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31 Best Heart Braids Inspiration: The Ultimate Guide With Exclusive Tips & Tutorials!

31 Best Heart Braids Inspiration: The Ultimate Guide With Exclusive Tips & Tutorials!

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Heart braids are very refer creative, love-filled and romantic hairstyle in which the hair is braided into a design that resembles a heart shape. These braids are super cute and playful way to style hair, especially for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or other romantic events or just braiding your little angels hair with love!

Heart braids can be done in various ways, but the basic concept involves forming a heart shape using the hair braiding technique.

Boho Heart Braids

boho heart braids

Photo Credit: @styledbyaure_

What better way to incorporate a heart into your hairstyle than combining it with Goddess Boho braids!

These braids can be customized into a length that you desire. You can go for shortest to longest hair in the world. You can also accessorize it with beads, charms, red knotless braids or other hair accessories to up the glamour quotient.

These look really natural and creates a thicker hair appearance which we all love and need in our life.

Stitch Braids With Hearts

This creative hairstyle blends cornrows artfully into multiple small heart-shaped braids. These charming heart braids add a delightful touch of whimsy and romance to the overall look.

The result is a fun and unique hairstyle that beautifully showcases the fusion of artistry and hair design.

stitch heart braids

Photo Credit: @g1ftedhands

These look even more versatile when done with Iverson braids or Lemonade braids.

Lemonade Braids With Heart

lemonade heart braids

Photo Credit: @braydedupbykim

Beyonce would be proud!

What sets this hairstyle apart is the ingenious incorporation of delicate heart-shaped pattern seamlessly woven into the lemonade braids, adding a touch of uniqueness to the overall look.

The result is a head-turning hairstyle that seamlessly marries modern braiding techniques with a charming symbol of love, creating a visually striking and unforgettable hairdo.

Tribal Braids With Heart

heart braids

Photo Credit: @queen_crownedyou

When the beauty of tribal braids is adorned with an array of colorful beads and charms!

The medium-length hair, meticulously braided into an intricate pattern, beautifully showcases a harmonious blend of cultural influences but also incorporates delicate heart braids designs seamlessly interwoven.

This easy to do hairstyle is a testament to both artistry and cultural appreciation, resulting in a stunning and unique look that exudes creativity and charm.

Peekaboo Heart Braids

heart braids

Photo Credit: @elevationstyles_by.t

Delicate heart-shaped peekaboo braids, adds an element of surprise and charm to the overall hairstyle. The black and pink color combination not only creates a bold and eye-catching contrast but also infuses a sense of playfulness and individuality into this head-turning look.

Dutch Braids

Dutch heart braids

Photo Credit: @clairesbraidbar

This Dutch braid with a heart seamlessly combines a classic braiding technique resulting in a visually stunning and heartfelt expression of style. It is perfect for upping cuteness quotient of your lil girls or a perfect hairstyle for your ideal date night.

Cornrow Heart Braids

 The combination of meticulous cornrows and the heart-shaped focal point creates a polished and sophisticated look. This heart braids is perfect for any and every special occasion.

Side Parted Heart Braids With Passion Twists

heart braids with passion twists

Photo Credit: @natural_jc

What truly sets this style apart is the multitude of tiny hearts adorning the scalp, meticulously woven into the hair, creating a whimsical and heartfelt design.

This exquisite combination of cornrows, passion twists, and the abundance of tiny hearts not only showcases exceptional beauty and glamour.

Braids With Hearts On The Side

heart braids

Photo Credit: @laurayabraidsdealer

Heart braids gracefully adorn the sides of the head, adding a touch of whimsy to the whole look. These braids elegantly converge into a neatly tied bun at the back, creating a polished and formal look. 

This style is perfect for people of all ages!

Jumbo Braids

jumbo heart braids

Photo Credit: @dalicious_styles

Jumbo braids are thick and substantial braids that make a bold statement.

What sets this style apart is the incorporation of heart-shaped designs seamlessly woven into the jumbo braids, creating a visually striking look and making it a standout hairstyle that embodies both confidence and love.

Heart Braids With Curly Ends

heart braids with curly ends

Photo Credit: @braidsambassador

If you have dreamt of having long hair length that looks natural and chic than go for this one!

The ends of these braids are elegantly styled into loose, curly waves, creating a captivating contrast between the structured hearts and the flowing curls. This hairstyle is every girl’s dream!

6 Stitch Braids

6 stitch heart braids

Photo Credit: @themaysway

If you are in the mood to channel your inner girl boss, opt for this six stitch braids with a bun. It is formal and perfect to go with your office attires and looks extremely professional yet gorgeous.

Full Head Of Heart Braids

heart braids

Photo Credit: @dts_beauty_1

This beautiful hairstyle where you combine entire hair of heart braids and weave them into a beautifully braided ponytail, has my heart!

Its perfect for everyday look, ideal for date nights and goes well with your formal look. If you have always loved a sleek ponytail with hearts then you must try this one.

Space Buns

heart braids

Photo Credit: @touchedby.rayy

If you want to channel your inner artist then this heart braids with space buns is the ideal one.

Its perfect to show your romantic side and the subtle half red half black hair becomes the ideal choice for the same! For taking your braid game up a level, you can incorporate beads, charms or hair extensions.

4 Stitch-in Braids With Hearts

heart braids

Photo Credit: @cryscrowned_em

These four stitch-in braids, featuring charming heart-shaped patterns, grace the head with a warm brown hue creates a polished and sophisticated look.

