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7 Best Magnetic Rollers For Perfect Curls Without Any Damage

7 Best Magnetic Rollers For Perfect Curls Without Any Damage

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We all desire those perfect curls. Often to achieve them, you need to go through heat styling. But today, I am sharing an old hack that will help you achieve the perfect curls without any damage, aka, the magnetic rollers for hair.

What Are Magnetic Rollers?

Don’t be fooled by its name. These cylindrical hair rollers are made entirely from plastic that has holes for ventilation and does not have any magnet in it.

Magnetic hair rollers get their name from the effect they have on your hair aka how it perfectly attracts and holds your wet hair in place to achieve those perfect curls without the worry of any heat damage.

They add a boost of bounce and volume and define your curls beautifully. Mostly magnetic rollers work well for people with fine hair, limp hair, or long hair. I have long Indian hair and magnetic rollers worked really well for me so far.

Best Magnetic Rollers That We Recommend

There are a lot of good quality magnetic rollers available on the market today. But these are the ones that we have had a good experience with:

Conair Magnetic Rollers: Best Overall

If you are in a rush, then this is the one that we recommend the most.

This is hands down one of the best magnetic rollers for hair because it contains different sizes of rollers which can be used to style your hair in different shades of curls be it beachy waves, slight waves, soft curls to even more defined and tight curls.

There are 75 rollers that too in different sizes as well as colors. You will have a lot of fun experimenting with different curls every time. I know I did.

Another highlight is this magnetic roller kit includes a pointy end comb which you can use to create different sections of your hair evenly with ease. It also includes a lot of pins to secure your curls in place and you also get a storage bag for ease of access.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Adds a boost of volume and bounce to your hair
  • You achieve well-defined curls every time
  • Curls last longer
  • Can create different curls every time
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Results aren’t as promising on people with thicker hair

Conair Magnetic Hair Rollers, Curlers in Assorted Sizes and Colors, Rollers Curler Set with Comb Clips Included, 75-Piece
  • 54 MULTI-SIZE MAGNETIC HAIR ROLLERS create body and long-lasting curls....
  • INCLUDES PARTING COMB AND 20 METAL HAIR CLIPS, plus a clear zippered...
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF CURLS, WAVES, UPDOS & MORE: From hot rollers, straighteners,...

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Annie Snap On Magnetic Hair Rollers

These hair rollers are extremely user-friendly that is meant to style shoulder-length hair or are used to add a subtle boost of volume for long hair. It helps to create beautiful waves or gentle curls. 

The rollers come in 0.8 x 5 x 5.5 inches in size that makes sure you have uniform curls that you can’t help flaunting after every use. 


  • Beginner friendly
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Works well for people with short to medium hair length
  • Curls last longer


  • Cant create different curls
  • Does not work well on longer hair lengths

Snap On Magnetic Rollers - Large
  • For the best looking curls and waves
  • Rollers hold Securely
  • Easy to use and wash

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Willbond Magnetic Hair Roller Set 

This is yet another good option to consider when looking for a good magnetic roller kit. This kit comes with 60 rollers of different diameters to achieve different curls to fancy your mood. It also includes hair clips that have duck teeth to secure your hair in place to achieve the perfect style.


  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Curls last longer
  • Can be used to achieve different curl patterns
  • Works well for all hair types and lengths


  • It slides sometimes if your hair isn’t wet enough

141 Pieces Hair Rollers Set Include 60 Plastic Hair Rollers
  • Hair Curler Set: you will receive 60 curlers in 6 sizes, 60 pins, 20...
  • Abundant Sizes: the curlers include 6 different sizes, 1.6cm/ 0.63in,...
  • No Harm to Hair: the plastic curling iron does not need to be heated, the...

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Diane Magnetic Roller Set

Diane is a well-known brand when it comes to finding unique and good-quality of different hair rollers. This kit that we have added here contains 6 different sizes of hair rollers to achieve different curl patterns. 

To achieve your desired curls just pick a set of color-coded magnetic roller sets and get on it. 


