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30 Swoop Ponytail Hairstyles That Are Absolutely Stunning

30 Swoop Ponytail Hairstyles That Are Absolutely Stunning

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Swoop ponytail is the perfect hairstyle when you are channeling your girl boss mode. It’s stylish, fierce, and formal at the same time. That is the exact reason that swoop ponytails have been back in the trend lately. From Rihana, Kylie, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B to Zendaya And Ariana, all are sporting this hairstyle.

This guide will help you derive inspiration from different ways you can sport a swoop ponytail. Let’s check them out.

Best Swoop Ponytail Styles To Copy

At first glance, a swoop ponytail conveys a spirit of fun – and adds overtones of grace. Although the standard ponytail portrays an easy and casual mood, placing your ponytail high on your head, and allowing it to “swoop” downward upscales your style from basic to “Bravo!”

These are the styles that had us floored and we are pretty sure you will fall in love with these swoop ponytail variations. 

Barbie Ponytail With Face-Framing Bangs


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Many who choose a swoop ponytail have equated it with a Barbie doll’s iconic look. This sultrier version takes this playful look and adds twin curly ringlets on each side of your forehead or sport it with face-framing bangs for that extra oomph factor.


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Swoop Ponytail Weave Hairstyle


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If you have a long weave, you add it to your swoop ponytail. By using a short section of your hair, you can rock a curly cascade of hair; suitable for any occasion

Long Balayage With Highlights

Balayage is the most popular hair coloring technique these days that make your hair look sunkissed. When you combine these honey caramel balayage highlights with a swoop ponytail, you’ve got yourself a sensational style.

Knot Bun Hairstyle With A Braided Style 


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The sides of this hairstyle are tightly braided. The top hair is then gathered into a ponytail. Then, the “tail” is formed into a knotted bun, on top of the head. It is the perfect combination of formal yet fierce hairstyles.

Sleek Knot Hairstyle


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This is similar to the previous hairstyle, except the sides are not braided. The smoothed sides are gathered into a knot- for a dramatic but elegant look.

Black Sleek Hair


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Adding a swoop ponytail to the top of your natural hair or sleek straight is an easy way to add a touch of luxe to your hairstyle. Gather your hair into a ponytail, on the top of your head while swooping the frontal hair into both directions for that extra classy yet dramatic factor – and you’re good to go.

You can also use a flat iron for silk press or a flat iron for curly hair to achieve the perfect sleek hair and use these hair products to keep your hair straight for look time.

Shiny Long Hair With Curly Edges


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Taming long, natural hair into curves is part of the charm of this hairstyle. Using hair gel brings out that extra shine, and swooping your curls into a ponytail gives this version an eye-catching appearance.

High Knot Bun Hairstyle


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The sides of your hair are smooth, and they gather upward into a head-crowning swoop ponytail. In this version, you place not just one but two or three hair knots to form a bun. Or you can simply tie your high ponytail into a single bun at the top of your head. Either way, you’ve got a fabulous hairstyle for yourself. 

Half Up Half Down Swoop Ponytail Hairstyle


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Although the “pony” remains a prominent feature of the hairstyle, the bulk of your hair is styled traditionally- falling softly on both sides and the back. It’s more like when you do a half updo but the ponytail is tied a bit higher and the remaining hair is left untied for that extra voluminous effect. 

Classic Barbie Ponytail With Swoop


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Mimicking Barbie’s iconic style, this version begins by parting your hair on both sides and taking the rest of your hair from that part while securing the back section into a ponytail, you’ll have the same cheerful spirit resembling a Barbie doll.

Swoop Ponytail With Long Curls


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The curls inside this ponytail can either be natural or formed curls using a curl activator or a hair curler. All those curls flow from the ponytail while the hair on the sides is swooped back into the ponytail.

Swoop Ponytail With Fancy Edges


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Enhanced by hair gel and some volumizing mousse, this basic swoop ponytail is elevated by the addition of parted bangs or curtain bangs with straight hair. The ponytail ends in a gentle flip; to give this casual style an element of swagger.

Segmented Swoop Ponytail

Beginning with a basic swoop ponytail, the hair in the ponytail is gathered into small sections and secured nicely. This style works for women with very long hair.

