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OGX Argan Oil Of Morrocco Review

Hey Lovelies,

Few days back I reviewed Hair Mask that contained Argan Oil and how it changed my hair. Today, I have Argan oil from OGX with me and I am reviewing it because I absolutely love it. Honestly I love argan oil because it is so rich in moisturizing and healing properties. I feel really sad that in India, Argan oil is sadly not that famous. All we do is keep going back to that coconut oil without realizing what amazing hair oils are there in the market.

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Why should you use Argan Oil ?

Every hair type is different and needs different kind of products. Argan oil on the other hand is one hair oil that actually has something in store for every hair type.

Argan Oil is

  • rich in vitamin E
  • has amazing rich moisturizing properties
  • promotes hair growth
  • moisturizes hair
  • acts as a heat protectant.

If you have Curly/ Coarse hair, Argan oil helps in defining your curls.

If you have Dry Hair, Argan Oil helps in moisturizing your hair.

I use it as a natural leave in conditioner. (DIY leave in conditioner coming soon guys, stay tuned !!!)

Renewing Argan Oil Of Morrocco by OGX Review

Now that You guys know how amazing this hair oil is lets check out how is Argan Oil from OGX Brand!!!

OGX argan oil of morocco review and swatch with pictures

The Appearance

Renewing Argan Oil of Morrocco by OGX comes in cute little blue bottle with golden flip flop cap. The cap makes it really easy to control the quantity of hair oil. Honestly, I loved the combination of Blue and Golden. It looks really elegant and classy, totally mind kind of color combination. The bottle is absolutely travel friendly, spill proof and handy. The bottle is made up of recyclable material.

OGX argan oil of morocco review and swatch with pictures


The oil is transparent liquid which is really non sticky compared to other hair oils. The oil has really mild sweet fruity fragrance and it gets absorbed really quickly. Hence, I love it for that because I hate the oily and sticky messiness of other hair oils that’s why at times I used to keep going to products like Oil-in-Cream. But now, this is my go to hair oil.

OGX argan oil of morocco review and swatch with pictures

Ingredients and Directions for use

I loved that this hair oil is sls free, paraben free and does not contain mineral oil. They added artificial smell to it which is something that I actually don’t like but the fragrance as I mentioned earlier is really mild.

OGX argan oil of morocco review and swatch with pictures

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I just can’t stop smelling my hair because of the beautiful smell that lingers on hair.

The best part of this hair oil is that they don’t do animal testing and you guys know me, I really hate when people torture innocent animals. Hence, OGX gets double thumbs up for this from me.


The bottle is priced RS 665 for 100 ml.

My Take On Product

My first application of hair oil

I usually have habit of heating my hair oil indirectly to keep its nutrients intact then applying hair oil to my hair and massaging for 4 to 5 minutes. Then I do inversion method for 4 minutes to stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. Then next day I use my Thermal Cap to give my hair a bit of steam for 5 minutes for better absorption of hair oil into my scalp, roots and hair. Then I rinse it off.

Usually the hair oils takes at least 3 tries to show noticeable difference but with this one I got the results from first time itself. My hair were really manageable and had an amazing shine.

My second of hair oil

Second time I skipped oiling overnight. Instead I just washed my hair and then I used this hair oil as serum and to my surprise it worked much better than any Serum. My hair felt so smoother and glossier. The best part was my hair didn’t feel oily or sticky.

So far this hair oil has made my hair really soft, shiny, manageable and bit thicker. I haven’t seen extra hair growth like I was hoping for but still I love the effects of this hair oil on my hair.


  • Restores damage
  • SLS Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Mineral oil free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Gets rinsed off easily
  • Travel friendly
  • can be used as serum or leave in conditioner
  • not sticky at all
  • the bottle is madeup of recycleable material
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Not easily available in local stores


This hair oil is sadly not that easily available in all local stores just at few selective ones. It is available on Amazon .

Overall HCS Rating

HCS Rating 5/5

Will I Re-Purchase this products or Recommend it to a Friend ?

No doubt about that. This has become one of my favorites. I mean hair oil that gives you all the benefits of hair oil without the messiness – “That’s the dream!!!”

Hope you guys love this post. Which is your favorite brand for Argan Oil??? Do share your reviews and this post too. Have a nice day guys !!!

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