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Ethicare Remedies Haul : Sunscreen, Hair Serum, Face Wash and Sweat Roll On reviews!!!

Ethicare Remedies Haul : Sunscreen, Hair Serum, Face Wash and Sweat Roll On reviews!!!

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Hey Guys???

Have you heard about this brand called Ethicare Remedies????

It is well known skincare brand and  highly recommended by dermatologists too. Recently I tried some of their products and as you might have guessed it right this post is about my experience with Ethicare Remedies products.

About the Brand

Ethicare Remedies was founded in 2003 by Ilesh Khakkhar with a vision to create the quality products with unceasing innovation in the world of cosmetology and dermatology to keep the world healthy and beautiful.

What I Tried ???

  • Uvmed Sunscreen Gel with SPF 50
  • Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum
  • Glomved Face Wash
  • Sweatnil Anti-Perspirent Gel Roll On Pack

Ethicare Remedies Products Review

If you follow me on my Instagram, then you probably would have seen me unboxing this box from Ethicare Remedies. The box was really wonderfully packed and all the products reached me safely and within 4 days. That’s super great right??? Overall I had a pleasant experience with Ethicare Remedies.

Uvmed Sunscreen Gel with SPF 50 Review

uvmed sunscreen by ethicare remedies review

I am one of those people who gets tanned even by merely looking at the Sun. So I always have to buy a sunscreen with higher SPF. Hence, this has to be in my list. This sunscreen is very different than others I have tried before. It has normal cosmetic smell that lingers on for couple of minutes. It has matte finish and it absorbs really quickly leaving a beautiful matte finish on your skin. My skin tone looked even and a bit fairer after using this one.As far as sun protection is considered, it does a fabulous job. I didn’t get tanned at all. Full points for that.  I finally found the right sunscreen for myself and I am super happy about it ***happy dance***.

Umved sunscreen gel costs Rs.349 for 50ml and you can buy from here.

Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum Review

Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum Review

You guys know me and my love for hair care products. I had to give this hair serum a try. This serum gets absorbed real quick and does not weigh my hair down. Its quite non-sticky which makes it perfect for summers. It did help in making me hair more manageable. I loved this one too. The only complaint is that the bottle is not travel friendly.

Trichoz Intensive hair serum costs Rs.199 for 50ml and you can buy it from here.

Glomved Face Wash Review

Glomved Face Wash Review

My mom has really oily skin. So I have to be very careful while selecting the products that she use on her face especially the face wash. This mother;s day I wanted to gift her best products that would actually deliver her results. So I gave this one a try.

This face wash contains tiny bubbles and pink particles that gently pops up on your skin which helps in making skin soft. Its quite gentle on your skin. So if you are one of those with really oily skin, then this is a great face wash for you. I definitely recommend you to give this one a try.

Glomved face wash costs rs 199 for 60 gms and you can get your from here.

Sweatnil Anti-Perspirent Gel Roll On Pack Review

Sweatnil Anti-Perspirent Gel Roll On Pack Review

This is a perfect summer product. Its so hot these days that you are bound to sweat a bit more than normal. But this roll on helps in keeping the harsh smell away. It prevents you from sweating too much and helps in controlling the harmful odour. Quite great product for summers.

Sweatnil anti-perspirent gel roll on pack costs rs for 50ml and you can get yours from here.

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  • Great quality
  • Delivers results
  • Recommended by Dermatologists
  • Travel Friendly
  • Affordable


  • Not easily available in local stores
HCS Rating


I am in love with Ethicare remedies products especially the sunscreen that has matte finish and the hair serum. These are definitely a must try products. Do give Ethicare Remedies a try. Their products are quite different and really a breath of fresh air in skincare market.

Yay or Nay ???

Yay for me. No a single product disappointed me. I loved it and I definitely recommend it to you especially the sunscreen and hair serum. They were the highlights of my Ethicare remedies haul. Do give them a try, they are great.

Hope you enjoyed this mini haul and don’t forget to join in our Facebook group and please follow me on Instagram.

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