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Huge Essential Oils Haul by Moksha : Best Quality at Cheapest Prices

Huge Essential Oils Haul by Moksha : Best Quality at Cheapest Prices
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Hi Guys,

How you doing? (Joey’s style ;-)) I was watching FRIENDS, hence still in my FRIENDS’s fan head. Raise your hands if you think FRIENDS is the awesome sitcom ever. Lets get back to our topic before I get lost again in my friends’s zone. Today, I am going to be sharing an awesome Essential Oils haul by Moksha. Recently, I came across a company named Moksha and they make organic Essential Oils which are useful for aromatherapy.

What is Aromatherapy?

If you guys are not familiar with Aromatherapy, then let me explain you in brief. Aromatherapy is basically using the power of aromas (different smells) to treat your problems. I know, pretty amazing right? Aromatherapy is basically done by using the essential oils.

Now you might ask what are essential oils?

Essential oils are the oils extracted from the parts of plant or flowers or spices etc and these oils are so amazing and powerful guys that they are filled with healing properties. Using essential oils and Aromatherapy you can find solutions to so many problems like short memory, hair growth, scalp conditions, precautions for various diseases, sleeping disorder, body aching and the list goes on. Basically think of a problem and trust me there is an essential oil for that. And using the power of aromatherapy you can actually solve it.

How I learnt about Aromatherapy?

I actually learnt about aromatherapy from my friend Reshu (thank you so much girl, I love you for this). She actually was taking aromatherapy lessons and told me that they are amazing especially for hair problems. Then I started reading and took some of the classes too and discovered the power of aromatherapy. Soon I realized I have hit the jackpot to share with you guys.

Why I choose Moksha Essential Oil?

Moksha Essential oils are ISO certified and organic plus they sell at wholesale rates. While searching for essential oils, I landed on Moksha. They actually have such a wide range of essential oils and they are quiet affordable too. They were kind enough to send me some of their best essential oils to try and I couldn’t thank them enough. I guess I am back to my talking zone. Lets check out my amazing Moksha Essential Oils haul before I get distracted again.

I received a set of 6 essential oils and Argan oil. I will be doing individual reviews for each essential oils with my personal diys included. Let me just quickly share these beauties with you.

1. Moksha Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Moksha eucalyptus essential oil

This is essential oil extracted from Eucalyptus trees and it is beneficial for skin ailments, cold, flu and joint and muscle pains. It also works brilliantly for depression, stress and anxiety. I use this for my Migrane. My headaches were unbearable before. I guess the word of caution is simply don’t use orally and I guess it should be avoided in pregnancy. You can check out more about this oil here.

2. Moksha Lavender Essential Oil

moksha essential oil lavender

As the name goes this oil is extracted from the Lavender Flower and honestly it smells heavenly. This oil is beneficial mostly. for its anti -viral and antiseptic properties. At my home, its being used mostly by my Mom for her asthma, my dad for getting relaxed sleep and I use it for my hair growth and healthy scalp. You can check more about it here.

3. Moksha LemonGrass Essential Oil

moksha essential oil lemon grass

This essential oil is extracted from grassy leaves and is rich in healing properties. This essential oil helps in treating wounds, skin conditions, tired muscles and lot of other things. This oil is definitely a goldmine when it comes to hair care too. It helps in strengthening roots and preventing hair fall.

Don’t forget to check out detailed benefits of lemongrass oil.

4. Moksha Orange Essential oil

moksha essential oil orange

This essential oil is rich in anti-depressantt, anti-septic, anti-pasmodic properties. Works great for depression, digestion, nervous disorders and is also a rockstar when it comes to hair care. I use it to make my hair smooth and shiny. (DIY coming soon !!!) You can read more about this oil here.

5. Moksha Peppermint Essential Oil

moksha essential oil peppermint

This oil comes from the herb and is extremely rich in cooling and soothing properties. It helps in digestion, sinus, soothing scalp, helps in calming anger(My Mom says I needed it badly :-)) This oil is my on the go oil when it comes to hair care. You can check out more about it here.

6. Moksha Tea Tree Essential Oil

moksha essential oil tea tree

I saved the best one for the last. Tea tree oil is my favorite of all. This oil has played a huge role in transforming my hair. Earlier my hair were literally like that ones on shoe polishing brush but now my hair are long, silky and shiny. All of this because of this amazing oil. I am gonna be sharing lot of diys using this one so be sure to keep visiting back. Besides hair care,this oil works great for acne(yes, I cure mine in a day ) rashes and body aching. You can read in more detail here.

So, guys I actually received this complete set which is luckily available on Flipkart too. They are having 50% discount going on right now. Be sure to grab yours soon because I will be showing you lots of diys using them. Hope you guys enjoyed this Haul post and be sure to tell me you favorite essential oil and do share with me your favorite diys using essential oils. If they would work, I will feature you on my blog. Please share this post and join my Private Facebook Group where we talk about hair and beauty. See you soon guys.

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    So, you will need to dig a little deeper to understand the exact species you will want to use. Great read!

  2. Gemma Spot says:

    Wowww..awesome Nimi !!! Would love to see the Moksha essential oils and suncote reviews.
    I haven’t used sweet orange yet. will get it some other time. Lavender is just fine. I preferred Lemongrass more but you can always get Lavender as it is good for both hair and skin and can be used for relaxation also 🙂

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