Heart-Shaped Swoop

Using a side or rear part that’s been shaped like a heart, the rest of your hair is gathered in the back or on the top – into a high ponytail. The abundance of your hair results in an impressive hairstyle.

Blunt Cut Ponytail With Swoop

Using a classically-styled ponytail, this version is cut bluntly across the ending of the ponytail. This provides an elegant focus for your overall look.

Swoop Ponytail For Short Hair

If you think a swoop ponytail is not meant for shorter hair then you could not be more wrong. It looks equally fierce no matter your hair length. 

But if you have short hair and need a longer hairstyle then you can do this. To gather enough hair, you could add a synthetic ponytail to your hair. Some women also choose to gather the middle or back of their hair into a barrette or clip – to simulate a ponytail.

The Au Naturel Swoop

There are two ways to rock this style.

With this version, the hair is left ungathered; in its natural curly state. Instead of forming a ponytail, curls are combed into the shape of the ponytail. There’s no delineation of a ponytail, but the illusion of the ponytail remains.

Another way is when you sport your regular swoop ponytail but part the frontal section of hair in both directions and secure your remaining hair in a high ponytail while sporting your pretty natural hair. 

Ponytail Cornrow Braids With Swoop

Combining elaborately cornrowed braids on the front and sides of your hair, the bulk of the rest of your hair is braided together and swooped into a ponytail.

From Pixie to Ponytail

A pixie to swoop ponytail looks really stylist. It is the perfect non-binary haircut for that androgynous look. But if your hair are too short to be tied then you could add a synthetic ponytail and smooth the sides and edges.

And in the meantime, if you want to grow your hair faster then you could try and incorporate the following into your hair care routine:

Swoop With The Crisscross Side

Another combo of cornrows and smooth hair adds up to a unique hairstyle. The front and top sides are intricately braided into “X”-shaped cornrows, while the back of your hair displays several large cornrows swooped into a ponytail.

Swoop Bang Buns


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The swoop here starts with your bangs. Your hair is parted on the side, and the rest of your hair is combed on your crown area in a bun or multiple buns depending entirely on your mood. 

Faux Locs Swoop Ponytail


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Using synthetic locs, (which can be added to natural cornrows if you have them) your hair is styled into thick cornrows. They are then swooped into a ponytail, at the back of your hair.

Swoop Braided Ponytail

This is similar to the previous style, except the hair in the ponytail isn’t left loose or cornrowed. Instead, the hair in the ponytail is braided together after an initial small knot at the top of the ponytail. You can also braid the remaining sections into a Dutch braid or a French braid

High Swoop Ponytail Styled With Hair Accessories

Taking a ponytail that has been swooped high on your head, this version adds a sprinkling of rhinestone clips, or any other hair accessories with pearls will work as well. This is an excellent choice for a wedding or a formal occasion.

Ponytail With Locs

There are several ways to style your locs; they can frame your face, or be swept back from your forehead into various braid designs. At the apex of your head, your hair – locs and all – is scooped together and formed into a ponytail.

Ponytail With Box Braids

This version features tightly twisted braids and sculpts the braids into a square shape. Their edges are square, instead of round. The back and sides of your hair (including the braids) are twisted into a ponytail.

Frontal Ponytail With Swoop

This version works best with long bangs. The bangs are combed toward the top; so you can include the bangs within the base of the ponytail. The styling of the bangs becomes a part of the ponytail.

Side Part Sleek Swoop Ponytail

This version uses a side part and adds a small curl on the forehead – on the parted side. All the hair is gelled for a sleek look. The rest of the bangs are swept to the opposite side. Then, the hair is formed onto a scoop ponytail.

90s Swoop Ponytail


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Giving you the spirit of the 90s with a lively flip, this version evokes the Barbie doll look, once again. Smoothing the front of your hair flat; the remaining strands of your hair are then gathered into a swoop ponytail.

Two Ponytails With Swoop

Dividing your hair at the center part; the rest of your hair is then scooped on each side, into two separate ponytails. This is a sporty style but it gives you an extra flair

All these styles are a great way to join the stylish bandwagon and show off your swoop ponytails. But which one would you pick? Do share your favorite swoop ponytail from the list. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out:

Have a lovely day.

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