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9 Best Sunflower Hair Color Ideas To Hop On The Trend

9 Best Sunflower Hair Color Ideas To Hop On The Trend

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If you want to hop on the latest hair color trends bandwagon then you should definitely consider sunflower hair color. As the name suggests it’s when you color your hair resembling a beautiful sunflower. It’s the perfect hair color for the summer season.

It’s peppy, bright, and looks absolutely breathtaking.

If you too are considering opting for sunflower hair then I have dug up the internet and landed on some of the best of the best sunflower hair color looks to take your inspiration from. Let us check them out 🙂

What Is Sunflower Hair Color?

Sunflower hair color is when you color your precious manes resembling the beautiful shades of sunflower. You can always tweak it a bit with lighter or darker shades and adapt it to your choice of hairstyle.

However, most hairstylists choose to color your hair with dark brown which gradually and seamlessly transitions to red then orange, and ends up in bright yellow. Some stylists even like to add a hint of green aka the shade of its leaves.

I would recommend you to pick the one that you are comfortable with and one that resonates best with your personality.

How To Do Sunflower Hair Color?

As your friend, I would strongly urge you to do sunflower hair color from a good hairstylist and not to do this at home. That is because sunflower hair is a tricky hair color to master at home.

You should spend some time digging the internet and browsing your Instagram or Pinterest for the best sunflower hair inspirations before you set your heart on one. You can also use hair color changer apps to see how the different sunflower hair color looks on you.

For experimenting, you can also try with some hair color chalks or hair color sprays that get rinsed off after a wash. This will allow you to land on that perfect shade of sunflower hair color, so you know exactly which shades would look best on you.

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Now find a good hairstylist and show them this inspiration that you have in mind. Consider your hairstylist’s opinion if they think a darker or lighter shade would suit you better.

Best Sunflower Hair Color Inspirations

The Perfect Sunset Hair


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A post shared by Megan Gough (@blacksheepstylist_)

Of all the sunflower hair color inspiration available, this one is my favorite of them all. It resonates with the shades of sunflower and intertwines it beautifully with the colors you see during the sunset onto your manes.

The Perfect Ombre


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A post shared by (@amandathehairwitch)

Most hairstylists prefer opting for Ombre technique when doing the sunflower hair. This is because the smooth transition between these different colors pops up better when done using the Ombre technique.

Subtle Highlights

If full-on hair color transition scares you but you want to do a makeover and experiment with shades of sunflower, try subtle highlights that resemble this beautiful flower. It is not too drastic but it still looks chic and gives you an instant perfect makeover.

The Trendy Bob


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A post shared by Lauren R. Fusco (@lofusco)

When you decide to combine the trendy bob with sunflower hair color, the result is no less than perfection. It is perfect for people who prefer short hairstylists or want to experiment with non-binary hair cut for a more androgynous look and want to spice it up even more with the beautiful colors.

On Thin Hair


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A post shared by Kyra Pfitzner (@kyrablaze)

If you have thin hair opting for this hair color will create an illusion of volume in your hair. Apart from getting this hair color, you can also check out my thin to thick hair journey for exclusive tips and hair hacks that helped me get thicker hair.

Also, check out the best volumizing mousse and best hair oils for thicker hair.

On Sleek Straight Hair

If you have sleek straight hair and you think that sunflower hair color won’t suit you, think again. This color looks equally good on all hair types. Also, you can check out these hair products to keep your hair straight.

On Frizzy Hair


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A post shared by Maddy Spring (@maddhairs)

If you have frizzy hair and looking for a hair color inspiration for your hair, then this is the one you can experiment with. It beautifully transforms your unruly hair and creates the illusion of a more defined look.

Also, I think you definitely should check out how to moisturize extremely dry hair at home and aloe vera and fenugreek hair mask for frizzy hair.

The Brighter Yellow Vibes


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A post shared by Alkali Beauty (@alkalibeauty)

Sunflower hair is all about transitioning from darker shades to a subtle yellow shade. And here are the perfect examples you can take into account if yellow vibes with you.

Emphasis On Orange


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A post shared by Amber (


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A post shared by Carey Lynn (@careyx.tarothair)

If yellow isn’t your desired shade then you can always go for a brighter orange or emphasize on orange with subtle burgundy hair dye.

How To Make Your Sunflower Hair Color Last Longer?

Now that you have picked up the perfect shade of sunflower and customized it to match your desire, I am pretty positive you would be willing to make it last even longer. So here are some tips to make your sunflower hair color last longer:

In case if you mess up your hair color or are unhappy with the results, here is what you can do:
Use a clarifying shampoo to remove hair color or do a bleach bath for hair to lighten your hair color and read this study on effects of different hair products on hair health.

Over To You

Hope you found these sunflower hair color ideas worthy. In case you do decide to color your hair using these sunflower hair inspirations, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram. I would love to give you a shout-out.

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