Divine Love Herbal Conditioner for Hair Review: Is it Really The Best One?

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Hey Guys,

Today I am so excited to share this Hair Conditioner from Divine Love with you guys. Why am I excited?Well the reason is I am one of the first bloggers to review this brand’s conditioner and secondly I am absolutely in love with this product.

If you are a regular reader on HCS you might know I absolutely treasure natural hair care products and hacks and when Divine Love company offered me to try their products I was super excited.  This hair conditioner as I mentioned earlier is a herbal hair conditioner made up of Aloe Vera, Amla, Henna, Hibiscus, Fenugreek and Lemon. All the ingredients that I use on regular basis in my DIYs for hair care.

Divine  Love Herbal Conditioner Review

I am actually really excited. I don’t know whether you guys can sense that or not from reading. Lets check out the complete review.

The Appearance

Divine Love Herbal Conditioner comes in Transparent Bottle with white colored Flip Flop Cap. Overall Packaging is simple and good. But not at all travel friendly.

divine love herbal conditioner

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The conditioner is light coffee in color and is bit runny compared to other conditioners that I have tried so far. The runny consistency makes it really easy to spread it evenly on hair.

The conditioner has really nice and herbal kind of smell and it stayed on my hair for about an hour after rinsing it. I loved it.

divine love herbal conditioner

Ingredients and Directions for use

divine love herbal conditioner

Price and Shelf Life

The conditioner is bit pricey but since its natural it is bound to be a bit more pricey. The conditioner costs Rs. 199 for 200ml and has a shelf life of 36 months.

My Take On Product

The conditioner being extremely runny was real easy to spread through entire hair length but I required almost double the conditioner compared to other conditioners. I almost took about 7-8 TSP of conditioner and applied on my damp hair let it stay for few minutes and then rinsed it out with water. The conditioner was easy to rinse out completely from my hair.

My hair felt really soft and smelt really wonderful. My hair were extremely manageable for next 2 days.


  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • Makes hair really soft and manageable
  • Smells really wonderful


  • Not at all travel friendly
  • Not available in local stores that easily
  • Require almost double in quantity compared to other conditioner


Sadly this amazing product is not that easily available in local stores but you can buy  from their official website or Amazon.

Overall HCS Rating

HCS Rating : 4/5

Will I re-purchase this products or Recommend it to a Friend ?

Absolutely. This hair conditioner made my hair so soft I actually even though its bit pricey and you require a bit more compared to other conditioners but this conditioner actually has the power to transform your hair and make them absolutely smooth and silky.

Hope you guys liked the post as always please send in your feedback, hair problems or just share your experience via comments. Please follow me on Instagram Guys. I am really trying to grow my following on Instagram.

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Have a happy weekend guys.

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  1. This product gives you super soft and silky hair. I dint know this brand until now.. i always stuck to these chemical shampoos.. but now.. i want to get back to natural products.. and i guess these will help.. Thnks for the update.

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