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Vegetable Glycerin For Hair: Benefits & How To Use It For Best Hair

Vegetable Glycerin For Hair: Benefits & How To Use It For Best Hair

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You might have used vegetable glycerin for dry skin but have you used glycerin for hair?

Glycerin is a carbon compound that attracts water from the air surrounding it. It is a viscous liquid meaning it can pour out slowly. Its hygroscopic nature makes it keep the body moisturized.

When you use glycerin for hair, it will help you achieve glossy, manageable, and long hair that you have always desired. Let me share how to use glycerin for hair growth and dry hair in detail.

Is Glycerin Good For Your Hair?

Glycerin also is known by the chemical name glycerol is naturally obtained, has been used for many years in cosmetics and personal care. It is a good moisturizer.

It has been studied and it has been remarkably termed as good for hair and its chemicals are derived from vegetables and animals like coconut oil and shea butter.

Benefits of Glycerin for hair

Glycerin offers a lot of good benefits when incorporated into your hair care routine. Some of them are:

Retention Of Moisture

Hair requires enough amount of water to maintain a balance.

Glycerin is humectant making it possible to retain moisture. It is hygroscopic enabling it to draw moisture from the surroundings and lead it towards the hair. Thus the hair will stay gentle, nourished and even your scalp is moisturized.

Maintenance Of Hair Length

The hair can grow faster and reach its maximum length.

Glycerin helps in moisturizing those dry ends. Thus preventing your hair from breaking and drying out. Thus, hair growth will be smooth and optimized without any hindrance and you won’t end up losing your hair length.

Eradicating Itch

As per a study conducted, glycerin helps in nourishing the scalp and strengthening damaged hair.

It happens mostly during winter that the scalp gets dry becomes dry and starts getting itchy.

When you apply rose water with glycerin on your scalp on regular basis, it will help your scalp to get moisturized and itch-free.

Combating Dandruff

As per a study conducted in 2014, using glycerin will definitely help in improving the scalp’s health.

Dandruff has become the most disturbing common hair problem to people. When you use rose water with glycerin on regular basis directly on your hair it will soothe your itchy scalp and minimize those flakes. You can also add vitamin E oil or lemon juice for faster results.

Good For Curly Hair

Curly hair is good for the best looks but it requires an extra TLC.

Glycerin will maintain curly hair as it absorbs water from the surrounding and add it to the hair and helps the hair keep hydrated and look healthier. It also helps achieve those perfect curls that you always wanted to flaunt.

Frizzy Hair Care

We all deal with frizzy hair. And if you spray a little bit of rose water with glycerin on your hair or use it as a serum, it will not only make your frizzy hair more manageable but will also add a beautiful shine to it.

How To Use Glycerin For Hair?

Glycerin is added to hair care products like shampoo, moisturizers, soaps, and lotions to make them more effective. It gets water from the surrounding by absorption and this has made it the most used ingredient in skin and hair care products.

But you can use it in the comfort of your home as well.

This is how you can use glycerin for hair in different ways.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Mix both rose water and glycerin along with a little bit of leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle and simply spraying it on your dry manes will add a boost of nourishment.

Glycerin can also be mixed with water, aloe vera juice, a few essential oils, and an amount of conditioner. The mixture is then stored in the fridge and applied to the hair and scalp three to four days a week. You have to massage your scalp with the mixture and let it stay on for two to three minutes then wash your hair.

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Soothing Hair & Face Spray

Glycerin when mixed with rose water makes a really soothing combination.

It acts as a conditioner that gives moisture and enough nourishment to dry hair. It can also be applied by itself as it moisturizes the dry hair and skin stopping all the moisture-related problems like frizzy hair, dull hair, hair breakage, dandruff, and unmanageable curly hair.

Final Hair Rinse

Glycerin is used to rinse the hair after washing it. A little glycerin is added to the last amount of water and you use it to rinse off after have shampooing and conditioning the hair. The hair stays soft, smooth, and healthier.

However, care should be taken to use it in environments of moderate humidity because, in a very hot and humid climate, glycerin will absorb a lot of moisture and cause the hair to swell. It should not also be used immediately after using a permanent dye on the hair.

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