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Skin Actives Scientific Hair Serums For Gray Hair and Hair Care Review!!!

Skin Actives Scientific Hair Serums For Gray Hair and Hair Care Review!!!
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Hey Guys,

How are you today??? I am on cloud nine right now. Our blog made it to Top 40 Best Hair Care blogs on the planet list. Congratulations to you too. Thank you so much for the continued love and support. <3 <3 <3

Today I have really interesting and most unique hair product I have ever used to share with you all. Hair Serums by Skin Actives.  While I was looking for different serums for hair, I discovered them. 🙂

About the Brand

“Skin Actives Scientific experts review scientific and industry literature to find the best skin care actives. Our protein engineers use methodology developed over years of research to manufacture specialty proteins in laboratories in Michigan, Illinois and Argentina. The activity of these proteins are second to none in the world.”

What I Tried

  • Skin Actives Scientific Gray Hair Serum
  • Skin Actives Scientific Hair Care Serum

Lets get started with Skin Actives Hair Serums Reviews!!!

I got my hands on these serums because, I was really impressed by the results they promised. Lets check out the detailed experience.

Skin Actives Scientific Gray Hair Serum

skin actives scientific hair serums review

I am reviewing this hair serum first because I actually have gray hair problem and I know how hard it gets to tackle it. I am constantly writing about it and working on diys for covering gray hair naturally.

Hence, when I found out that there is a hair serum that can help me deal with this issue, being a hair blogger I was super curious to try it out. I have been using this Ski Actives Scientific Gray Hair Serum for over a month now and I am actually happy with the results.

skin actives scientific hair serum review

It hasn’t made my hair darker but I haven’t seen any new gray hair popping up. My hair stays manageable and its been over a month but I haven’t felt the need to do touch ups or use my diys. And its a big relief for me.

skin actives scientific hair serum review

skin actives scientific hair serum review

I just have two issues.

  1. Its a bit expensive and contains some chemicals.
  2. It has a light but bitter smell.

Other than that, I love its results. You can check the ingredients, price and order it from here.

Skin Actives Scientific Hair Care Serum

skin actives hair serum

skin actives hair serum

This hair care serum is actually really good. It actually helps in nourishing your scalp and triggering hair growth. I haven’t seem any major hair growth after using it but it did made my hair thicker. I have exact same issues with this hair serum too. But it does gives good results.

You can check the detailed ingredients list and order this hair serum from here.

Overall Experience with Skin Actives Scientific Hair Products

The packaging of Skin Actives Scientific Hair Products is quiet simple and travel friendly. They reached me within 3 weeks and the products were safe and intact. I didn’t have to pay any customs ***Happy Dance***

The hair serums are really great but I just was worried about it containing some chemicals. But after using it, I love its results on my hair.


  • You just require little amount for long hair
  • Travel Friendly
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Triggers hair growth
  • Makes Hair Manageable
  • Keeps frizz in control for 3 days
  • Retains hair color


  • Not available in local stores yet
  • Smell was a bit off putting for me
  • Contains some chemicals like parabens
  • Bit Expensive
HCS Rating

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a hair serum that takes care of your hair and promotes hair growth, you should definitely try Skin Actives hair serum for hair care. If money is not an issue, then do give these hair serums by Skin Actives Scientific a try. They are definitely worth it.

Yay or Nay ??? Will I Repurchase???

Absolutely. Yay for me. I would keep purchasing it especially the Skinactives hair serum for gray hair. My hair are becoming a bit darker and haven’t seen any new gray hair popping out ever since, I am using it.

Which is your favorite hair serum??? I am really looking to try something that is unique and actually delivers results just like these. Do share your favorites and Have a lovely day!!!

  1. Meggan Sanna says:

    you are my inspiration

  2. Lutragen says:

    I hate their serum too much cost n no results

  3. Olwen says:

    their serum smeellls terible

  4. Yes, they have very unique set of products especially serums 🙂

  5. TomasJuicy says:

    I tried their serum n it is gud. now gona ordr their gray hair serum

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. jeffery says:

    Reading your blog post, I ordered the hair serum. Its been 2 weeks since I am using it and I am loving it so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

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