How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring
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How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring? Reader’s Query +My Solution!

Hey Guys,

Struggling to stop your hair from falling out after coloring?

It’s been ages since I have shared solutions to your hair queries here. I keep sharing some solutions on my Instagram Stories, Facebook Group and on Quora but I felt I should start sharing more solutions here too. What say?

Reader’s Query: How to Stop Hair Fall After Coloring or Dyeing

Yesterday while browsing through your hair query emails, I came across this particular hair query.

reader's query on how to control hair fall after coloring

My Solution : What You Can Do To Control Hair fall After You Color Your Hair

Hey Samruddhi,

Tysm for such kind words. I am flattered.

I have been there.

Since childhood, I have had grey hair and I have had my fair share of hair disasters because of hair coloring. The harsh chemicals present in the hair dyes (especially ammonia) are one of the main reasons behind your hair fall and damaged hair.

Here is what you can do.

Wash Your Hair Less But Use Color Protectant Shampoo

Hair coloring is a harsh treatment for your hair. It strips off natural oils from your hair. So washing more results in washing off the remaining natural oils which makes your hair dull and damaged from within. That is why, wash your hair less after such harsh treatments and when you do wash them, make sure to use a good color protectant shampoo. This is because these color protectant shampoos are made with ingredients that are kinder to your hair as well as your hair color.

You can also make your own color protectant shampoo, check this post for more details.

Use Cold Water for Rinsing

Cold water helps to seal in the remaining moisture in your hair shaft. This will ensure that your hair does not dry out more.

Don’t Skip Conditioner

Conditioners are must for colored hair. They add the lost nourishment and moisture back to your hair. Basically, think of them as your colored hair’s staple food. Don’t skip it at any cost.


Make Dry Shampoo your hair’s best friends

Like I mentioned above, shampooing often will weaken and damage your hair further. But we can’t skip washing hair altogether, right? That’s when dry shampoo comes in the picture. Whenever you feel you need to wash your colored hair, use a dry shampoo. It will absorb the greasiness and add a beautiful freshness to your hair.

Deep Condition Your Hair once a week

Deep conditioning your hair is very important. It will add life to your dull and lifeless locks. My favorite deep conditioning masks are

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Do hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatments are my all-time favorite remedy for almost every hair problem. And for controlling hair fall after coloring and repairing the damage that these harsh colors have caused, there is literally nothing better than hot oil treatments. That is why Do regular hot oil treatment at least once a month using your favorite hair oil.

Steam will repair damage

Giving your oiled hair a little warmth will help the oil and moisture to penetrate inside the hair shaft. This will ensure your hair gets the nourishment they need from within. This, in turn, will minimize the hair damage. I personally use my thermal cap for pampering my hair with steam but you can also use hot towel method.

Apply Coconut milk mask

When it comes to treating dry hair, there is nothing better than coconut milk. I have blind faith in coconut milk. Applying coconut milk mask helps to literally transform your dry hair into super silky and nourished hair within just a couple of hours.

Give your hair protein treatment

Protein is what makes your hair. So, this is no brainer that dong a protein treatment will help your hair get stronger and healthier from within. Here are some protein masks you can try.

Use wooden comb

Wooden comb helps you distribute the natural oils from your scalp to your entire hair length. This will help your hair get healthier over time. You can see how much of a difference does the wooden comb has on my hair in this post. I got mine from Amazon.

Skip hair dryers at all costs

Hair dryers are a big no-no. They will dry out your hair even more. Make sure to air dry your dyed hair.

Don’t over style with heat

Styling your hair once in a while is absolutely fine. but If you recently colored your hair and on top of that you use heat for styling than just imagine how much damage will it cause to your hair. Don’t over style them because of one day, all you will be left is just fried hair.

Go easy on the coloring treatments

Take frequent brakes from hair coloring treatments. These treatments are very harsh on your gentle hair. Take time between hair coloring treatments. This will give your hair a chance to breathe. And in the meantime make sure to follow these small tips to keep your colored hair damage free.

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Doing all these small things will definitely help you maintain your hair color and get rid off the hair fall. See you soon with more solutions to your hair queries, a lot of home remedies and much more. Till then to see what’s on my testing table, follow me on my Instagram or feel free to join our exclusive Facebook group.

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