how to remove banana from hair
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How to Remove Banana From Hair in 5 Simple Steps!

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Hey guys,

Trying to figure out how to remove the banana from your hair?

You guys know my love and blind faith in banana hair masks. I always recommend applying banana mask especially if you have frizzy, weak and damaged hair with split ends. I make banana and honey mask for dry hair and also make banana and egg mask for damaged hair. If you have read previous articles on banana hair mask, you know that I challenged you guys that it can totally transform your hair in just a span of two hours. And that is why I recommend it to almost everyone.

I know you guys are like me. A bit lazy to read the entire post to find out that you need to strain the mask well with a muslin cloth before applying it on your hair otherwise these little banana bits test your patience really badly. It’s okay I cheat too while reading 😉

And ever since I started my Reader’s query section, I get almost 10 emails every week, where you guys applied the banana hair mask without straining well and now wondering how to remove banana bits out of your hair. Hence once and for all, I decided its time to share with you guys a detailed 5 step method to get those stubborn banana bits from your hair.

How to Remove The Banana From Hair: A Step By Step Guide

how to remove banana from hair

I have been there. It is one of the biggest oops, I am screwed moments of your life ever.

The first time I tried banana and honey hair mask I did the same mistake. I applied the mask without straining and the banana bits just fell so much for my hair they just wouldn’t let go. I spent more than an hour in the bathroom struggling to remove those stupid and irritating banana bits from my hair. That’s when I did these three things which worked for me to get rid of banana bits from my hair.

1. Rinse it well

Yes I know you must be thinking that Nimisha I am not stupid I know how to rinse well. Don’t you think I tried that already by now? So before you freak out let me clarify that by rinse well I mean keep your hair under running tap water or shower and move your fingers gently to remove the mask. This will help to remove some big chunks of banana bits.

2. Apply your conditioner

Just apply a generous layer of hair conditioner on your hair to make sure to avoid your scalp. Now let the conditioner stay for 5-10 minutes.

3. Use a fine tooth comb

I am usually against using the fine tooth comb but for removing the banana bits from hair, trust me it’s a must.

After your hair is soaked in conditioner for good 10 minutes, slowly start combing your hair with that fine tooth comb. If you need you can do this in the shower too as water would make it much easier for the comb to move and remove those banana bits more easily.

4. Use a cleansing/clarifying shampoo

A good clarifying shampoo will actually reduce the effect of your banana mask but as they say desperate times desperate measures.

The clarifying shampoo will definitely help you remove those lil stubborn bits. Just apply a good clarifying shampoo and slowly use your fingers or comb again to remove those banana bits while rinsing it with water.

5. Use an ACV rinse.

This one again helps to get the remaining pieces to come off a bit more easily. Just dilute ACV in water and pour it on your hair and leave it like that for 2-3 minutes and rinse it off. You can read more about detailed hair rinse method here.

#HairCareTip For You

  • Co-washing works too: This one is probably the best thing to do. Just apply your conditioner, leave it for 5 minutes and then shampoo with conditioner still in your hair. Then rinse it with normal water.

I am sure you will feel much better now that those stubborn banana chunks are out of your hair. From next time definitely make sure to strain your homemade hair masks before you let it touch your hair. Be it banana hair mask or avocado hair mask or any natural homemade hair mask, skipping straining the mask can cost you a lot of time and test your patience really badly.

how to remove banana from hair

Hope you find this post useful. If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to share them. See you soon with more solutions on hair queries. You can also follow me on Quora as I share a lot of solutions on different hair queries there too. To see what’s currently on my testing table, follow me on Instagram or join our facebook group.

Have a lovely day!

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