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How To Donate Hair To Cancer Patients? Process & Length Requirements

How To Donate Hair To Cancer Patients? Process & Length Requirements

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Have you wondered how to donate hair to cancer patients?

If you have decided to donate your hair then you need to start by doing some preplanning so your precious hair can help someone in need. When you donate hair, there are NGOs that convert them into wigs for cancer patients.

These wigs that are created from your donated hair helps build confidence and boost a beautiful smile on someone who is struggling with so much. How incredible is that!

Here is a video from Youtube to give you a gist of what a wonderful difference your hair donation can have on someone’s life:

How To Donate Hair?

If you too wish to make someone smile with your precious hair, which I strongly urge you to, then here is how you can donate your hair:

Measure Your Hair Length

Start by measuring your hair length, so you know how long your hair will be after you make the chop. If you think it will be too short then you can wait a month or two, grow a couple more inches and then go ahead with the hair donation.

Shampoo And Condition Your Hair

If you are ready to donate then start by washing your hair with just water followed by with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Avoid serums, hair sprays or other hair products. Just shampoo and conditioner is fine.

Air Dry Your Hair

It is highly encouraged that you air dry your hair before you donate then instead of drying them with your hair dryer. But if you are a bit impatient or in a rush use the hair dryer on the cooler settings.

Secure Your Hair Into Ponytails

Now after your hair dries, just detangle them, part them in two equal sections and make ponytails. Most NGOs require that you make multiple ponytails rather than making just one big ponytail.

Take A Ruler And Decide How Long You Need To Cut Your Hair

Measure your hair from its ends and tie a rubber band at the mark that you wanna cut. 

Ask Your Hairstylist To Make The Cut

Cut your hair just above the rubber band to ensure that they are perfectly secure. I would urge you to take someone’s help while cutting to ensure both sides are evenly chopped. If possible ask your hairstylist to make the cut and give you a good hairstyle with your remaining hair length so you don’t end up with a Karen haircut.

Secure The Hair 

Now securely put the cut ponytails in a zip-lock bag and put it in a box. 

Ship Them Out

Ship it to your chosen NGO’s address and within just 15-20 days they will email you a receipt of acknowledgment along with an e-certificate.

That’s it, your precious hair will now add a new ray of happiness in someone’s life 🙂

Where To Donate Hair?

This is a fair question.

There are lot of options for you to consider. Whether you want the hair to be donated to an NGO that makes wigs for kids, or NGO who makes wigs for cancer patients.

Choose an NGO whose purpose appeals you the most because all of them are doing a fabulous job at giving it back to the community.

In case, if you can find a hairstylist like I did, who has a tie-up with an NGO, he will cut your hair and take them off your hands right then and there. But in case, if you want to do it on your own, here are some of the best and genuine NGO’s that accept your donated hair.

NGOs Who Accept Donated Hair

How Long Does Hair Have To Be Donated?

Usually, every NGO has a different limit but a minimum of 10 inches of length is required. Hair length that is less than 10 inches is not accepted. So you need to make sure you grow your hair to a good length before you donate hair to cancer patients.

Other Tips To Keep In Mind While You Make A Hair Donation

  • Colored hair is rarely accepted and most NGOs don’t accept colored or treated hair. Still check back with the NGO before you ship your hair.
  • Do not ship hair of more than one person in the same zip lock pouch.
  • Hair that has touched the floor isn’t useful for making wigs. So make sure you are careful while cutting your hair.

My Hair Donation Story

I recently donated 17 inches of my hair to cancer patients <3

It was kind of spur of the moment thing. And this is my hair donation story 🙂

Last week, I went to a salon to get my hair trimmed. The hairstylist told me that he has started a campaign for hair donation with an NGO who then makes wigs from it for cancer patients. 

I loved the idea. But trimming more than half of my hair length, instead of just an inch or two was something I hesitated for a moment. After all while you opt for hair donation you need to cut minimum 10 inches of your hair length.

But then I figured, why not? Its just hair… It will grow back. And it gives me the perfect opportunity to start a new hair growth challenge

My hairstylist began by washing my hair with shampoo and followed it up with a conditioner. After that, he brought a measuring tape and asked me how brave I am feeling today 😉 aka what length of hair will I be donating?

He informed me that a minimum of 12 inches is required for hair donation and showed me exactly how long my hair will be after the cut. I was okay to let go of a bit more of my length and we finally decided to cut 17 inches of my hair. 

I was already missing my hair while he was prepping them for the cut. I honestly, shut my eyes and felt I wouldn’t as beautiful as before. But after he finished styling my hair and asked me to have a look, I kind of love myself in a shorter hair for a change.

Here is a glimpse for you guys too…

how to donate hair to cancer patients

What do you think, not bad right?

I feel super happy and positive after I donated hair to cancer patients. I will be making it my yearly ritual now. 

I hope you loved this guide on how to donate hair to cancer patients useful. If you have any queries regarding hair donation, feel free to ask via comments. 

how to donate hair to cancer patients

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