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11 Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays of 2023

11 Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays of 2023

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Alcohol-free hairsprays are making their way to the list of most cherished hair products lately. This is because using alcohol-free hairspray not only holds your style in place, adds shine and volume that too without all the added dryness and irritated scalp problems.

It’s high time, we realize the benefits of alcohol-free hairsprays and incorporate them into our hair care routines. If you too have realized its true potential and looking for a good alcohol-free hairspray then here are our top picks, we are pretty positive that you will love them too.

Best Alcohol-Free Hairspray

Are you looking for the best alcohol-free hairsprays? If you use a hair spray containing alcohol, it can cause dry and frizzy hair. Using alcohol-free hair sprays can supply the hair with nutrients, and give it shine and volume.

best alcohol-free hairspray

Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control

If you are in a rush then this is the alcohol-free hair spray we recommend the most. This vegan hairspray is known for its ability to prevent frizz and its lightness when applied.

It contains the goodness of coconut milk and white jasmine which not only hydrates your hair while holding your style firmly in place for a longer duration but also makes your hair smell good.

Free of dye, alcohol, silicone, and paraben this 94% natural hair spray is hard to miss. The USP of this hairspray is that it is powered by air and does not the greenhouse gases.


  • Hair is not heavy after application
  • Even a light spray can tame frizzy hair
  • It has natural ingredients, including a jasmine scent
  • Vegan formula
  • Free of greenhouse gases and powered by air
  • Safe for color-treated and chemically-treated hair


  • The nozzle sometimes fails to spray when pressed.

Love Beauty and Planet Frizz Control Hair Spray Coconut Milk and White Jasmine 6.8 oz
  • POWERED BY AIR AND NOT GREENHOUSE GASES: Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold...
  • FRIZZ CONTROL AND FLEXIBLE HOLD HAIRSPRAY: With a few spritzes of our...
  • INGREDIENTS INSPIRED FROM NATURE: Our hair styling products, infused with...

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Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Alcohol-free hairspray

This alcohol-free hairspray is designed to renew and detoxify your hair. It contains the goodness of aloe, bamboo, and cactus flower extract that will hydrate your hair well while holding your style firmly. The best part, it won’t leave a layer of build-up on your hair shafts. 


  • It doesn’t leave your hair sticky or stiff
  • The nozzle allows the spray to reach a wide area of hair
  • A light but pleasant aroma


  • It can make your hair feel too dry
  • The price is comparatively high

Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Airspray Alcohol-Free Hairspray, 7.0 Fl Oz
  • Crafted with bio: renew, a signature blend of essential antioxidants, aloe...
  • Herbal Essences with bio: renew brings your hair back to life in just 21...
  • Flexible Hairspray has 0% parabens, gluten, alcohol and colorants

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Pantene Alcohol-Free Hairspray

This hairspray is known for its lightweight hold. Its alcohol-free formula is truly considered a gold standard in the world of hair styling without the added hair dryness. It contains acrylic, which coats the hair to provide a flexible hold. It contains Vitamin B5, which nourishes the hair.


  • Pleasant fruity fragrance
  • Provides a light but effective hold
  • The spray goes directly where it is aimed
  • Loaded with the goodness of vitamin B5


  • Hair becomes sticky when the spray is re-applied

Pantene Pro-V Level 2 Lightweight Finish Alcohol Free Hairspray, Soft Touch, 7 oz
  • Flexible Hold Hair Spray from the Pro-V Style Series, the gold standard in...
  • Alcohol free formula contains no ethanol for a truly healthier hair spray
  • Ultra lightweight spray provides a smooth finish for your style

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Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Men

This hairspray for men is intended to provide a naturally voluminous look – as if they have been to the beach. It contains the goodness of sea salt, hydrolyzed proteins, and Vitamin E which not only holds your hair in place for an entire day but also promotes elasticity, more volume, and softness to your precious hair.

It is one of those just-for-men products that women can use too

Is Salt Water Good For Your Hair And Skin?


  • Leaves your hair with a natural look
  • It is easy to use
  • Perfect alcohol-free hair spray for men
  • It has natural ingredients like sea salt, hydrolyzed proteins, and vitamin E


  • Its scent is too light and not “beachy” enough

Brickell Men's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Men, Natural & Organic, Alcohol-Free, Lifts and Texturizes Hair for a Beach or Surfer Hair Style, 2 Ounce
  • What it Does: This refreshing sea salt spray for men lifts and volumizes...
  • Who it's For: Men of any age with any hair type.
  • How it Works: Sea salt thickens hair while adding a beachy texture. Vitamin...

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Ion Alcohol-Free Finishing Hair Spray

This 100% vegan hairspray is made to tame frizzy hair and provide a light to medium hold. It contains an acrylic compound that is especially effective during high temperatures.


  • A very pleasant, slightly musky smell
  • One bottle lasts a long time
  • Provides a solid and reliable hold
  • Paraben and alcohol-free formula
  • Vegan


  • Overuse can cause hair breakage or hair to fall out
  • Difficulty using the nozzle, which can become blocked.

