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5 Best Hot Rollers For Short Hair: Buying Guide & Reviews

5 Best Hot Rollers For Short Hair: Buying Guide & Reviews

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Using hot rollers for short hair to achieve that extra volume and those perfect curls is an excellent idea. It causes minimal hair damage when compared to a curling iron or flat iron. But it gives that instant voluminous effect and perfect curly hair especially if you have shorter-length hair. 

We have compiled a list of the best hot rollers for short hair that will give you the perfect curls every time you use them. As always, the detailed pros and cons of each hot roller for short hair are mentioned along with step-by-step instructions and solutions to the most frequently asked questions related to hot rollers for your short hair. 

So without further ado, let’s discuss them in complete detail. 

Best Hot Rollers For Short Hair

There are a lot of options on the market when you Google, ‘what are the best hot rollers for short hair?’ and the results may leave you overwhelmed. To get you sorted we have picked the top 5 best hot rollers for short hair on the market that actually work well.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hot Roller

If you are in a rush then this is the one that we recommend the most. 

These hot rollers come with titanium technology which can curl your hair faster with minimal damage. Its build is very high quality and it contains different-sized rollers like small, medium large, and jumbo which serves different purposes. 

You can achieve big wavy curls with the jumbo ones while the large ones and medium ones can help you achieve different curl patterns and the small rollers work best for achieving tight curls but you won’t notice more volume while using the small rollers on your short hair. 


  • Rollers heat quickly and evenly
  • Produces lovely curls on different hair types
  • Provides a nice variety of curl size
  • Enough rollers to curl all your hair at once


  • Too heavy and bulky to tag along while traveling

BaBylissPRO Hot Rollers For All Hair Lengths, Nano Titanium Hair Styling Tools & Appliances, 30 Count (Pack of 1) BABNTHS40
  • This professional hot roller set has 30 spiked rollers with stay-cool...
  • Nano titanium ceramic rollers use gentle, far-infrared heat to eliminate...
  • Use these salon-quality hot rollers to create smooth, shiny natural bouncy...

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Conair Hot Rollers For Short Hair

These hot rollers by Conair are ideal for people with short hair. You can use this set to curl your hair your way be it tight curls, medium curls, or soft curls. This set of 12 flocked 1.5-Inch + 1.75-inch ceramic jumbo hot rollers for short hair includes 12 clips that won’t leave dents in your hair.


  • Heat up quickly
  • Produces a large volume of curls
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Velvet flocking offers protection from heat


  • Curls straighten out quickly in some cases
  • Rollers quickly become too hot to hold
  • Does not come with an auto shut-off feature

Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers, Blue
  • Compact Hot Roller Set: Achieve beautiful curls and waves with these...
  • Easy To Use: The compact and portable case features a Ready signal that...
  • Complete Set: This set includes 20 multi size, tangle free rollers: Eight...

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INFINITIPRO By Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers, Multi-Size, 20 Count
  • Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers for Voluminous Curls: Create dynamic and...
  • Easy to Use: These flocked rollers use Ceramic technology to provide...
  • Full Set: Features a variety of sizes to customize curls for your hair...

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John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves

This set of five 2″ Jumbo Rollers are made of titanium and flocked with a ceramic finish. They offer a variety of heating choices to customize the strength of the curl. Butterfly clips are included. Its USP is that it adds instant shine to your dull hair and minimizes frizz while giving you the perfect curls. 


  • The rollers heat within two minutes
  • Produce full curves and volume easily
  • Styles quickly after rollers are removed
  • Works well to prevent frizzy hair
  • Adds instant shine


  • A bit on the expensive side

John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves; 5 2-inch Jumbo Rollers
  • Advanced ionic conditioning enhances manageability and adds frizz free...
  • Titanium ceramic flocked rollers feature butterfly clip to allow superior...
  • High/low/off variable temperature for various settings

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Remington Electric Hot Rollers

If you are running short on time and want a set of hot rollers that will quickly style your hair then go with this one. It comes with advanced thermal technology which works faster compared to other hot rollers for short hair that we discussed earlier. 

