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Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil Review: Does It Regrow Hair? Benefits, Side Effects And How To Use

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Have you tried Indulekha bringha hair oil yet?

This is by far, one of the most requested reviews on my blog. Almost every other day, I get a message or an email asking about how this hair oil actually is? Does it really help with hair loss and regrowth at all or is this just another marketing gimmick?

Indulekha, when began their add campaigns, left almost half the country excited to try the hair oil which claimed to deliver wonderful results for hair loss and hair regrowth. I bet you would have been super keen to try this baby out, haven’t you? If your mind is filled with puzzles about this lil hair oil than read ahead for all the answers.

Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil Review


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Packaging: The oil comes in a beautiful plastic bottle which is shaped like a comb in front which dispenses oil. The bottle is patented by the brand and has honestly half the country going ga-ga over it. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

The oil is dark brown in color and has a very thick consistency. And when I mean thick, it’s THICK! However, the selfie comb bottle makes the application very easy. It has a very strong herbal fragrance which might trouble your sensitive noses.

Indulekha hair oil ingredients:

indulekha hair oil review

How to Use:

indulekha hair oil review
Price and shelf life: It costs Rs.234 for 50ml and has a shelf life of 2 years.

Indulekha hair oil benefits

  • Indulekha hair oil nourishes your dry hair.
  • It also makes hair frizz free and manageable.
  • Soothes itchy scalp.
  • Works on treating mild dandruff.

Indulekha hair oil side effects

  • Unless you are allergic to any particular ingredient, there is absolutely no side effect that I found with this oil.

My Experience Using Indulekha Hair Oil

indulekha hair oil

Initially, I tried this oil mostly because so many of you wanted me to try it and also the selfie bottle really attracted me. The moment I opened the bottle, I was greeted by a very strong herbal fragrance. It is a bit too strong and like I said if you have sensitive nose than it will most probably irritate you.

The oil is on the thicker side. Hence, it does not spread very easily but the selfie bottle does a fabulous job in being your perfect assistant. Just one issue I had that my selfie bottle was leaking a bit.

indulekha hair oil review

After I applied the oil for the first time, I kept it overnight. The next morning, I had to wash twice to get the oil out completely. My hair after wash felt very manageable and my scalp didn’t feel itchy despite being washed twice. But because it was very heavy oil and me keeping it overnight, it gifted me breakouts. So from next time forward, I kept the oil only for an hour or so before washing.

Here a quick hair care tip:

Don’t step out with this oil in your hair. It might make your hair way too dirty.

Overall, I liked how it nourished my dry hair and made them manageable and frizz free even without conditioner. It definitely works for mild dandruff but I haven’t seen any triggered growth or reduction in my hair loss.

indulekha hair oil review


  • Wonderful packaging
  • Selfie bottle makes oiling mess free
  • Oil is free of harsh chemicals
  • The oil contains wonderful herbal ingredients
  • Does work on mild dandruff
  • Makes hair smooth and nourished


  • It is a bit on the expensive side
  • Selfie bottle leaks
  • Very thick oil
  • Does not wash off easily
  • If you have sensitive skin, then keeping it overnight might give you breakouts
  • Didn’t see any difference in hair loss
  • Didn’t see any hair regrowth as such
HCS Rating


A good hair oil for nourishing your dry hair and mild dandruff.

Where to buy Indulekha hair oil?

I personally got mine from a supermarket in my city but it is also available on Amazon.

Yay or Nay?

Again a product I have strong mixed feelings for. If you have dry hair with mild dandruff than this might just be the perfect pick for you. But if you are looking for a remedy on hair fall or hair regrowth, then give it a try for sure. However, I didn’t see any difference in hair loss, hair growth or regrowth for that matter.

Hope this post helped you in some way. If you have any other review requests or hair queries, don’t hesitate to share. To see what’s on my testing table now, follow me on Instagram.

Until next time, take really good care of your hair.

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