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How To Care For Asian Hair: The Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Care For Asian Hair: The Complete Guide For Beginners

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Asian hair is considered the fastest-growing hair type that is also thicker and straight in appearance. A lot of people think that cutting, caring for, coloring, and maintaining Asian hair is very easy but that cannot be far from the truth. 

Asian hair needs extra TLC too and it can be tricky to master the art of caring for Asian hair. And if you too are curious as how to cut, color, care and maintain Asian hair the right way, then I am here to spill all the beans. 

Let’s get to it. 

Asian Hair Characteristics 

Asian hair is blessed with some of the best characteristics that most people adore. It has a beautiful dark black color, a lot of volume, and a beautiful shine accompanied by faster hair growth.

Dark In Color 

Asian hair is often dark in color with most of them having jet black hair which has a higher level of black melanin in them. These appear really beautiful and people across the globe praise them for their beautiful pigmentation.

However, this is the exact characteristic that makes it extremely difficult to experiment with different hair color ideas.

Tends To Be Thicker

Asian hair is blessed with 10 cuticle layers that prevent protein loss. This is why you might have noticed that most Asians have thicker hair. 

Faster Hair Growth

As per a study conducted, Asian hair grows the fastest as compared to Caucasian or African hair with more than 1 cm of hair per month.

Most Asian Hair Are Dry 

With the beautiful thicker hair, Asian hair loses a lot of moisture lot quickly as compared to caucasian hair. Thus, you need to take constant care, and use the right hair products for dry hair to keep the hair healthy and hydrated. 

Coloring Asian Hair

When you are willing to tick off that new year’s hair resolution and change your hair color, you need to keep in mind that you will need to use a good bleach for dark hair before. This is because of the higher level of melanin. 

And after the bleaching process, you are bound to deal with dry hair that might end up damaged as you will need to use a higher-volume developer and bleach to lighten your dark hair. But if you do end up with dry hair, then here is how to make your bleached hair soft again.

And if your hair is still not light enough, then instead of going for multiple sittings of bleach, go for bleach baths for hair to lighten your hair gradually with less damage. 

It is always recommended that for minimal damage stick to hair colors that are closer to your natural color as it would require less harsh bleaching. But that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with different hair colors. 

You can always experiment with different hair color changer apps and see which color looks best on you and then take the inspiration to your hairstylist. You can experiment with different shades of blue, red, and sunflower hair or get subtle highlights or go for a balayage treatment for your Asian hair. 

Or if bleaching and coloring scare you, you can always opt for hair extensions or wigs to fulfill your dreams without any damage. 

Cutting Asian Hair

Almost every haircut and style blends in perfectly with Asian hair, be it straight, wavy, or curly. But the weight of the hair makes it a trickier task to get that perfect haircut, As Asian hair is thicker in density you need a good hairstylist who is well versed in the skills of cutting Asian hair. 

If your hairstylist isn’t good at cutting Asian hair then the weight itself will make your hair curl at the ends. Another possibility would be that you might if your hairstylist decides to cut your hair too close to that scalp, it might result in an improper haircut that might make your head size appear bigger than it normally is. 

And if the hairstylist tends to lean in towards creating a more voluminous style it might end up creating a frizzy effect. It would be like misusing your hair’s best feature against it. 

Thus, I would recommend you to take some time and google the best hairstylist for Asian hair and check for reviews before setting your heart on anyone in particular.

How To Care For Asian Hair?

As we discussed above, Asian hair are on the thicker and dryer side, so you need the perfect set of products that moisturize your dry hair but at the same time it doesn’t leave a layer of product build-up as it would weigh down your hair even further. 

Do Indian Oiling Treatment

This is something that I literally preach on my blog: the goodness of hair oils.

A good Indian hair oiling treatment using a combination of sealing and penetrating oils accompanied by some steam and scalp massage can b a game changer when it comes to Asian hair. Start incorporating it into your life and you will notice what a huge impact this 30 minutes of effort has on your hair. 

Use A Hydrating Shampoo

This is a basic which I am sure you must be already following but I figured I should still mention it here. Using a good sulfate-free shampoo that contains hydrating ingredients like olive oil or green tea or shea butter works best for Asian hair. 

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Silicones-free Conditioner Is Your Best Bet

We can all agree that using a good hair conditioner is a must for people with dry hair. But when you use a good hair conditioner for asian hair, make sure you use the one that is free of silicones to prevent product build-up on your hair shafts.

Leave-in Conditioners For The Rescue

I have ignored the goodness this hair product has to offer for the longest time. I used to feel that it is just another marketing gimmick but no it isn’t.

Leave-ins play an incredibly vital role in nourishing your dry strands. If you haven’t used a good leave-in conditioner yet, I would urge you to try it once. 

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Do ACV Rinse To Remove Any Product Build-Up

With so many hydrating products, there tends to be a layer of build-up on your hair and scalp. This, in turn, disrupts the natural pH of your hair and scalp which may lead to hair damage and hair breakage. 

That is why I would recommend you to go for weekly ACV rinses. You just need to take 1 tsp of ACV and dilute it in a glass of regular water and now after your shampoo and conditioner just pour this ACV water on your hair and scalp and leave it on until you wash your hair the next time. 

So don’t worry it is completely safe and it will even soothe your itchy scalp. I used it while I was trying to get rid of dandruff in a month

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Use Argan Oil As Your Hair Serum

Argan oil when used instead of your regular serum has the potential to totally transform your hair. It does everything that your hair serum does but the best part is when you use high-quality cold-pressed argan oil, it would leave a layer of build-up on your hair. 

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Befriend Deep Conditioning Hair Masks

Deep-conditioning hair masks help to regain the moisture that your hair needs to appear healthier and shinier. Doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week or even twice a month as per your desire, works well for Asian hair. 

Here are some of my favorite deep conditioning masks that your can try:

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Hair Spa Is Ideal For Asian Hair

If you would visit a salon and ask them to treat your dry hair, then there is a high probability that your hair stylist would do a hair spa treatment for your Asian hair. If you don’t want to spend too much you can also do a hair spa at home

Use A Good Heat Protectant Before Styling

We all love using hot tools to style our hair but with Asian hair that are already on the drier side, heat protectant becomes a non-optional step. You absolutely need to use a good heat protectant so that your hair doesn’t lose more moisture and doesn’t go through more damage while you style your Asian hair to perfection. 

CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, Clear, 8 Fl Oz
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Over To You

Hope you found this in-depth guide on how to take care of Asian hair for beginners helpful. If you feel I missed out on any important factor or tip then feel free to leave it via comments. Before you leave, do check out:

Have a lovely day.

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