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Flygirl Hair Products : Intense Calming Balm & Hi Gloss Serum Review !!!

Flygirl Hair Products : Intense Calming Balm & Hi Gloss Serum Review !!!

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Hi Girls,

I love to travel especially the last moment unplanned trips. Last year, me and my girls, we just packed our bags and left for Goa. Goa in December is just heaven. We played on beaches, danced till 4 am in the morning, did all the water sports and just had a heck lot of fun. But the downside of this trip was our hair. After a week we looked like Monica from Friends did.

fly girl hair products review

At the end we looked so bad. The problem was we neglected our hair care and we didn’t have the proper hair care products too. I still remember my bestie’s shampoo exploded in her bag and ruined her party dress 😉 It was hilarious He He He 😉 She was super pissed but it was hilarious to watch her reactions.

And then one of my friend spent her entire day straightening her super curly hair and the end result was that after just an hour she was back to her curly hair. It was all a complete mess. We had a lot of fun but our hair suffered a lot. After coming back, we all had really dry hair with split ends. Some of us actually had to cut our hair.

This time when we made plans, I was in charge of finding perfect hair care products. So, this time, I came across a hair care range called Flygirl. This is designed by a team of girls specifically who love to travel and who knows our troubles. Hence, I tried my hands on their hair care range. The results were super fabulous.

fly girl hair products review

About the Brand – FlyGirl

Flygirl is a company for Women by Women. They make hair care products that are travel friendly, suitable for all your hair needs and free of all the harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, chlorides and all the other super damaging chemicals. Plus they test on real girls and not animals.

The Products I tried

As I mentioned above, our hair got extremely frizzy and our hair didn’t hold the style well, so I tried

  • Flygirl Intense Calming Balm
  • Flygirl Hi Gloss Serum

Lets get started with FlyGirl Hair Products Reviews!!!

When I came to know about these hair care range by FlyGirl, I was super excited. Honestly, recently I have been so disappointed by the products that promise you starts and reach nowhere. Its like you get excited about getting a surprise and get an empty box wrapped in layers of empty boxes. 🙁 But when I actually tried these, I fell head over heels in love with them. <3 <3 <3

FlyGirl Intense Calming Balm Review

fly girl intense calming hair balm review

This balm comes in a tube with round cap and its easy to take out the amount of quantity you need to use. The balm smells heavenly and has a nice light smell which stays on for couple of hours and keeps your mood fresh and happy.

This balm actually made my hair super soft and frizz free for next three days. My hair didn’t tangle at all. When my friend tries it, she has super curly hair. It managed to hold curls and she just kept clicking selfies the entire day.

This balm helps in keeping your hair in place and actually calms them down;)

FlyGirl Hi Gloss Serum Review

fly girl hi gloss serum review

FlyGirl Serum was the best of all. It adds really beautiful shine and makes your super silky and manageable. We all had an instant love for it.

It smells great and does everything that you actually need the hair serum to do.


You can order these from their online store. Sadly these are not yet available in local stores yet **sheds a tear***

HCS Rating : 5/5

Overall Experience with FlyGirl Hair Products

fly girl hi gloss serum review

The packaging of Flygirl products is super cute and travel friendly. They reached me within 10 days and the products were safe and intact. I didn’t have to pay any customs and I am super happy about it.

Honestly, for the first time, I actually don’t have anything bad to say about a hair product. I kinda feel super excited. I guess you can sense it by my writing, that I am really excited to share it with you guys, hair products that actually delivers results.


  • Smells Heavenly
  • You just require little amount for long hair
  • Travel Friendly
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Tested on Real Girls
  • Holds Style Really Well
  • Makes Hair Manageable
  • Keeps frizz in control for 3 days


Just one why are these beauties not available in local stores. I don’t have patience for them to reach me.

Overall HCS Rating : 5/5

Yay or Nay ??? Will I Repurchase???

Absolutely. Super Yay for me !!! I just can’t wait to buy them over and over again. My friends just love these products and our this year’s trip was super fun and thanks to these FlyGirl hair products, our hair had fun too!!!

Do try these at least once, I promise you won’t regret it. Have a happy hair day!!!