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Is Prell Shampoo Good Or Really Bad For Your Hair?

Is Prell Shampoo Good Or Really Bad For Your Hair?

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Is Prell shampoo good? Yes, the shampoo that you might have seen your parents or grandparents using. I personally haven’t tried Prell shampoo ever but have heard a lot of good things, especially from my friend with oily hair.

This shampoo for oily hair has been working great for her but she wanted me to put my beauty blogger glasses on and share the pros, cons, and everything in detail about the Prell shampoo as I did for Maui Moisture shampoo, Nexxus shampoo, Dove shampoo, Redken shampoo, BioSilk shampoo, and others in the past. 

If you too have wondered whether Prell shampoo is good for your hair or is Prell shampoo bad for your hair or does Prell shampoo cause hair loss? then I am about to spill all the beans. 

Let’s discuss this.

Is Prell Shampoo Good Or Bad For Your Hair?

Prell shampoo has a very loyal fan base. A lot of people claim that it’s their holy grail shampoo. In fact, there were times, when Prell shampoo was discontinued but it had to be brought back in stock due to its high demand. But is Prell shampoo good or do some things need to be talked about:

Prell Shampoo Is Good For Your Hair Because

  • It is a good shampoo that has a very loyal fan base.
  • Prell shampoo is free of Paraben, Lanolin, Gluten, Soy, Nickel, Oil, Propylene Glycol, and Alcohol.
  • Good smelling shampoo that makes your hair smell good.
  • The Prell shampoo lathers well and lifts dirt, grime, and build-up effectively in one wash. 
  • It is a good shampoo to remove build-up and a good shampoo for oily hair people. 
  • Super affordable shampoo. 

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Prell Shampoo Is Bad For Your Hair Because

  • Prell shampoo has SLS which has a drying effect on your hair and scalp.
  • It has added fragrance that can irritate your sensitive scalp or disrupt your scalp’s natural pH.
  • Prell doesn’t clarify its stand on being a cruelty-free brand. So I am not sure whether it is a cruelty-free brand or not. 
  • It is a clarifying shampoo to remove hair color and is not a good shampoo for colored hair or chemically treated hair.
  • Prell is not a good shampoo for people who are looking for CGM-friendly shampoo. 
  • Not recommended for teens or babies. 

Is Prell Cruelty-free?

After doing a lot of digging, I didn’t find a clear answer whether Prell is cruelty-free or not. Although, it was previously owned by P&G Which isn’t a cruelty-free brand but now that Prell is acquired by Scott’s Liquid Gold-Inc, it is not very clear. Prell isn’t Leaping Bunny approved nor does it have PETA’s stamp of approval that it is truly cruelty-free. 

So I leave it to your judgment. If you need to invest in a truly cruelty-free shampoo and it can say that with definite proof then I would recommend you to look elsewhere. 

I sent an email to their staff and if and when I hear back, I will update it here. 

Over To You: Is Prell Shampoo Good Or Bad?

Prell shampoo is not the best shampoo in the market but if you think Prell shampoo is good for your hair and you are noticing positive results after using it, then why not continue it? After all every hair type is different and reacts differently to different hair products. Plus, the water type whether you live in a hard water area or you wash your hair with soft water, also counts. 

However, I would recommend you do a patch test as it contains some not-so-good ingredients which might irritate your scalp especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Also, I would not recommend you use it if you have dry, damaged, dull or curly hair or if you have chemically processed or color-treated hair. As it is a clarifying shampoo it will dry out your hair even more. 

But if it is working well for your hair, just make sure you incorporate Indian hair oiling treatment, hair conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioning masks, and a volumizing mousse in your hair care routine to protect your hair from getting dry

Last update on 2024-05-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I tried to sum up as many points as I thought were valid while discussing whether Prell shampoo is good for your hair or is it bad for your hair. In case you feel I missed out on any important points, feel free to share those via comments. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out:

Have a lovely day.

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