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Is Collagen Good For Your Skin? With Evidence-Backed Facts

Is Collagen Good For Your Skin? With Evidence-Backed Facts

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Is collagen good for your skin and hair? The answer is yes. Collagen is good for your skin, hair, nails, and overall body. Collagen makes up for an overall 30% of the total protein count of our body. If you need beautiful radiant skin, long and shiny hair and want to strengthen your bones and muscles without putting a lot of effort, I have something that you can try. Make collagen supplements an integral part of your life.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is an integral source of protein for your body. You need it to function better in your day-to-day lives effortlessly. Including collagen in your daily life is extremely beneficial.

And no, I am not just stating random facts here, I have spent quite some time researching this. And I have some evidence-backed facts that will show you that collagen is good for your skin, hair, and overall body. 

Is Collagen Good For You?

Yes, collagen is good for your skin. If like me, you are someone who wishes that their skin never appears dry or who dreads wrinkles, then collagen is one such ingredient that plays a crucial role here. 

Why Collagen Is Good For Your Skin? With Scientific Studies

A study was conducted in October 2019, where 72 women within the age group of 35-75 were included. This was a study conducted to see the effects of collagen supplements on skin hydration, roughness, elasticity, and density. It was a placebo-controlled study where two teams were formed and one team was given collagen whereas the other team was given a placebo for 12 weeks. After the study was finished, it was discovered that women who took collagen had better skin hydration, elasticity, density, and less skin roughness as compared to women who were on a placebo.

In another study on March 2022, it was discovered that collagen helps in preventing photoaging skin. And in another placebo-controlled study conducted in March 2020, it was discovered that fish-derived hydrolyzed collagen was good for your skin’s overall health as it slows down the signs of aging like wrinkles and it promotes better hydration and elasticity. 

You can also read this research on why and how collagen level changes in our body and how it affects our skin and overall health. 

As I said, collagen is an evidence-backed ingredient which is why more and more companies are incorporating it in their beauty products. 

Is Collagen Good For Your Hair?

 Yes, collagen is good for your hair as it helps to achieve thicker hair. In a study conducted in April 2021, it was found that women who consumed hydrolyzed collagen daily noticed thicker hair. So, if you are on your thin-to-thick hair journey, you should definitely consider taking hydrolyzed collagen daily. 

is collagen good for your skin

Other Benefits Of Collagen

Collagen is good for healthy nail growth as well. It was evidently concluded in this study that daily intake of collagen peptides, did help to minimize the symptoms of the brittle nail and healthier as well as faster nail growth was observed. 

Apart from collagen being good for your skin, hair, and nails, it is also good for:

  • better gut health
  • reduces the risk of heart problems and attacks
  • boosts muscle mass(details here)
  • aids in joint pain relief(details here.)
  • prevents bone loss(details here).

With so many benefits of collagen, why not include collagen supplements in our daily diet?

Does Eating Collagen-rich Foods Increase The Collagen Level In The Body?

But if it is so important, one would argue to include collagen-rich foods in their daily diet and achieve all these easily. Can’t they?

Yes, you can. There are a lot of good collagen-rich foods that you can try. But the thing is our body breaks down collagen into amino acids as it can’t absorb it in its whole form. You do benefit from eating collagen-rich foods but it can also help your body so far. That is when collagen powders and supplements come in.

How Long Does It Take To Notice Visible Results From Taking Collagen Supplements?

In most studies conducted, it was noticed that the positive results of collagen are visible after a minimum of 12 weeks of daily consumption and in some cases, it might be a little more time.

But don’t be disheartened because we know Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Best Collagen Supplements For Skin

Although there are a lot of good options when you search for the best collagen powder for skin. But this is the one that I have tried, and have noticed positive results. It is from a brand called Grade One Nutrition. I got it from Amazon.

As you know I research quite extensively when I need to incorporate any new thing into my diet. And I choose this particular Grade One Nutrition hydrolyzed collagen supplement because:

  • Doctor formulated
  • Type 1: Marine Collagen( main collagen in your body is type1)
  • Easy to absorb by our body
  • Formulated with the goodness of Biotin, turmeric, Vitamins E and C as well as amino acids
  • Hydrates and delays skin aging
  • Improves hair thickness
  • Promotes better skin elasticity
  • Aids healthier nail growth
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Free of Soy and Gluten
  • Paleo diet friendly
  • FDA-approved
  • And the best of it ass is that it tastes like mango.

It makes it easier to consume, when it tastes better, am I right?

My Experience With Grade One Nutrition Collagen Supplement

It has been just a couple of weeks since I have incorporated this into my daily routine.

Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth and make myself a glassful of this yummy collagen-infused mango drink. I sip it slowly while going through my to-do list and planning my daily tasks for this beauty blog.

And so far I have noticed, that my hair is appearing shiny and my skin(which is extremely dry BTW), it is appearing more hydrated and soft. I don’t have any terrible joint pain issues yet but I did notice I feel more energetic and pumped up for my daily tasks.

I will keep updating this post as I notice more changes that are visible. So, you might want to bookmark it for later. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of Taking Collagen Supplements?

I haven’t noticed any side effects from taking collagen supplements for my skin as it is gluten-free and soy-free. But you should always consult with your doctor before you include it in your diet. 

Over To You

I have noticed that collagen is good for my skin and hair and that is why I am recommending it to you guys. It has been backed by so many scientific studies, so why not make it a part of our life too? After all, we want to slow skin aging achieve thicker hair longer nails, and better health of our joints and bones. 

I would love to know your side too. Do let me know if you have tried collagen supplements for your skin and which one did you try? I am loving the one that I am currently having and I think I am going to stick to it. 

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