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Does Kukui Oil Make Hair Grow Faster?

Does Kukui Oil Make Hair Grow Faster?

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Having hair or skin issues, or both? Worry not; Kukui oil has come to your rescue!

The Kukui Nut Oil is a proven mark for positive results in hair and skin issues and helps you become healthy in nourishment, growth, and care.

This article chiefly focuses on how this oil can help you get through many common hair problems faced and what can be the solution to them.

Read along to get a taste of this newest trendy ingredient and how you could benefit from it!

What is Kukui Oil?

Kukui is a tree nut species from the Indo-Malaysian region that grows quite well in the warm tropical areas and is actively found as a part of the Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines.

It contains a sufficient percentage of oil (about 30-60%), and the oil gets extracted by cold pressing the nuts. Another way of obtaining clear yellow oil is through the solvent extraction method.

The amount of nutrients extracted varies from method to method applied.

This oil is loaded with different types of nutrients which make it helpful for the skin and hair.

Does Kukui Oil Make Hair Grow?

The Kukui nut oil has been known for producing remarkable positive changes in hair and skin issues. The oil has regenerative properties on the hair and the scalp and brings noticeable differences.

The oil shall show results if you do scalp massage for hair growth incorporated with inversion method or make use of this sealing oil as a hot oil treatment. It shall help the hair regain its lost moisture and encourage faster hair growth.

This oil has vitamins that enhance hair quality and substantially promote growth. The benefits of kukui nut oil also extend to the skin apart from aiding hair treatment.

Perks Of Using Kukui Oil For Hair

Below are some of the amazing benefits you could fetch from regularly using Kukui oil for hair:

Encourages Hair Vitality

The most renowned use of this oil is a moisturizing dry hair. The oil can be used in dry, brittle, and damaged hair to add suppleness and softness. The hair will get a completely new boost of life with the regular use of kukui oil.

The oil can be used for hair as a means of scalp treatment as it is non-comedogenic.

Using the oil as a serum or leave-in conditioning treatment shall also work. Furthermore, with this oil added to your hair care routine for dry hair, you can bid goodbye to the usual detangling and frizziness of hair.

Enhances Scalp Health

The oil has amino and essential fatty acids that help the hair get outward sheen and have long-term good hair growth and health. It also nourishes your scalp and prevents flakes. It also helps keep scalp infections at bay just like the neem oil.

Helps Nourish Dry Skin & Hair

The vitamins and antioxidants in this nut oil help nourish your hair and provide a remedy to dry skin, which might otherwise give rise to extreme dandruff, cause hair damage and hair loss.

Does Not Cause Breakouts

Breakouts are a major concern we all have regarding our hair when we are about to try on some new products. It is good news that this nut oil is lightweight, non-comedogenic, and gets absorbed easily into the skin.

Its the perfect lightweight hair oil for summer season.

Such abilities cause restriction in clogging the pores of your scalp or causing any breakouts. It is a safe choice to consider.

Rules Out Dandruff From Your Hair

This oil can coat the skin and lock the moisture in, eliminating dry skin and, thus, dandruff. The oil is an emollient substance that helps keep the hair follicles in a healthy ad functioning state.

This even prevents the possibility of premature hair loss.

How To Use The Kukui Oil For Hair Growth?

The Kukui oil acts as a magical ingredient for your hair, bringing you many benefits. Let’s get an idea of how you could use it to bring differences to your hair:

  • Apply the oil directly to hydrate the skin or revitalize your hair.
  • Rub a little portion of the oil for massaging your scalp to bring in the best results. This oil is also applicable for the face, in case you wish to use it just like bakuchiol serum

The package has got instructions which you can follow to adhere to the proper usage of the oil.  Oil application varies greatly and can be used in several ways.

You could blend the Kukui oil with the other natural ingredients present for getting nourishable face masks and hair masks.

Some people even prefer mixing Kukui Oil with Coconut Oil. This mixture acts as a very rich hair conditioner and strengthens your hair. Both oils work as great hydrates and nourish hair growth overall.

Side Effects Of Kukui Oil For Hair

The Kukui oil is an effective choice for enhancing hair quality and texture.

Some reports have claimed the presence of hives, itching, and red bumps on the skin after using the Kukui Nut Oil.

Sometimes, suppose the oil has already passed its shelf life or has been exposed to extreme heat conditions. In that case, the Kukui oil brings in the possibility of causing stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, and other unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects, if consumed by any chance.

Henceforth, taking a patch test is always a safe idea to consider before trying on any sort of element on your skin. This shall rule out the possibility of allergic reactions.

To stay on the safe side, it’s better not to apply too much Kukui nut oil to your tresses as they might become greasy. Limiting the usage to 3-5 drops of the oil on either wet or dry hair is advisable.

Where To Buy Kukui Oil?

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Bottom Line 

The Kukui Nut Oil is known to deliver great results both for hair and skin. We hope that the oil shall serve as a cure to all your hair issues and turbulences. However, always be careful before using any product and consider taking a test before usage.

Before you go ahead and start using Kukui oil for hair, don’t forget to check out:

~Written by Alya Koe.

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