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The Best DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray Recipe You Will Find

The Best DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray Recipe You Will Find
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Today I have the best DIY heat protectant hair spray at home.

We simply love styling our hair. Curling one day, straightening the other day. The best way to minimize the heat damage while styling is to use a good heat protectant. Here is how I make my own DIY heat protectant hair spray.

DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray Tutorial

I found it on Pinterest like 2 years back. I gave it a try and really loved it. Unfortunately I am not sure of the author, so I can’t credit them.

Benefits Of DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray

Heat protectant hair spray is beneficial in many ways. As the name goes it prevents your hair from the side effects of heat. It also

  •  acts as a sealant of moisture within the hair
  • helps in preventing heat from harming your locks
  • adds beautiful shine and bounce to your hair
  • and you can also use heat to style your hair as much as you want without damaging your hair.

Ingredients for DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray

For this amazing recipe you are gonna need some ingredients that might be readily available in your house.

diy heat protectant hair spray

How to Make This DIY Het Protectant Hair Spray

Take the spray bottle and add 200 ml of water to it.


Add around 7 to 8 drops of Coconut oil.


Add 7 to 8 drops of Almond oil to it.

HAIRSPRAYAdd dime sized amount of any conditioner to it, preferably a good leave-in conditioner. I prefer using OUAI Leave-in-conditioner. It not only makes hair soft and silky but actually makes hair more manageable. It forms a perfect barrier between heat and hair shafts.

OUAI Leave-In Conditioner. Multitasking Mist that Protects Against Heat, Primes Hair for Style, Smooths Flyaways, Adds Shine and Detangles. Free from Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates (4.7 oz)
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Add the remaining amount of water to it.

Shake it little. It might get little milky in color and it will lather up a bit. Don’t worry its absolutely fine. Taddaaa… Your DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray is finally ready.


Best Heat Protectants On The Market

Incase if DIYs aren’t your thing, you can buy any of these heat protectant on the market:

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector | Protect up to 450º F from Flat Irons
  • EXTREME HAIR PROTECTANT: Protect hair from heat exposure up to 450º...
  • LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: This light thermal protection spray can be also used...
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Ensuring you get a premium quality high grade hair...

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CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, Clear, 8 Fl Oz
  • Contains an easy brush glide formula that is an ideal styling tool for all...
  • It gives you superior heat protection for your hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

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Hair Food Coconut & Argan Oil Heat Protectant Spray Blend, Paraben & Dye Free, 6.4 fl oz
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  • LEAVES HAIR SHINY: Protects all hair types to give hair a healthy-looking...

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How To Use Heat Protectant Hair Spray At Home?

  • It is really simple. Just spray it onto your detangled hair from a distance of like 10 cm.
  • Spray it along your hair length.
  • Don’t spray it in too much quantity, otherwise it will weigh down your hair.
  • After applying the spray, wait for little time to let your hair absorb it.
  • Now you can use the heat and style your hair tension free.

This spray will add amazing shine and bounce to your styled hair.

diy heat protectant hair spray

Hope this DIY heat protectant hair spray tutorial helped you like it helped me. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group and share your queries with me. See you soon with a lot of home remedies, hair care tips and solutions to reader’s queries.

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  1. Annu says:

    For how many days i can store this diy hair protection spray ?

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  7. Nimi Popat says:

    Thank you Candice… Do try it, it works like a charm 🙂

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    This is so interesting! I will def have to give it a try!


  9. Fashiondra says:

    This spray is life saving. I cut my hair no long ago so I’ve to use flat iron, to blow out for styling my cut. Thank you so much. <3 <3 <3

  10. Really great post! Thanks for the info 🙂

  11. Marleen says:

    Such a good post. I will definitly be making some spray! Always seems to be the thing i forget to buy

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    This post was very interesting… Wasn’t aware that we can create our own protection sprays. Thanks for sharing! x

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    Personally this doesn’t help me but I know a ton of people who this would be beneficial for.

  14. Christy D. says:

    Great tips! And… that picture makes me lol! 😀

  15. Lisa Martens says:

    Great tutorial. I love that you can make it with fairly ordinary ingredients. Store bought products can get to be so expensive. It’s winter here in Michigan so my hair could definitely use a little love. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Nimi Popat says:

    Ya so true Tara.Thanks for stepping by. See you soon girl. 🙂

  17. Tara says:

    Interesting! I didn’t know you could make your own, but you can make everything these days!

  18. Nimi Popat says:

    Thank you for the feedback Caroline. 🙂

  19. Caroline says:

    This is perfect for my hair I’m always doing something to it that needs extra tlc

  20. Nimi Popat says:

    Thank you Jaclyn for liking it. If you regularly flat iron your hair then it is a must for you. See you soon girl. 🙂

  21. Nimi Popat says:

    Hey Leslie, Do give it a try. It does protects my hair from heat. I am sure it will work for you too. Thank you so much for liking this post and pinning it. Love you for that… 🙂

  22. Leslie says:

    I should make this, I like to straighten my hair when it’s not humid so usually more during winter months. I’ve pinned this for later, thanks for sharing!

  23. Jaclyn Anne says:

    Thank you for the DIY recipe – I flat iron my hair regularly and can really use this spray!

  24. Nimi Popat says:

    Hey Linsay, thanks dear for taking time for reading and leaving a comment.Do give it a try and let me know what you think of it. See you soon dear. 🙂

  25. Linsay says:

    This is a great post. I always use a hair protector spray but never tried making my own and love the idea of it. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Nimi Popat says:

    Thankss Janelle.

  27. Janelle says:

    This looks great! My hair loves oils 🙂

  28. Nimi Popat says:

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    what a cool diy spray! i’m always worried about hair damage so this is great ♥

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