hair products which include water as the main ingredient. Those who have soft water has it easy but when it comes to hard water, the situation is different. The worst … Read more