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Silk vs Bamboo Pillowcases: Which Is Better For Your Hair?

Silk vs Bamboo Pillowcases: Which Is Better For Your Hair?

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When you are deciding whether to choose silk vs bamboo pillowcase, opt for bamboo pillowcase as it is hypoallergenic, does not dry out your hair and skin, and is comparatively cheaper than silk pillowcases.

But that doesn’t mean silk pillowcases aren’t good.

In fact, switching from regular cotton-based pillowcases to silk ones can have a positive impact on your hair and skin health as silk pillowcases help to retain moisture with their smooth surface and are extremely gentle on your skin and hair as it does not cause any friction while you sleep.

To know in more detail which one should you choose between silk or bamboo pillowcases, read on.

Silk Or Bamboo Pillow Cases

To help you make an informed decision we have compared the benefits and disadvantages of both, silk pillowcases and bamboo pillowcases.

silk vs bamboo pillowcases for hair


Silk pillowcases have more smoother texture compared to bamboo pillowcases and leave you with a more luxurious experience.

Moisture Retention

If you have dry, wavy, or curly hair then both silk or bamboo pillowcases can come in handy. Both are equally gentle on your hair and skin and won’t strip off the moisture from your hair and skin. This in turn improves your hair and skin health and it does not lead to your hair tangling often or split ends.

Whether you choose a silk vs bamboo pillowcase, both of them will equally help to prevent your skin from wrinkles or friction while you are sound asleep.


Bamboo pillowcases are more hypoallergenic as compared to silk ones and are ideal options for people with sensitive skin or scalp issues like dermatitis or psoriasis.


If you are interested in looking for more color and design options then silk is the one you should opt for as there are very limited color and design options in bamboo.


Bamboo pillowcases are eco-friendly and made of more sustainable material compared to silk pillowcases.

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Price Point

Silk pillowcases are comparatively more on the expensive side than bamboo ones.

Washing And Caring

Bamboo pillowcases are more easier to wash, care and maintain than silk pillowcases. Silk is a material that requires more care and gentle handling.

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Over To You: Silk Vs Bamboo Pillowcases For Hair And Skin

Let’s summarize:

Both silk and bamboo pillowcases have a smoother texture won’t strip off your natural hair moisture and won’t dry out your skin. Both are equally beneficial for all hair types and textures and are better choices compared to cotton pillowcases.

However, if you have sensitive skin or budget constraints or you are looking for a more eco-friendly option that is easier to maintain, then opt for bamboo pillowcases rather than silk ones. And if you are looking for a more luxurious sleeping experience that comes with multiple color and design options then go with silk pillow cases than bamboo ones.

No matter who you pick as your winner in the silk vs bamboo pillowcases battle, you will see an improvement in your hair and skin health. Just make sure you ditch your regular cotton pillowcases for silk or bamboo pillowcases and you are sorted!

Which ones do you prefer: silk or bamboo pillowcases? And why? Do share via comments. Before you leave don’t forget to check out:

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