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Nature Sure Leech Oil For Hair Regrowth Review: Ingredients, Price & Buy Online India

Nature Sure Leech Oil For Hair Regrowth Review: Ingredients, Price & Buy Online India

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Hey Guys,

Ever heard about leech oil?

I know it sounds weird and a little icky but yes it exists. Leech oil is an oil from (as you might have guessed it) leeches. Now you might be thinking why would anybody apply this oil and why would it work? Is it another marketing gimmick by the companies?

Well, I had all these same doubts.

And as you know, here at this hair blog, we don’t just review things, we understand the science and logic behind as to why and how things work? So, when I came across this new hype in the beauty industry called the leech oil and that helps with hair regrowth and scalp infections well.

So being a hair blogger, I was curious.

I then went to my dad (since he is an Ayurvedic doctor) and asked him what exactly leeches do and how will this oil be beneficial if at all. My dad then explained to me that leeches have been used in our Ayurveda as a medicine.

In the early days when there was no real treatment for eczema or other skin diseases, then ayurvedic practitioners called as Vaid Ji used to stick a few of these leeches on the affected area of the skin. Then these leeches would suck the bad blood from the affected area and stimulate healthy blood flow. This way they used to help the patients with skin diseases.

How Does the Leech Oil Work?

Now comes the oil part.

How this oil benefits scalp and hair is that it helps in stimulating the blood circulation. This, in turn, promotes hair growth as well as regrowth. It also retains the power of combating dandruff and curing eczema and psoriasis eventually.

Nature Sure Leech oil or Jonk Tail Review

Nature Sure Leech Oil for hair regrowth

Like always my curiosity made me try leech oil on myself. Now I don’t have any scalp infections as such but mild dandruff. So I made my friend with Eczema try it too.

Appearance: This oil comes in a dark green colored plastic bottle with a black flip flop cap. The bottle is spill-proof and travels friendly. I took it with me to my friend’s place to make her try and the bottle didn’t leak a single drip.
It is normal consistency not too thick or thin and looks yellowish-green in color. It has a bit strong fragrance which is a little overwhelming and will trouble you if you are someone with a sensitive nose.

Product Claims:

Nature Sure Leech Oil for hair regrowth

Price: Rs.239 for 110 ml.

How To Use Leech Oil For Hair Regrowth?

Nature Sure Leech Oil for hair regrowth

My Experience Using Nature Sure Leech Oil

I picked up this brand because I tried Nature sure hair growth inhibitor and it gave me really promising results. So I thought why not go ahead with a brand that I already have a positive experience with.

As I mentioned the oil has a very strong fragrance and I have a very sensitive nose. So I couldn’t keep it overnight. I had to wash it within an hour. While I applied the oil was smooth and easy to apply. And as you are supposed to apply it just to your roots and scalp, the bottle lasts long too.

I shampooed my hair with a mild herbal shampoo and skipped the conditioner as well as a serum to see its benefits on my hair. My scalp felt itch-free and it helped to calm down my itchy scalp in one go. My hair felt more or less the same s before.

After emptying the bottle, I felt, my scalp is in really good condition and my hair feels thicker.

My Friend (With Eczema)’s Experience Using Nature Sure Jonk Tail

Like me she also found the fragrance to be overwhelming but she managed to keep the oil overnight. The next morning she shampooed her hair and claimed that her scalp felt itch-free for next 2 days. And there were fewer flakes as well. She loved the effects of the oil on her scalp.

As far as regrowth is concerned, this oil takes time but being completely natural, takes time to deliver visible results.

Where to Buy Nature Sure Leech Oil in India?

I got it from their official website but it is also available on

  • Prevents Hair Loss, Hair Fall
  • Promotes fast hair regrowth
  • Helps cure alopecia and baldness

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Hope you guys found this review helpful. Let me know if any new beauty trends you guys want me to try and follow.

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