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Which Shampoo Should You Use According To Your Hair Type?

Which Shampoo Should You Use According To Your Hair Type?
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Hey Girls,

Which shampoo are you using currently?

I would love to know more about it and why you like it. Shampoos are extremely important part of our hair care routine and one hair care product that we can’t leave without. But finding that perfect shampoo for your hair is extremely hard its like finding a needle in haystack. Plus the new range of shampoos launching each day makes it all the more confusing. But today, I am going to help you find your perfect shampoo according to your hair type.

which shampoo should you use according to your hair type

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Shampoo for Dry Hair

shampoo for dry hair

I have dry hair and I know its such a nightmare finding that perfect shampoo for dry hair. Dry hair requires little extra care and nourishment. So choosing the right shampoo is extremely important.

For dry hair always look for shampoos that contain Glycerin and Collagen. Why shampoos containing glycerin and collagen works  for dry hair ?

Glycerin helps in retention of moisture. And since lack of moisture makes your hair dry, glycerin can be your hair’s best friend. Glycerin also helps is promoting hair growth, treating itchy scalp, getting rid of dandruff, treat frizzy hair and also treat split ends.

Collagen is basically a chain of amino acids which is actually really good for our body. Collagen helps in promoting elasticity of hair and body, strengthens hair, retains moisture and also promotes hair growth.

Shampoo for Curly/Coarse Hair

shampoo for curly/coarse hair

Curly hair are really dry in nature. They really require an extra effort because curly hair are extremely prone to damage. Thus you need to find shampoo with much more milder ingredients. You need shampoos that are specifically meant for curly hair. Use a frizz minimizing shampoo that will actually soften your hair.

Shampoos with Shea Butter, Wheat germ oil, Argan oil works best for Curly hair.

Shea butter is a natural ingredient which works amazing when it comes to taking care of your curly hair. It makes hair soft, prevents from uv rays, works as heat protectant and makes hair really manageable.

Wheat Germ Oil is high in anti oxidants, vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.Wheat grrm oil promotes hair growth, reverses hair damage and it softens your hair.

Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E and has amazing rich moisturizing properties. Argan oil promotes hair growth, moisturizes hair and acts as a heat protectant. I use it as a natural leave in conditioner. (DIY leave in conditioner coming soon guys, stay tuned !!!)

Shampoo for Colored Hair/Treated Hair

shampoo for colored/treated hair

If you are like me, then coloring your hair is part of your day to day life. I usually color my hair each month. I simply love experimenting with different colors. Hey have you guys checked out the latest hidden rainbow hair color trend going on? I loved it. I am thinking about trying that on. I tried the look on me using these fun hair color changer apps and I loved the look on me. You should also check out these cool tips on hair coloring.

Okay, lets get back to our topic. If you have colored hair or if you have done some kind of treatment recently on your hair like straightening, smoothening etc then your hair needs extra nourishment because these treatments make your hair really dry.

For colored/treated hair use a shampoo with amino acids. Amino acids are rich in keratin levels and it helps in treating hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Shampoo for Hair Growth

If you are trying to grow your hair faster, use a shampoo that contains Rosemary. Rosemary works amazingly well especially for hair growth. It also helps in hair darkening, slows premature graying, baldness and it works really well for hair loss too. I usually add few drops of Rosemary Essential oil to my regular shampoo or make a Hair Rinse.

shampoo for hair growth

Shampoo for Hair Loss

If you are suffering from Hair Loss, use a shampoo that contains Egg Yolk. Egg Yolks makes your hair softer, shinier and healthier. That is why it helps in reducing hair fall.


Other Tips to keep in mind while finding your Perfect Shampoo

Use a Shampoo that is free of Sulfates and here is why?

Use a Shampoo free of Parabens because parabens have been found to be responsible for breast cancer.

Use a good Clarifying Shampoo at least once a month to remove built up layers on your hair and scalp. I use either Halo Shampoo because it contains egg nourishment or I simply make mine at home you can check here for recipe.

Hope this guide helps you in finding your perfect shampoo according to your hair type. Please share this post with your friends and Please follow me on Instagram, its a shame I have such small Instagram following. You guys better follow me there ha. Lol!!! I am not trying to threaten you.Just follow me, I share really cool hair care tips and videos daily.

Do let me know which shampoo are you using right now and what do you love most about it? See you soon with more such cool posts.

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Have a happy weekend guys!

  1. vishi gupta says:

    Your blog is great. Can you tell me how to choose oil for dry hair and dry scalp. Which oil will go best with it?

  2. Haven’t tried Wow shampoos yet darling. SO can’t really share about this. But my friend tried the Wow ACV shampoo but it dried her curly hair more but other variant worked for her. Which one are you using right now?

  3. Sonali says:

    Hey. I have started using the WOW shampoo and conditioner. I have curly hair (oily scalp but fry roots). Do you think it will be good for my hair?

  4. LaylaJuicy says:

    i have dry hair which shampoo shud i use

  5. Komal says:

    Hey Nimisha
    Your blog is great. I got a lot of insights just browsing through it. I have thick hair which has become dry and frizzy. I also have dandruff which I really want to get rid of. I also want to improve the texture of my hair. Please recommend a good hair care routine for me (oil, shampoo and conditioner)
    Many thanks.

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