Ion Alcohol-Free Finishing Hair Spray, 8oz, Lightweight, Medium Hold, Anti-Frizz Hairspray, Vegan
  • Alcohol-Free Finishing Hair Spray (8 oz) provides a lightweight, medium...
  • Helps tame frizz and fly-aways while leaving hair full of body and shine
  • Ion finishing hairspray is paraben-free and 100% vegan

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Aussie Non-Aerosol Hairspray with Jojoba Oil & Sea Kelp, Sprunch

This hairspray for curly hair is designed to keep your hair looking refreshed. In addition to jojoba oil, it contains aloe and sea kelp goodness which will nourish and hydrate your curly hair for a long duration.

Is Aussie Good For Your Hair?


  • Enjoyable floral fragrance
  • Easy to use; no need to style or blow dry after application
  • Produces just the right amount of hair volume with just a quick spray
  • Ideal for curly hair


  • The nozzle tends to become blocked too easily
  • Leaves the hair too stiff and inflexible in some cases
  • Contains Alcohol Denat

Aussie Non-Aerosol Hairspray with Jojoba Oil & Sea Kelp, Sprunch, 8.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 3)
  • Lock your curls into place for 24 hours with this hairspray for curly hair

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Shea Moisture Bond Release Hair Spray

This spray has been specially made for use with hair extensions, wigs, and weaves. It allows you to set the style of your wig even after you remove it. Infused with tea tree oil, borage seed oil, and aloe vera, this one hydrates your weaves and wigs well. 

It is good for hair extensions like irresistible Me or even for virgin Brazilian hair and nourishes them while adding a beautiful shine. 

The highlight of this hair spray is that it is very gentle on your skin and won’t damage your hair. Simply spray it on a cotton pad and hold it on your hairline for a minute or two. This will soften the glue. Now rub it so that it lathers well and then wipe it off. 


  • Helps to remove wig glue from your scalp
  • Easy to use when removing tape or extensions
  • Provides a natural aloe fragrance
  • Gentle on skin and hair


  • Sold in very small bottles

SheaMoisture Bond Release Hair Spray for Wig and Weave, Tea Tree and Borage Seed, Alcohol Free Hairspray, 4.1 Oz
  • SheaMoisture Tea Tree and borage Seed oil bond release hair Spray is an...
  • Safely remove your wig or Weave with our bond release alcohol free...
  • Infused with tea Tree oil, borage seed oil and Aloe Vera this hydrating...

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Kenra Alcohol-free hairspray

Using alcohol-free hairspray can provide many benefits. And this one alcohol-free hair spray can provide them all. Vouched by hairstylists, this hairspray can add a new shine and life to your dull hair while holding your desired style in place for a longer duration. 

Perfect to tame those flyaways and minimize the frizz. The only thing that you need to take into account while using this hair spray is that it works well when your hair is damp and doesn’t work equally well on your dry hair. 


  • Preferred by hairstylists
  • Tames frizzy hair and flyaways
  • Adds shine to dull hair
  • Hydrates and nourishes hair well


  • Works well on damp hair and not on dry hair

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SexyHair Healthy Pure Addiction Alcohol-Free Hairspray

If achieving more voluminous looks is what you need then go for this alcohol-free hairspray. Just spray a little on your roots and see this hair spray work its charm. It works well, especially in places where there is a lot of humidity.


  • Alcohol-free hair spray
  • Adds an instant boost of volume
  • Works equally well in humid places


  • Dries hair out over time

SexyHair Healthy Pure Addiction Alcohol Free Hairspray, 9 Oz
  • This alcohol free hairspray provides a medium hold, and high shine.
  • Offers humidity resistance.
  • Hold can 8” to 10” away from dry hair. Spray into styled hair to hold...

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What are the benefits of using alcohol-free hairsprays?

The benefits of using alcohol-free hairsprays are: less dry hair, better-nourished hair, and medium style hold with added shine.

Is alcohol-free hairspray better for hair?

Yes, alcohol-free hair spray is better for hair when compared to hair spray with alcohol because it doesn’t steal moisture from your hair. However, hair sprays with alcohol have better style-holding power. 

Why use alcohol-free hairspray?

Alcohol in hairsprays has a drying effect on your precious hair. If you have dry, unruly, brillo pad hair or damaged hair then it is always a good idea to use alcohol-free hair spray.

How to choose the best alcohol-free hair spray?

To choose the best alcohol-free hair spray, take into account:

  • the purpose of your hairspray
  • your hair type
  • natural ingredients
  • lesser harsh chemicals.

The purpose of your hair spray is to whether you want a style-holding hair spray or need a hairspray that would add volume or you need heat protection or simply a good sea salt spray for perfect beachy waves. 

After taking this into account look for your hair type and take your pick. Also, try to opt for hair sprays that contain to the goodness of natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, jasmine, argan oil, vitamin B5, or others and one that is free of alcohol, parabens, silicones, or dyes. 

Over To You

There are a lot of good alcohol-free hair sprays on the market. You just need to assess the best one as per your need. We have tried our best to share the best of the best alcohol-free hair sprays. In case you feel we missed out on any important one, feel free to share via comments. 

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