Can You Wash Your Hair With Just Water & No Shampoo?

can you wash your hair with just water

“Can you wash your hair with just water? Does washing your hair with just water make it greasy or soft? Is it a good shampoo alternative to wash hair with just water?” This query popped up in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. I remember reading articles about how more and more naturalists are … Read more

My Thin To Thick Hair Journey| How To Thicken Hair

my thin to thick hair journey

Sharing my thin to thick hair journey from scratch. Everything I did and every product I used. Spilling all the beans today. I often get compliments about my hair. People adore its color, shine, length, and most of it, its thickness.  We all desire that thick hair crown on our head, don’t we? But due … Read more

My Hair Growth Journey Vol-2: How I Grew My Hair From 18 To 31 Inches This Year

hair growth journey before and after

Hey guys, It’s been more than a year since I shared my hair growth journey with you guys. And last week when I shared my latest hair pictures on Instagram stories, so many of you messaged me to share my updated hair care routine that I followed to achieve this hair length. I thought it … Read more

My Grey Hair Reversal Story: How To Get Rid Of Premature Grey Hair

grey hair reversal story

Sharing my grey hair reversal story in complete detail today. As most of you already know that I have grey hair. And I often share quick remedies and hacks that help to maintain and hide greys naturally. So recently I thought of sharing how to reverse grey hair naturally with you guys. Here it goes… … Read more

15 Things I Did To Control My Hair Fall & Regrow My Lost Hair: Naturally & Effectively!

how to control hair fall and regrow lost hair

Hi guys, Are you still struggling with hair loss problems? Since I started Reader’s Queries Series here. Hardly goes any day when I don’t receive a message from somebody asking me for a good hair loss remedy  and natural hair regrowth tips that will help to achieve the lost hair volume. If you have been … Read more

How I Got Rid Of My Dandruff Naturally In A Month: Hair Care Routine & Tips!

dandruff treatment

I had a terrible dandruff problem and this is exactly how I got rid of my dandruff naturally in a month. If dandruff is one of your major hair problems? Then, I am sure by now you must have googled a lot of different products and home remedies to get rid of dandruff naturally or … Read more

I Took Biotin Supplements For Hair Growth For A Month And This Happened?

satthwa biotin supplement

Hey Guys, Have you tried taking biotin pills for faster hair growth? Being a hair blogger, people often ask me whether biotin supplement helps in better hair growth or not? Honestly, my hair grows about 2 inches a month and that is why I never felt the need of popping these pills. But every now … Read more

My Hair Growth Journey with Hair Regime, Before & After Pictures and Hair Care Tips!

hair growth journey

Hey Guys,  Finally, I am here with my hair growth journey! A few days back, I shared a picture of my hair transformation on my Instagram and got so many requests to share my hair growth journey. This was the first time I got 100% ‘Yes’ in my stories too. Finally, after so much procrastination, I … Read more