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What Is A Karen Haircut? Why Should You Avoid It In 2023?

What Is A Karen Haircut? Why Should You Avoid It In 2023?

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If you have ever wondered, what is a Karen haircut or what does a Karen haircut look like? then you have reached at the right destination.

‘Karen’ is a viral term coined on the internet that refers to a privileged white woman with her signature ‘Karen haircut’ who often wants to ‘speak to the manager’ ‘make a 911 call’ and bother others with her outrageous demands. 

If you have never come across a Karen hairstyle meme then you probably are living under a rock. Don’t worry, we are here to get you up to speed and tell you exactly what is a Karen haircut and why you need to stay a million miles away from it.

What is a Karen Haircut?

The Karen haircut is often an inverted bob that is longer in the frontal region and goes short at the back. From a side glance, it appears sharp creating an instant impression. The haircut usually has a lot of fringes accompanied by highlights. Although earlier Karen’s hair was blonde, it has now made its way into different color combinations.

Although there are a lot of versions of Karen haircuts we have seen over the years, most of them have these in common:

  • Inverted bob
  • A lot of fringes and layers
  • Bangs swept at sides
  • A lot of volume in the crown area
  • Highlights


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Original Karen Haircut

The original Karen haircut was first flaunted by Kate Gosselin in her TV show. It had an asymmetric inverted bob with bangs swept aside accompanied by a lot of bold and unnatural highlights. 

This original haircut is the one Karen haircut you need to stay miles away from. This haircut stands out and speaks volumes about how a haircut can leave a worse impression. 

Karen Haircut for Black Hair

If you think Karen’s haircut is for blonde, think again. 

Karen with dark hair often flaunts their unappealing haircut with extremely bold, unnatural, and strongly visible highlights that leave a terrible impression. Their hair cut often involves sharp blonde highlights with dark jet black hair.

There are a lot of ways to flaunt highlights when you have jet black hair but this one is certainly not one of them.

Haircut with Red and Blonde Highlights

Some Karens make it obvious with their extremely bold choice of highlights.

With dark red and blonde highlights, they scream aggression and hunger for attention right out. These highlights again are accompanied by their signature haircut and it goes without saying but they often get annoyed at every trivial reason. 

Hair with Brown and Red Highlights

Some Karens wanted to go bolder and wanted more attention and thus this hairstyle emerged. 

Shaking things up from the regular haircut, they opt for dark red and brown highlights accompanied by longer hair in the front and shorter at the back. It often leaves them with a strong and edgier impression. 

Neat Karen Haircut

There is a high probability that is one Karen haircut that you might end up with. So look closely if you don’t intend to be a part of Karen haircut memes.

It is opted by more poised and upper-class Karens. Although this hairstyle is less attention-grabbing, it still retains the signature elements of a regular Karen haircut like bold highlights with short hair.

Brassy Blonde Hair

If your hair has a warm undertone, take that into account while you opt for going blonde. To prevent your hair from getting brassy, you need to tone it with a purple shampoo after doing a bleach bath for your hair. If you skip these steps, you might end up with yellow hair or orange hair.

Often in Karen haircuts warm and cool highlights are mixed up which eventually ends up with the brassy appearing hair. Make sure you avoid these. 

Platinum Blonde Haircut

Karens love a lot of attention. Thus they prefer styling their hair in bold and bright colors that often makes everyone notice them. One such color combination is platinum blonde.

Karen Hairstyle Memes

Karen, It’s a name going viral for all the wrong reasons. And so is the famous signature Karen haircut and its memes too. Karens across the globe are facing the wrath of the brutal memes. 


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How do you make sure you don’t get a Karen haircut?

The main thing to keep in mind so you don’t end up with a Karen haircut is to stay away from:

  • an inverted bob hairstyle
  • a lot of contrasting and strongly visible highlights
  • over-styling your hair with lots and lots of layers
  • brassy tones.


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How can you tell if someone is a Karen?

Karens often react loudly, and annoyingly with a lot of attitude and always insists to speak to the manager at the slightest inconvenience. And yes, they often flaunt their signature Karen haircut which is long in the front and short in the back and has a lot of strong highlights and volume. 

What is the most common Karen haircut?

Inverted bob or A-line cut, that is longer at the front than at the back and has a huge volume and lot of highlights. 

Who is the most famous Karen?

Karen Blixen is the most famous person as Karen. 

Who is the Original ‘Karen’?

It’s hard to pinpoint the source of it, but the Kate Gosselin from the TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8, is referred to as the original Karen flaunting her signature Karen haircut.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from these signature Karen haircuts, so you don’t fall prey to these memes. Before you go, don’t forget to check out:

Have a lovely day.

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