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Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review & DIY Hair Detangling Spray Recipe!!!

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review & DIY Hair Detangling Spray Recipe!!!
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Hey Lovelies,

How are you? Do you guys remember my Moksha Lifestyle’s Essential oils Haul post? In that post I showed you guys the set of 6 Amazingly useful essential oils that I had and promised to review them soon. Well its a bit delayed but finally here is my first essential oil review and for this post I actually selected my favorite one among all and that is Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Moksha Lifestyle Tea Tree essential oil review

The Appearance

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review

The bottle I have with me is 15ml bottle which looks like a bottle of cough syrup. It is brown colored glass bottle with a black cover. The wrapper looks really cute and actually of you buy the whole set it actually looks really cute and beautiful.


Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review


The oil is slightly pale yellow in color and has a strong smell. The smell is supposed to be strong since it is an essential oil that is used widely in Aromatherapy. I love the smell. Its strong but not harsh. It actually has soothing effects.

My Take on the Moksha Lifestyle Tea Tree Essential Oil

The smell is extremely strong but is equally soothing. You just need 2 – 3 drops and it actually gives you amazing results. The bottle was sealed pack state when I received it and it was very well pierced so you can actually keep track of drops.

When people talk about using essential oils, they usually measure them in drops. This is because they are really strong and powerful. You should not take these drops lightly. Also go by measurements when it comes to essential oils.

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review

How I use this Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Personally I have a whole lot of list of the ways in which I use tea tree essential oil. I use it to make My hair growth oil, Hair growth mask, Clarifying hair rinse, Anti-dandruff shampoo, Soothing pedicure and calming bath, to fight with my acne and what not. So, here is a quick DIY that I use The oil for.

Do-It-Yourself Tea Tree Oil De-Tangling Hair Spray for soothing scalp and soft hair

Do-It-Yourself De-tangling Hair Spray with step by step photos

Things you will need

Aloe Vera Gel – 2 TSP

Tea Tree Oil – 2-3 Drops

Water – half cup

Method of

1.Take an Empty spray bottle and fill it half with water.

2. Add 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil.

3. Add Aloe Vera Gel and shake well.

Your hair spray is ready to use.


  • This hair spray stays good for a week if refrigerated.
  • Always shake well before use.
  • Spray it on your hair and then comb your hair to de-tangle them.
  • The hair spray instantly makes your hair smooth and manageable.
  • If you feel have oily hair, use less aloe vera gel.
  • Always add essential oils to water first instead of aloe vera gel.

Price and Availability

It is priced Rs.275 for 30 ml on their website but if you buy the set from Flipkart it costs Rs.750 for set of 6 different essential oils of 15ml.


  • Bottle is perfectly pierced
  • Oil delivers amazing results
  • Hair soft
  • Can be used in gazillion diy recipes
  • Pocket friendly



  • Not easily available in local stores
  • Not travel friendly

Overall HCS Rating

HCS Rating : 4/5

Yay or Nay??? Will I re-Purchase?

Absolutely. This brand offers tea tree essential oil at really reasonable prices. Plus the essential oil is delivering amazing results so I will definitely repurchase.

Hope you guys agree with this post and it helped you in some way. I absolutely love the hair spray recipe I just shared. Do give it a try and share your reviews with me. I would love to hear your experience. Have a lovely day !!!


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