  • Easy to use even for first-time users
  • Different curl patterns can be achieved
  • Long-lasting curls
  • Color-coded sets for better use


  • Can’t achieve bigger curl patterns

Diane Magnetic Roller Set, 144-Piece
  • 16 pieces of medium rollers in each of 6 sizes
  • 8 pieces of small rollers in each of 6 sizes
  • Stackable for easy storage

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Blublu Magnetic Roller Set

If you desire those perfect salon-style curls then this one is a good option to consider. This kit includes 6 different sizes to achieve the curls of your dreams. Despite being plastic, these magnetic rollers do not pull or hamper your damaged hair. The best part is it equally works well on bangs too. 


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Curls last longer


  •  The pins used for securing aren’t of good quality and can’t be reused multiple times

72 Pieces Magnetic Rollers Set 54 Pieces Plastic Hair Rollers and 18 Pieces Multicolor Plastic Duck Teeth Bows Hair Clips Hairdressing Curlers Tools for Men, Kids, Women
  • Package includes : comes with 54 pieces magnetic rollers in 6 different...
  • Size : include 6 different sizes, the diameter is approx. 44 mm/ 1.73...
  • No harm : the plastic hair rollers don't snag in your hair causing tearing...

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Kleravitex Hair Curlers Roller Set

Like others on this list, this one too comes with a different set of rollers of different sizes to serve your different curl cravings. It has a sturdy material that works well for people with thicker hair too.

The only downside is that it doesn’t hold well in place so you might need to use additional help or something like claw clips.


  • Contains a different set of hair rollers
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy material
  • Works well for people with thicker hair


  • Does not have a good gripping power

Kleravitex Hair Curlers Set of 96 Stackable Rollers in 8 Sizes From Extra Small to Extra Large - 12 Per Size - Hairdressing Curlers for Women - Curling Styling Tool
  • SET OF 96 SELF GRIP CURLERS ROLLERS: Create Lasting Body & Fullness For All...
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF CURLS, WAVES, UPDOS & MORE: From Hot Rollers, Straighteners,...
  • HIGH QUALITY ROLLERS: Designed To Create Flawless Curls and Waves and Also...

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Goody Roller, Large Magnetic 

These hair rollers are a good budget-friendly option especially if you are new to using magnetic hair rollers and want to experiment to see if it is your cup of tea or not.

It has a set of 10 rollers which though claim large size but you can only achieve medium-size curls with this one. But it is built using sturdy plastic, its user friendly and takes up very little storage space. 


  • Sturdy material
  • Works well on short hair
  • Can achieve uniform curls
  • Budget-friendly


  • Can’t achieve larger curl patterns

Goody Roller, Large Magnetic Green 10 Pc Item # 82376
  • Goody Roller, Large Magnetic Green 10 Pc Item # 82376

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Benefits Of Using Magnetic Rollers For Hair

There are a lot of benefits of using magnetic hair rollers. The main advantages are:

  • Work well for people with fine hair, thick hair, short hair, or longer hair length
  • You don’t need to use heat to achieve your desired curls
  • Does not strip off moisture from hair
  • Does not damage hair
  • Perfect for creating different curl patterns
  • Adds instant bounce to your hair
  • Curls last longer.

How To Use Magnetic Rollers?

Now that you have invested in a good set of magnetic rollers for hair, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use them the right way:

  1. The first step is to detangle your hair well. 
  2. To achieve more long-lasting curls, I would recommend using a good volumizing mousse, a leave-in conditioner, or a good curl activator. You can check out the effects of different hair products on hair strands as per a study conducted.
  3. Now start by diving your hair into smaller sections.
  4. You now need to wet your hair by spraying some cold water on your hair or you can simply wash your hair with just water.
  5. Take the section of your hair and slowly begin rolling it from your ends to your roots. Once you have rolled your hair nice and tight, secure the roller using the double prolong clip that comes with the kit.
  6. Continue the process until you are done with all the sections and wait for the next couple of hours until your hair dries. I prefer keeping it overnight. 
  7. After your hair dries, you can start by removing each section gently from the rollers. Make sure you don’t brush them otherwise your entire hard work will be wasted. Instead, use your fingers gently to slowly loosen the curls a bit to create a more natural look.
  8. Finish off with your choice of setting spray and you are done. 

You can also use magnetic rollers on natural hair to achieve more defined curls. A quick tip, use some sealing oils or shea butter on natural hair for best results. 

Bottom line

Hope you benefit from this list of best magnetic rollers on the market. In case if you have any queries or if you think I missed out on any important detail, feel free to leave a comment. 

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