The combination of the intricate heart designs and the low ponytail adds a touch of romance and refinement to this hairstyle, making it an excellent choice for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

Knotless Braids With Heart

knotless heart braids

Photo Credit: @qb_hair_designz

These knotless braids are creatively adorned with an abundance of tiny braids in both brown and blonde hues, forming a beautiful blend of colors. Its looks absolutely beautiful, stunning and chic!

Red Heart Braids

heart braids

Photo Credit: @lebraids314

Is there a better way to showcase your heart braids than red hair? The tiny side parted braids with beautiful heal creates an illusion of thicker hair that we all love to flaunt!

The Black And Pink

heart braids

Photo Credit: @camber_stylez

Peekaboo braids in contrasting black and pink hues with intricate zigzag and heart-shaped patterns, meticulously woven into the braids can never go out of style, don’t you agree?

Freestyle Stitch Braids

heart braids

Photo Credit: @kaylakaaaa_

If there anyone in the entire world who doesn’t like the lavender, purple or ash purple hair?

You can go with the shade of purple that you are most comfortable with along with the style that you resonate the most. I just couldn’t help myself from sharing this beautiful hairstyle.

Curl Buns

heart braids with curly ends

Photo Credit: @shalalay_boutique

We all love curly hair and their absolutely perfect texture. It is called natural hair for a reason.

And when you combine the goodness of heart braids with a natural curly bun at the back, it doesn’t get any better than this. This is the perfect hairstyle that you can try no matter your gender preference. Its the perfect feminine, masculine as well as non-binary haircut.

Short Scalp Braids

scalp braids with heart

Photo Credit: @f.hairstyle_

If you are looking for another example of short heart braids that anyone can get onboard with then give this one try! It is simple, sophisticated and fabulous on all fronts. 

Ponytail Cornrow

braided ponytail with hearts

Photo Credit: @liashairr

The cornrows are adorned with a crisscross pattern, further enhancing the visual interest and complexity of the style. Additionally, tiny braids are incorporated to accentuate the overall design, resulting in a hairstyle that’s both visually stunning and rich in detail, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a unique look that stands out.

Back Heart Braids

back heart braids

Photo Credit: @stylezuneak

If you are looking for a simplest form of heart braids that looks like you rock at this hair game, then go for this one. It is simple to do yet looks breathtaking and sophisticated.

heart braids

Photo Credit: @bella__sunshine_hair

Ombre Ponytail Knotless Heart Braids

heart braids

Photo Credit: @slaynattraction

Ombre braids when woven into a protective style you get this masterpiece. 

These knotless ombre braids with heart are perfect to wear on everyday occasions be it formal look for office or date night or you just wanna go on a girls night out. It compliments all the outfits equally well and makes you look like a fashion icon. 

Stitch Heart Braids With Red Highlights

heart braids

Photo Credit: @ib.yayo.dabraider

The highlight stitch braids creatively forming heart-shaped patterns within the black hair adorned with vibrant red highlights. This unique combination of color and design adds a bold and eye-catching contrast to the overall look.

The braids are then elegantly styled into buns, completing the hairstyle with a touch of sophistication and showcasing the perfect blend of creativity and individuality.

This black hair with red highlights combination blends this whole hairstyle into one beautiful masterpiece. But you should definitely read this before dyeing your hair red

Half Up Half Down Hair

half up half down braids with heart

Photo Credit:

This half-up half-down hairstyle beautifully combines the playful and romantic element of heart braids with the sophistication of a bun, making it a versatile choice for both casual and formal occasions.

You can even make it fit your persona more by adding beads, charms or colorful hair extensions.

The Beautiful Blonde

heart braids in blonde

Photo Credit: @twenty4hourbraids

If there is a hair color that everyone envies and desires is the beautiful blonde. We bleach dark hair for it, use clarifying shampoos to remove color or bleach bath hair if it isn’t right or even use purple shampoo or toners to get it right. 

And there is a reason for it. 

Just take a good look at the above picture. It is so beautiful when braided into tiny hearts and that long hair length is absolutely stunning. Don’t you agree?


Shades of brown hair is always in style. And when you infuse it with your hair braids, weave a heart and tie it into a braided ponytail, it just keeps getting better and better. 

This hairstyle strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and expressing self love, making it a versatile choice suitable for various occasions and personal styles.

The Pretty Pink

braids with heart

Photo Credit: @therealowenstouch_

Is there anything better than pink braids taking the center stage, and capturing the essence of Barbie’s iconic style?

With everyone channeling and embracing their inner Barbie these days there is nothing more fabulous that would make you on top of your braid game. And when you incorporate beautiful little hearts in this hairstyle, you set the bar really high from rest of the world. 


heart braids

Photo Credit: @___hair_by_dee___

Who doesn’t love this eye-catching combination of black and neon together?

Its the perfect pair that showcases the world how you stand apart from the crowd. Its daring, its fabulous and surely it is one of the best complimenting hair color ideas that is trending these days.

The Pretty Pigtails With Heart

heart braids

Photo Credit: @harucooooooo

I saved the best heart braids style for the last and this one has my heart!

Try these pigtails on your little girls and I am sure she will adore them. Its sweet, playful and pretty all at the same time. 

Over To You

These are one of the best ways to style your heart braids. And as you can see, sky is the limit when it comes to taking braids with heart and giving it your personal touch.

I have also tagged the hairstylists and braiders on every photo, so you can easily head over to their Instagram to book an appointment. Let me know which one you liked the most and are gonna give a try.

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