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How To Make And Use Cayenne Pepper Oil For Hair Growth ?

How To Make And Use Cayenne Pepper Oil For Hair Growth ?

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If you have been struggling with hair loss and your hair not growing fast enough, I have a solution for you: The cayenne pepper oil for hair. Yes, the oil made from Cayenne Pepper.

Why you ask?

The cayenne pepper helps in maintaining your hair health and also improving your hair inside out.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper oil

benefits of cayenne pepper oil for hair growth

Cayenne contains capsaicin which stimulates hair growth by enhancing the blood circulation to the hair follicle hence ensuring better nutrition and healthier hair from within. The benefit of cayenne pepper is that it makes your hair shiny, more manageable & soft. Also not forgetting that it is a natural product hence can not cause illnesses like cancer.

Ingredients For Making Cayenne Pepper Oil

cayenne pepper for hair growth

The best remedy, if you want to use cayenne pepper on your hair, is mixing the cayenne powder with coconut oil and olive oil both. As you know coconut oil and olive oil are both amazing for your hair. They add to the benefit of these.

All You need is

  • half a cup of olive oil (make sure to use a cold pressed olive oil)
  • half a cup of coconut oil (make sure to use a cold pressed coconut oil)
  • two tablespoons of cayenne pepper powder (make sure it does not contain added color)

How To Make Cayenne Pepper Oil?

cayenne pepper for hair growthThe process of making it may be a little tedious and long. But if you want a good result, you need to be a little patient. But trust me at the end it will be all worth the effort.

Firstly Add the coconut oil in a jar and mix it with the cayenne powder.  Now Store this mixture in a cool dark place for about two weeks or more.

After the two weeks, strain the mixture and add the olive oil to dilute it more. Now your cayenne pepper oil is ready to use.

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How To Use It The Right Way?

Take two tablespoons of oil or more depending on the length of your hair and apply it to the scalp and make sure to cover your entire hair length too. Wait for approximately thirty minutes and then wash your hair with warm water and follow it up with good SLS free shampoo.

For best results, before shampooing give a little steam and practice inversion method.

Any Side Effects Of Using Cayenne Pepper Oil For Hair?

Since it contains pepper it can cause mild Skin irritation. You May also experience burning, inflammation and also itching. Although it is completely natural just make sure to do a patch test beforehand.


Never use cayenne powder without oil. Seek medical clarification before you start using it

hair regrowth

Hope this oil would help you get longer hair faster. I know how hard it is when your hair just simply not grow fast enough like others. This oil has worked really well for me and I hope it would work amazingly well for you too.

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