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Hair Color Changer Apps : Treat Yourself with a Makeover for Free

Hi Peeps,

How are you? Do like experimenting with your hair color? I am crazy for it. I love to change my hair color from dark to light, highlights, to dip dying I love it all. I honestly wanna try pink but somehow I am a bit scared to try it out. What if I start Looking like a girl with sugar candy on top of her head??? Such a hilarious sight to imagine.

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But yesterday, I was just searching the internet for hair colors and found some amazing hair color changer apps that helps to find out how a hair color will look on you without actually going through the trouble of dying your hair with harsh colors and damaging them. Its amazing, right??? I finally tried pink, blue and what not. You guys should check these hair color changer apps too.

Hair Color Changer Apps - Treat Yourself with a Makeover for Free

My 3 Favorite Hair Color Changer Apps

Before writing this post on hair dye apps, I tried my hands on lot of apps and finally these were the three apps that I found were most fun and helpful. Hope you like them too!!!

1. Hair Colour Booth Free by Bluebear technologies limited

hair color booth

I honestly loved this app. The best part is that it lets you change your hair color completely as well as you can choose to color just some of your hair in some funky colors.It has some limitations on trying out few hair colors in free version but it actually is enough to freak out your pals.

I dyed my hair pink and sent the pic to my friends and honestly the hilarious comments I received actually made my day ;-). One of my friends said, ” Nimi, don’t you think you are enough weird as it is. Why did you want to dye your hair pink???.” This was super duper fun. Every comment was super cute and their shock level was the sight to witness.

You can download it from iTunes. I guess it is not available for android ;-( . But don’t be disappointed. I’ve got you covered. Check out the other hair color changer apps in the list to experiment with your hair color.

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2. Hair Color by Modi Face

Hair color

This is another amazing hair dye app. You can actually try out a hair color that you wanna try on your hair, before actually going to salon and get it changed completely. All you need to do is just upload your picture and change it. That’s how easy it is in today’s world, to have a complete hair color makeover. How cool is that???

This time I tried all the amazing color they had and was hooked for hours with this hair color changing app. Plus, the new pictures I posted with beautiful hair colors, got me so many likes and comments on Facebook. It felt pretty good.

It is available on iTunes as well as PlayStore.

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3. Lakme Make-up Pro By Hindustan Unilever Limited

lakme make up pro

Image source : Playstore

This app takes the fun to next level. All you need to do is just upload your picture and not only experiment with your hair color but also with different hair styles, lip shades, eye make-ups and what not. I spent 2 hours on the app and it was so addictive. Just a small issue is, it is not compatible to some mobile phones.

So, before buying any new lipstick or eyeliner by Lakme, you can actually upload your picture and check out what that would look like on you. I was super impressed with this feature.

This app is available for androids on Play Store. I didn’t find it in iTunes. I might be wrong about that.

So guys, that is all for now. Hope you guys have fun too. These hair color changing apps are extremely addictive. Have fun guys. Do share your pictures and tag me too. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook Group. Have fun guys !!!

Happy little birdie who is obsessed with online gaming, natural hacks, gorgeous hair and her warm cup of tea.


  • theresa

    I love experimenting on hair colors but I am currently pregnant right now and I haven’t changed color for the whole 9 months. Just being safe. I would like to try the app because then I can decide what color would next fit me. Right after giving birth and having enough rest, I’m planning of changing my color thru DIY.

    • Nimi Popat

      First of all Theresa, congratulations. take good care of your baby and you. And This is absolutely right to stay away from hair colors while you are pregnant. Its always better to be safe especially in these days. Do try and experiment and give yourself a virtual makeover treat !!!Take care girl !!

  • Fenrile

    I didn’t know this app, even though it seems obvious that it exists with all the similar apps to try things directly on you, like glasses. As my girlfriend and I like cosplaying, I’ll make her download the app so she can try some new hair color for her next cosplays, that will be fun !

  • Zwitsy

    Now this is awesome! I love trying new stuff but so far, I am a bit scared particularly in doing some changes on my hair but this one, this will surely help me get the color I need for my hair!

  • Stella the Travelerette

    These apps look fun! I experimented with my haircolor a lot when I was a teenager. I had everything from blonde to dark red to pink! But in the end, I think I look best with my natural dark brown color. Still, it would be fun to experiment sometimes!

  • Carola

    I will definitely try this app. Love to experiment with my hair safely. I’ve changed my hair color a few times. My own color is blonde. And I changed it to red and to black. Black was a terrible idea haha. I’m way too pale for that. And it was horrible to try to return to my own color. But I’m glad I tried though :).

  • Bluedreamer

    ha this is cool.. I always wonder how will I look like if I have a blue hair or any of those K-pop inspired hair color.. this app will make it possible.. but only virtually of course
    thanks for sharing

  • Johna

    Wow this is awesome! This is app is perfect for me since I’ve been wanting to change my hair color for a while now but am quite hesitant cause I dont know if it will suit me! I’ll definitely be downloading this app hehe.

  • Nya

    I love experimenting new colors and new stuff with my hair, but I admit it’s a bit tricky since my natural hair color is quite dark, and the texture of my hair quite thin. So playing with apps is a nice alternative! Specially to have an idea whether that color would suit you or not. Plus, sounds so much fun 🙂

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