Tips to Make your hair color long lasting
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You know yesterday was my friend’s bridal shower and we had so much fun. We all had a few drinks and danced like crazy till 3 in the morning. Within all this fun there was a small problem. One of my friend had few of grey hairs popping out. So she came to me for instant solution and we immediately had that covered with potato peel rinse. It looked fabulous.

After the party we all were just sitting down, She came to me and asked,” I dye my hair once a month but after just 2 washes my hair color starts to fade even though I use Jovees Color Protect Shampoo. Do you have any idea why?”

I guess many of you might be able to relate with this situation. If yes then trust me you are not the only one.

Tips to make your Hair Color last longer

Let me share with you few tips that play crucial role when it comes to dyeing your hair and making it last longer. Let’s check it out


Wash your hair atleast 24 – 48 hours before dyeing.

As you wash your hair, the natural oils in your scalp gets washed out. But washing your hair atleast 24 hours before dyeing helps to develop natural oils. Natural oils allows the dye to better bind with your hair and thus helps in staying for a longer duration.

Do not use conditioner before dyeing your hair.

As I mentioned in the above point you need to wash your hair atleast 1 or 2 days before coloring them but also keep in mind that you do not use conditioner. Conditioner washes off the natural oils from your scalp.

Do not use warm or hot water water.

Using warm water to rinse will result in fading of your hair color more quickly.

Wait for 30 mins to shampoo.

Wait atleast 30 mins after rinsing your dye from your hair. This helps in developing the color really well on your hair. After shampoo apply conditioner and leave it on for atleast 3 mins.

Don’t Overdo it.

The time mentioned of the pack is how long you need to keep the dye on. Don’t over do it. Never ever keep your hair dye overnight. This can cause serious infection also may result in extremely dry hair.

Detangle your hair.

Always remove tangles from your hair to ensure even application of hair dye.

Apply semi permanent dye on your damp hair.

If your hair are damp it helps in even application of your hair color.

Condition you hair for a week.

If you have really dry and frizzy hair, condition them every night for atleast 7 days with hot showers before you are planning to color your hair. This will ensure that you wont experience really dry and frizzy hair after coloring.

Don’t Dye your hair too often.

Dyeing your hair too often will result in rough hair. Have little breaks in between dyeing sessions and let your hair breath.

Always use color protect shampoo and conditioner.

Colored hair needs some love and care after you put them through rough chemicals. Hence use good color protect shampoo and conditioner on your color treated hair.

These tips might seem really simple to do but trust me it really helps in prevention of fading your hair color. Hope you all liked this article. Do you guys have any further tips to make your hair color long lasting then do share it with us via comments. you all know your comments makes me smile from ear to ear.Take care.

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