diy heat protectant hair spray

DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray WITH STEP BY STEP PHOTOS !!!

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Love styling your hair but fear heat will damage your hair?

You all might agree how much we girls simply love styling our hair. Curling one day, straightening the other day or even adding vibrant colors to your hair. But this shiny cloud has a really dark lining. Styling makes our hair dry, dull and damaged. If it is done on regular basis it even changes our hair porosity levels.

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Make your own DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray Tutorial

Today, I am sharing a diy heat protectant hair spray tutorial. This actually is not my own tutorial. I found it on Pinterest like 2 years back. I gave it a try and really loved it.

Benefits of Heat Protectant Hair Spray

Heat protectant hair spray is beneficial in many ways. As the name goes it prevents your hair from the side effects of heat. It also

  • acts as a sealant of moisture within the hair
  • helps in preventing heat from harming your locks
  • adds beautiful shine and bounce to your hair
  • and you can also use heat to style your hair as much as you want without damaging your hair.

So lets check out the ingredients for DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray tutorial.

For this amazing recipe you are gonna need some ingredients that might be readily available in your house.

  • Coconut Oil (Try getting 100% virgin oil)
  • Almond oil (You can use anyone you have.)
  • Hair Conditioner ( I used Dove. But it works best with leave-in conditioner.)
  • 250 ml Water (at room temperature)
  • A spray bottle.

diy heat protectant hair spray

How to Make This DIY Het Protectant Hair Spray?

Step 1: Take the spray bottle and add 200 ml of water to it.


Step 2 : Add around 7 to 8 drops of Coconut oil.


Step 3 : Add 7 to 8 drops of Almond oil to it.


Step 4 : Add dime sized amount of any conditioner to it.


Step 5 : Now add the remaining amount of water to it.

Step 6 : Now shake it little. It might get little milky in color and it will lather up a bit. Don’t worry its absolutely fine.

Step 7 : Taddaaa… Your DIY Heat Protectant Hair Spray is finally read.


How to use it ?

It is really simple. Just spray it onto your detangled hair from a distance of like 10 cm.

Spray it along your hair length.

Don’t spray it in too much quantity, otherwise it will weigh down your hair.

After applying the spray, wait for little time to let your hair absorb it.

Now you can use the heat and style your hair tension free.

This spray will add amazing shine and bounce to your styled hair.

diy heat protectant hair spray

Hope this tutorial helped you like it helped me. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group and share your queries with me.

See you soon with a lot of home remedies, hair care tips and solutions to reader’s queries.

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