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7 Day Hair Growth Challenge: Let’s Grow 1 Inch Hair In A Week Together!

Hey guys,

Yes, it’s finally happening. As you all have been requesting me for a long time, here we begin with our first ever hair growth challenge. This will be a 7 day hair growth challenge and if you wish to join in, just join in. That’s it.

What Is The 7 Day Hair Growth Challenge?

So, 7 day hair growth challenge is nothing but taking care of your hair, eating right and following a simple hair care routine to grow your hair long in a week. I already shared my hair growth tips that will help you grow one inch of your hair in a week. But today I will be sharing some basic tips and detailed hair care routine to grow your hair fast.

1.Do The Hot Oil Treatment

This as usual is my first and most important step. Because it freaking works.

You have to oil your hair twice this week, using any hair oil according to your hair type. Just make sure it is cold pressed and free of mineral oils and other harsh chemicals.

DIY hair oil for hair growth

My personal favorite homemade hair growth oil definitely helps you trigger your hair growth. If you could, give it a try, I am sure you will fall in love with it. You can also use Kalonji Oil, Neem Oil, Fenugreek Oil, Sesame Oil or basically any other hair oil of your choice.

2. Give Them Some Steam

After oiling like always you need to give a little steam to your hair. This ensures the oil gets into your scalp and nourishes your hair follicles better while stimulating blood circulation at the same time. I personally use thermal steam cap for better results.

3. Wash With SLS Free Shampoo & Add Little Bit Of Rosemary Essential Oil To Your Shampoo

hair growth tip

I love shampooing my hair. But over-washing kills its natural oils and health. Make sure you shampoo (only twice) using a good SLS free shampoo this week. Opt for a shampoo with silica or biotin or simply add few drops of rosemary essential oil to the one you are using right now.

4. Co-wash This Week



hair growth tip

A good conditioner will help you prevent your dry ends from getting dryer. What you need to do is just apply little conditioner on your damp hair (apply only on lengths and not on scalp) and leave it on for 5 minutes. Now shampoo your hair like you normally would. Don’t shampoo your hair directly this week.

5. Ditch The Serum & Opt For Argan oil or Rosehip oil

Once you replace your regular hair serum with argan oil you will never ever wanna go back to the old serum. This is because applying argan oil will not only detangle your hair easily and keep it manageable but also nourish it at the same time. And if you choose rosehip oil, it even repairs your damaged hair.

6. Brush Your Hair Only 3 Times A Day Using A Wooden Comb

I always urge you guys to replace your plastic combs and brushes to the wooden ones because it works amazingly well in your hair’s favor. it helps in distributing natural oils evenly and making your hair appear healthy.

7. Massage Your Hair Everyday Using Inversion Method

inversion method

Inversion method is the easiest hair growth method that helps you trigger your hair growth. All you need to do is just flip your hair upside down every day and massage your hair softly using tips of your fingers.

8. Do Balayam

Balayam is rubbing your fingernails together that will stimulate blood circulation and give you faster hair growth. Do this everyday for 5-10 minutes this week. Why nail rubbing technique works?

9. Eat More Veggies & Protein Rich Diet

This is a no brainer. Eating well will get you healthy from within which in turn will make your hair healthier. While you take this one week hair growth challenge, make sure you avoid junk food and eat healthy food. Include one raw onion and two raw tomatoes in your daily diet. Also eat lot of veggies, fruits and pulses too. If you eat eggs that there is nothing like eat. It will make your hair super healthy and trigger your hair growth. Drink Carrot juice daily for 7 days.

hair regrowth tips

10. Drink More Water & Then Some More & Then Some More

Hahaha.. I know you get irritated while reading this. A lot of you message me that its hard to drink more water. Mostly its a matter of habit. Try drinking more water for a week and you will notice the difference in your hair, skin and weight. And by weight I mean you will notice that your body doesn’t feel that bulky when you drink more water.

You can also set alarm or reminders that rings every 2 hours to remind you to drink a glass of water. Mine reminds me of every hour.

11. Sleep 7 Hours Daily

This is something you have to d without any ifs and buts. Good peaceful sleep is very very very important for your hair’s faster and healthier growth. So make sure you sleep well for at least 7 hours daily and that too at night and not late mornings. I mean you need to sleep well at night. No exceptions!

And you get brownie points for using a satin pillow instead of the regular cotton one.

12. Apply Hair Growth Masks Once A Week

i personally am going to apply aloe vera and coconut oil or fenugreek and aloe vera hair mask. But you can also apply egg hair mask or basically any other hair mask of your choice. But make sure you do this twice a week.

13. Rinse Your Hair With ACV

This is because unknowingly you might have some scalp infection or irritated scalp that might be hampering your hair growth. Make sure you do this hair rinse. in case if you don’t have acv then do the green tea hair rinse.

Don’t Do These Mistakes

Along with these make sure you aren’t making these mistakes don’t do any harsh treatments for this week like smoothening, perming or any other. Don’t use heat to style your hair.

Just let them be. Just for this week. Pretty please…

Follow all these basic steps for a week and you will definitely notice faster hair growth. Also, I recently came across a laser hair growth device. I am really interested to try it out. What do you guys think? Click here in case if you guys would like to check it out.

Also, if you try these tips or participate in this hair growth challenge, make sure you click a before and after picture and share it with me. I would love to give you a shout out and share on my Instagram.

See you soon with lot more such posts, hair care tips and solutions to your hair queries.

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