7 Hair Mistakes To Avoid That Are Ruining Your Hair

hair mistakes to avoid

The most important thing for almost every other woman is “how to have the most beautiful hair in town.” But some basic hair mistakes form a hurdle in your way.  The reason is that sometimes it becomes confusing for you to follow one specific routine, or you make more hair mistakes instead of the other … Read more

Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Loss: Ft Kiierr Laser Caps

low level laser therapy for hair loss

Does low level laser therapy work for hair loss? Is it safe to use? If you are struggling with the heartbreaking reality of hair loss and want to regrow hair faster, then you might have reached out to our good friend Google. You might have come across different hair loss treatments like hair transplant, minoxidil, finasteride, … Read more

7 Tested Methods to Run a More Successful Beauty Business

tips for running a beauty business

As someone who manages a beauty business, you might find it quite difficult to create a profitable venture without a plan. There are quite a few ways to approach this problem, and making the most out of available resources should be one of the priorities. It helps when your salon is the only one or … Read more

How to Increase Your Salon Bookings Online?

How to Increase Your Salon Bookings Online

Are you wondering how to increase your salon bookings? Especially online? With everyone shopping online these days, appointment-based businesses have to leverage online scheduling lest they lose online clients. For salon businesses, the biggest chunk of your new clients comes from social media. These are people who want to book appointments with you instantly upon … Read more

7 Benefits Of Argan Oil: Ft.The Best Oil From Venamine

argan oil

Have you heard of the amazing benefits of argan oil? Moroccan argan oil, in particular, is highly sought after for its positive effects on hair, skin, and nails. It is extracted from the argan tree’s kernels, via the cold-pressed process. Yes, argan oil is really beneficial but it could also be expensive. What’s more, it … Read more

Vegetable Glycerin For Hair: Benefits & How To Use It For Best Hair

glycerin for hair

You might have used vegetable glycerin for dry skin but have you used glycerin for hair? Glycerin is a carbon compound that attracts water from the air surrounding it. It is a viscous liquid meaning it can pour out slowly. Its hygroscopic nature makes it keep the body moisturized. When you use glycerin for hair, … Read more

What is the Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes?

Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

Artistic makeup only works if you use the right products with the right brushes. You can easily see when a brush becomes messy. But very few women imagine what happens beyond their sight: makeup, skin oil, dirt, and bacteria get trapped in the bristles, stay there, and multiply. If you think cleaning is optional, then … Read more

How to Shape Your Eyebrows into Perfection by Yourself!

How to Shape Your Eyebrows into Perfection by Yourself

Hey Guys, Facial grooming should be comprehensive and directed to different areas of the visage to have a well-balanced outlook. When grooming, many people tend to concentrate on specific areas, while at the same time overlooking others. There are many aspects of facial beautification especially men tend to ignore. One of the most neglected areas … Read more

5 Most Effective Essential Oils for Hair Loss

essential oils for hair loss

Have you tried using essential oils for hair loss yet? If not then you are surely missing out on one of the quickest solutions to your hair loss. When it comes to hair loss, there is a lot you can do- following a healthy lifestyle, sticking to natural hair care routine, using the right hair … Read more

Best Hair Accessories With Pearls For Women

hair accessories trend 2017 and where to buy them online in India

A lot of people think hair accessories with pearls are outdated and unnecessary, but they couldn’t be more wrong! If you’re looking to express yourself in subtle, stylish and beautiful ways, then finding the perfect hair accessory is the perfect place to start. To get you excited about the warmer months, here are some of … Read more