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Dyeing Hair Red? 9 Reasons That Will Make You Think Again

Dyeing Hair Red? 9 Reasons That Will Make You Think Again

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Thinking of dyeing hair red?

After looking at a stunning picture on Instagram with that perfect red hair, you might be thinking should I dye my hair red? Will dying my hair red, damage it?

It’s tempting.

It looks really beautiful, chic, and classy. It is one of the most popular hair color choices and rightly so. But there are a lot of things you should consider before dyeing your hair red.

9 Things To Keep In Mind Before Dyeing Hair Red

Let me spill all the beans… The good, the bad, and the maintaining red hair nightmare that comes following after you dye your hair red.

dyeing hair red

Choosing The Right Shade Of Red Is Important

When you consider dyeing your hair red, the first thing you need to be absolutely sure of is the right shade of red. There are hundreds of shades of red but they specifically fall into three categories:

  • the red -red
  • the red-orange
  • the red-purple.

You need to take into account your skin tone and personality while choosing the ideal red for your hair. However, it is recommended that if you have dark skin tone or olive skin tone, opt for red-red or red-purple whereas people with fair or pinkish skin tones should opt for red-red or red-orange shades.

I would recommend you have some pictures ready to show your stylist as to which one you want to achieve. You can also try out some hair color changer apps that will help you decide which red suits you better and how it will turn out. 

Red Color Fades Faster

The red color has the largest molecules. It is easy to get rinsed off and fade after every wash. Thus, keeping up with the right red shade that you choose becomes a continued hassle. You will need to visit your hairstylist more often than before.

Process Of Dyeing Hair Red Is Time-Consuming

When you decide on dyeing hair red, remember you might have to visit your salon more than once to achieve the perfect shade. You might also need to bleach your hair before directly jumping the gun to red hair and it might cost you some extra dollars, time, and more importantly a lot of patience.

Doesn’t Work On Dark Colored Hair Without Bleach

If you have naturally dark hair, say black, dark brown, brown, or another color that you did before, you will need to go for bleaching. Red doesn’t popup correctly on dark hair colors.

If you think of DIYing your red hair on jet black hair at home without bleach you might end up with new roots appearing hot red. You might also end up with uneven red hair. Plus, it can also make your hair appear black with subtle reddish hints instead of your desired red hair.

I would recommend that red being a tricky hair dye, to nail it at home is tough. A salon trip might be a better option here.

Also read: How to make bleached hair soft and silky?

It Highlights Imperfections

Red color can highlight all the imperfections in your hair. It becomes a daily routine to keep them neat. If you mess up, you might have to opt for a good clarifying shampoo to remove hair color before dyeing it again.

If Gone Wrong Red Hair Color Makes You Look Older Than Your Age

Sadly, this is another sad reality.

If you dye your hair red, there is a solid chance that you might start to look older than your current age. It makes you look a bit more mature and put together.

But hey, if you can rock it, then there is nothing like it.

Maintaining Red Hair Is Expensive

As we discussed above maintaining red hair is expensive. This is because it fades really quickly and is more prone to damage.

To maintain red hair color for longer, you will need to,

Invest In A Good Color Protecting Shampoo 

You will need to invest in blue shampoo or purple shampoo or a shampoo specifically meant for your red hair. Here is the perfect shampoo you can use after dyeing your hair red:

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Minimize Hair Wash Frequency

If you are someone who washes your hair often because your hair gets greasy in a day, then think again. Because your hair color will fade after every wash and the more you wash the faster it will fade away. 

Minimize washing your hair to twice a week and opt for a good dry shampoo instead for refreshing your hair in between hair washes. If you must, then wash your hair with just water preferably warm.

But mind you you will notice that your hair bleeds red. I mean bloody red water in your bathroom floor after every wash. 

Apart from that make sure you don’t end up using hard water to wash your hair. Otherwise, the hard water deposits will leave your hair brittle and prone to hair breakage. 

Do Regular Deep-Conditioning Treatment

Hair color dries your hair out. It deprives your hair of its natural moisture. To restore the balance so that your hair doesn’t appear dull and lifeless, you will need to deep condition your hair twice a week. You can also use coconut oil as leave-in conditioner.

Here are some of the best deep conditioning masks you can opt for:

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Here is a quick #HairCareTip,

Add glycerin and rose water to your favorite conditioner or deep conditioner. Rosewater and glycerin are as hydrating and nourishing to your hair as they are for your skin. 

Befriend Cold Showers

When you opt for hot showers, they open your cuticles and your hair color fades more quickly. Red hair dye being one with the largest molecules gets rinsed off more easily.

Thus, when you use cold water to rinse your hair instead, it doesn’t leave your hair dry and even maintains your hair color for a longer duration. 

Heat Protectants Are A Must

Since you have already put your hair through harsh chemicals in the hair dye and the bleach, you will need to go an extra mile to protect your hair from further damage caused due to heat styling. 

Now I know no matter how much anyone tells us not to use heat on our hair for styling but we know how tempting it is and we just end up using heat styling tools like flat irons with teeth

I understand that we are bound to be using heat for styling our hair especially after dyeing hair red but make sure you do not skip your heat protectant. You can either DIY your heat protectant at home or buy a ready one from the market.

Here are some best heat protectants you can use to protect your hair from damage:

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Prone To Sun Damage And Pollution

Harmful Ultraviolet rays are more damaging to your hair than they are to your skin. It dries your hair out, fades your hair color, and leaves your hair more damaged than before. You will need to include hair products with SPF, or rosehip oil as your hair serum and cover your hair with a scarf or hat while you step out. 

Also, stepping out in the sun with wet hair is a big no-no if you dyed your hair red recently. I have already covered how to protect your hair in summers and the best hair products with SPF that will help you protect your hair from sun damage. You can check them out for more information on how to protect your hair from sun damage. 

Hair Fall Will Follow

After dyeing hair red or any with color for that matter, hair damage, hair breakage, and hair fall will follow you. You need to be a little extra cautious to protect your hair from falling out after coloring. If you do face severe hair fall, I would recommend

I know dyeing hair red is very tempting but consider these points again and if you are okay to commit, then there is nothing beautiful like those beautiful and shiny red locks. 

If you are thinking of dyeing hair red or you probably already has and have some of your inputs to share along, do leave them via comments.

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Have a lovely day.

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