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25 Iverson Braids Styles To Elevate Your Hair Game With A Bold Statement

25 Iverson Braids Styles To Elevate Your Hair Game With A Bold Statement

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Iverson braids are a fun hairstyle where you make lots of small braids in your hair. It’s named after a basketball player named Allen Iverson, who wore his hair in this style when he played.

To make Iverson braids, you start by parting your hair into small sections, and then you braid each section from the roots to the ends. You can make as many braids as you like, and you can even add beads or other decorations to the braids to make them look even cooler!

It’s a really fun way to style your hair, and lots of people like Iverson braids because they can last for a long time and they’re low maintenance.

Best Iverson Braids Styles That Are Trending Lately

Intricate braiding has been gaining momentum for those who want creativity in their hairstyle. If you too want to level up your braiding game, then read on because we are sharing some of the best Iverson braids styles.

Simple and neat

These Iverson braids aren’t as intricate or complicated as other versions. It takes cornrows to a new level, due to a thick center braid and two thick braids above the temples.


All braids begin downward at the center part, and there are several thicker braids on each side. The symmetrical appearance gives it a striking appearance.

Feed-in cornrows

“Feed-in” refers to the addition of synthetic hair into your braids. The synthetics are placed beyond your hairline and used to create thick rows around your head. The uniform thickness gives you a fuller look.

Mid-Iverson style

You don’t have to have braids over your whole head to rock this style. Using Iverson patterns on the top of your head -and over to your temples- will give your hair enough flair.

Crisscrossed Iverson

Crisscrossed Iverson braids are a type of Iverson braid where you make two braids and then cross them over each other. 

To make crisscrossed Iverson braids, you start by parting your hair down the middle into two sections. Then, you make a braid on one side of your head and another braid on the other side of your head.

When both braids are finished, you take the left braid and cross it over to the right side of your head, and then you take the right braid and cross it over to the left side of your head.

You can secure the braids with hair ties or bobby pins to make sure they don’t come undone. The result is a really neat and crisscrossed hairstyle that’s perfect for any occasion and it is the perfect non-binary hairstyle.

An Iverson updo

If you’re going someplace and need a glamorous “do”, style the sides of your hair with Iverson braids while pinning a synthetic bun on the top. It combines the artistic elements of braids with a classic bun. It looks best when you tie braids to ponytails style.

Simple pushback

With this version, the Iverson braids begin at your forehead and travel backward. At the back of your neckline, hair divides into two parts and flows downward in two traditional braids. This is one of the easy-to-do hairstyles that looks stunning on everyone.

Colored braids

The great thing about Iverson braids is their flexibility. Use any Iverson design, but give it a pop of color by weaving synthetic hair of any color into the pattern.

Mohawk braids

This one is bold; choose it if you want to make an impact. Make Iverson-style braids on each side and the back, the top of your head has the iconic Mohawk shape. Either gel the top hair or leave it loose; the effect is awesome either way.

Flat Braids

Every braid in this easy version has the same thickness. Although this makes your style look effortless, it requires a careful hand to keep the braids neat and even.

Leafy Braids

Although many style their braids into the design of maple leaves, some have sculpted their braids into a marijuana leaf. Whichever way you style it, your clever styling will be noticed.

Zig Zag Braids

These look just as you’d imagine: the braids are twisted into tiny “Z” formations over all or part of your head. This style is adaptable for casual or formal occasions.

Fish Tail Braids

For this version, the sides are traditionally braided, and the braids over the temple are thick. In the back, the braids are styled to resemble the bones of a fish.

Spider Braids

This style takes planning and a talented stylist. It involves a circle of thick braid on the top. Within the circle, smaller braids flow to the center; the sides have thick rows which gather at the back- like a spider web.

Snake-like Braids

This version takes the prize for the largest number of thick braids. The braids don’t meet at the center part. Instead, they “snake” into coils that wander around your head.

M-Shape Braids

If your name begins with the letter “M”, this may be the version you choose. Fans say you can craft any letter, but “M” is a very popular one.

Maze Snake Braids

For an even more intense snake style, instead of a simple coil, make the coils into a maze. Keep your braid edges clean, and you’ll be sure to impress everyone.

Middle Part Wavy Braids

Your center part is slightly wider in this version, and all the braids cascade down to the neckline. Add two thicker braids at the temples; these end past the neckline as traditional braids.

Quadruple Braids

Adapted from old-school Dutch braids, this version gathers four Iverson braids into a four-ply braid that coils downward. This version is reportedly one of Allen Iverson’s favorites.

Spiral Braids with Framing Sides

With symmetrical coiled sides as a frame of your face, this version also places evenly-spaced coils on the top of your head. These braided circles make a solid style impact.

Twisty Braids with a Line Up

This is a combo style. That means the center part and underlying pattern of tight Iverson braids is interspersed with long coils that resemble traditional dreads or cornrows.

Middle Part Wavy Braids with Tiny Bun

Much like the updo, this version uses a simple Iverson pattern. However, it adds a flair with a tiny bun – either on top or on the back crown area.

Two Iverson Braids

This version gives you precisely what its name says: two thick Iverson braids cresting at the temple area. The center part shows tighter braids on both sides, flowing out to the thicker braids – which lead down past your neck. 

Dutch Iverson Braids

This version doesn’t just borrow inspiration from Dutch braids. It emphasizes the features of the Dutch-style braids by tapering the pattern of the tighter supporting Iverson braids so they flow up to and toward the Dutch braids.

Iverson Braids with Weave

Just as you would use a weave to augment the appearance of traditional braids, you can use your weave either to add texture – or for an additional length.

Although some braid stylists may find Allen Iverson braids too challenging, when you find a talented braid artist, you’ll soon enjoy these styles as an expression of your artistic side.

By choosing one of these Iverson braids styles, a person can enhance or improve their hair game and make a bold statement with their hairstyle.

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