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CurlMatch: Mobile Application that helps you Find the Perfect Products for Curly Hair

CurlMatch: Mobile Application that helps you Find the Perfect Products for Curly Hair

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 Hey Guys,

How are you today???

Are you struggling to find the best matched products for your Curly hair???

Being a hair blogger, I get this all the time. People are struggling really hard to find the perfect products according to their hair type. We are so spoilt with choices of so many products that keep launching each day.

Plus, so many products are there that claim for treating curly hair. These products seem to be working for others but don’t work for you. Sounds familiar??? That’s because each hair type is different. No two heads have exactly same hair type. That’s when CurlMatch comes into picture.

Few days back, I was searching for something different that would help you guys in some way. While searching, I came across CurlMatch.

CurlMatch a mobile application to find perfect products for curly hair

About the Brand

CurlMatch is a mobile application developed by Shani Blount. She made this application after being tired of using the wrong products for over a decade. She has gone through the struggle of finding the perfect products that will define the curls and actually help them grow. But none of them seemed to work. Hence, she felt the need to create this app.

What does this app do??

CurlMatch helps you find out the hair products that are actually meant for your hair type. It helps you to save the struggle of going through the hair products that does not work for your hair.

How Does CurlMatch help you Find the Perfect Products for Curly Hair???

First of all, you need to download this Mobile application. You can download it from here.

Now after installing the app, just go through the small Sign-up form. There are six questions. Just fill them out honestly. Here is how it looks.

  1. What best Describes your hair??? Choose the one that matches your hair type from the below three options.
  2. Which Products works best on your hair??? Choose the one that matches more compared to others.
  3. What’s the biggest challenge for your hair??? Again, choose the one that you are most struggling with.
  4. What’s the Size of your Curls??? Take your time and just choose the option that perfectly defines the size of your curls.
  5. How do you best describe your curl routine in the morning??
  6. How well does your hair retain moisture??

After you are done, just hit sign up button and you are good to go. Now you have all the suggestions of the perfect products for your curly hair.

After the questionnaire, I was left with a lot of suggestions. Some of the products were so new for me, I didn’t knew they existed. One of them was a Not your Mothers way leave in conditioner and honestly, I am already using it for quite some time now. It was recommended to me by a good friend and I love it. 

What I loved about CurlMatch???

CurlMatch is really amazing app. I love it because of its three main features:

The Curl Quotient Test: It analyzes multiple factors that actually defines individual’s hair type and this in turn helps you find the hair products that are a perfect match for your hair.

Customized Results: This is the best part. Curlmatch will show you results of hair products that actually works for you. For each and every one it shows different, customized and more suitable results. I checked for my mom and loved how the results showed the hair products that matched her hair type.

Style Secrets: You get the inside scoop on style secrets, tips and tricks to get the best hair day ever.

Why you should give CurlMatch a try???

CurlMatch can help you save a fortune that you will spend on wrong hair products. This app will help you get customized results on the tips of your fingers. 

If you are struggling with finding the perfect products for curly hair, just give this mobile application a try. Its Free and there is nothing to lose, right??

Trust me this app will help you save a lot. Most importantly, if you are someone like me who is extremely impatient. Then this is a must for you. After all, finding the perfect products for curly hair that actually works isn’t that all we want??? 


Thursday 4th of July 2019

I have curly hair and finding right products for my hair is simply impossible. This app is very hepful. Ty for this

Curls are best

Friday 14th of June 2019

There is an app for curly hair people??

Nimisha Popat

Wednesday 19th of June 2019



Friday 3rd of May 2019

This is amazing bae. Thank you

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