A Set of 21 multicolored rollers with a velvet finish offers two different sizes. Rollers feature a wax core to retain heat efficiently. Includes color-coordinated clips.


  • Clips are designed to fit the rollers and produce curl without dents
  • The ends of rollers remain cool, so they can easily be handled
  • Work well on both coarse hair and children’s hair
  • Easy to transport in its small carrying case


  • The velvet finish peels off after extended use
  • There was a lawsuit filed against Remington hot rollers

REMINGTON Pro Hair Setter with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology, 20 Electric Hot Rollers, 8 Medium (1") Rollers & 12 Large (1 ¼") Rollers, Purple
  • Fast Heat-Up: The roller rack heats up in just 90 seconds, with a bright...
  • 20-Count: The set includes 12 large (1¼”) and 8 medium (1”) rollers,...
  • Dual Heating Technology: Set curls in 5 minutes! The rollers and clips heat...

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Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter, 20 Velvet Hair Rollers, 6 Large (1¼”), 10 Medium (1"), 4 Small (¾”)
  • Unleash Long-Lasting Curls: Experience the power of our exclusive Thermal...
  • Shine Bright with Ionic Conditioning: Say goodbye to frizz and hello to...
  • Versatile Curling Mastery: Tailor your curls with 20 velvety heated rollers...

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CHI Smart Magnify Small Ceramic Rollers

These hot rollers for short hair use PTC ceramic technology where each roller has an individual signal light indicating whether it is properly heated or not. It is perfect if you desire uniform curls with smooth and voluminous results. 


  • Heat quickly and produce full, bouncy curls
  • Stylish case makes them easy to carry
  • Curled style lasts a long time
  • Offer rollers in multiple sizes for a uniform look when styled


  • Offering just two sizes doesn’t give you more options for styling

CHI Smart Magnify Medium Ceramic Rollers,Black,20 Piece Set
  • Includes nine ceramic rollers; nine clips; LED illuminating platform base;...
  • Small: for shorter hair or if you want tighter curls
  • Medium: for medium-length hair or to achieve more natural waves

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How to use hair rollers for short hair for beginners?

Select Your Size: Small rollers provide tight curls, while larger rollers produce wider curves. Buying a variety of sizes gives you more options.

Don’t Skip Prep: Protect hair from heat by using volumizing mousse or gel or a good heat protectant before rolling. If you wash your hair before using hot rollers, dry it thoroughly.

Divide Your Hair: The best way to produce stunning curls is to divide hair into sections before placing them in curlers.

Get Ready: Hot rollers heat up quickly. Select your curlers, heat them, and pop them on. Keep clips handy to easily apply them.

Roll From The Top: Start rolling your hair from the front and curl it toward the back of your head. Placing rollers on the top handfuls of hair first gives it a beautifully bouncy style.

Cool Off: Always allow hair to cool completely before taking it from the rollers and remove all the rollers before styling your hair.

Style and Go: Scoop your fingers through your curls and emerge flawlessly to face the day. This is optional but use a good alcohol-free hair spray to make your beautiful curls last longer.

Buying Guide For Picking The Best Hot Rollers For Short Hair

Things to keep in mind while buying and using hot rollers for short hair:

  • Remember to choose the correct roller size for the curls you want.
  • Check the material of the hot rollers for achieving primal results with minimal damage.
  • Take into account the number of hair rollers that each set has to offer before you buy.


Do hot rollers work on short hair?

Yes, hot rollers work well on short hair.

Do hot rollers damage hair?

Yes, hot rollers can damage your hair if you use them often, and skip using a good heat protectant before you use them.

Are hot rollers better than a flat iron?

Yes, hot rollers cause minimal damage when compared to flat iron. However, there is a slight learning curve to using hot rollers for short hair. you can check out this study to know more. 

Can hot rollers burn you?

Yes, if you are not careful hot rollers like any styling tool with heat can cause an injury. 

Over To You

Although there are countless options to choose from when you are willing to buy a good set of hot rollers for short hair but these are the ones that we recommend the most. In case if you have had a good experience with any other hot rollers feel free to share via comments. And Choose the best hot rollers for you – and enjoy your short curly hair!

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