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5 Best Coal Tar Shampoos For Psoriasis And Dermatitis

5 Best Coal Tar Shampoos For Psoriasis And Dermatitis

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There are lot of benefits of using coal tar shampoos especially if you have psoriasis, dandruff or dermatitis.

It can help with scaling and hardening on the scalp and clear away excess dead skins cells. Coal tar has been used to treat skin conditions for over 100 years. It comes in a myriad of different forms such as soaps, ointments and creams.

It’s a great option for treating dermatitis and maintaining a healthy scalp. It may be just what if regular shampoo is not doing it for you. Your scalp will look and feel much better, as bonus coal tar shampoos can help treat and prevent head lice.

Do check out the study conducted to determine the effects of using coal tar to treat Psoriasis.

Top 5 Coal Shampoos To Soothe Your Itchy Scalp

Coal Tar shampoos include many benefits. It can treat dandruff, psoriasis and relieve your itchy scalp. There is a range of best coal tar shampoos so without further ado let’s move on to some recommendations.

best coal tar shampoos

Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo

best coal tar shampoo

This is a solid starting option. If you are in a rush then this is the one that we recommend the most.

A less extreme option that’s suitable for everyday use. Active ingredients include 2% Neutar solubilized coal tar extract (0.5% Coal Tar). Generally speaking higher % of Coal Tar there is the stronger it will be, So this option may not be as effective as the others on this list.

However a lower % does not necessarily make it a worse product. This might be all you need if your problems are relatively minor and as a bonus, It is also much lower risk compared to the others on this list.

It works similar to regular shampoo, apply to wet hair, lather well and leave for several minutes before rinsing it off. It’s properties are Anti-Dandruff, Anti-Seborrheic Dermatitis and Anti-Psoriasis.

If you are confused in between Neutrogena’s Tgel or Tsal for your psoriasis or dermatits, then don’t forget to read T Sal vs T Gel: Which Shampoo Is Right For You?

Neutrogena Coal Tar Therapeutic 8.5 Fl Oz Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  • 8.5-fluid ounce bottle of Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic and Anti-Dandruff...
  • Original therapeutic formula helps control scalp itching and flaking caused...
  • Contains coal tar extract, which scientific tests have proved continues to...

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Psoriatrax Anti-Dandruff Tar Shampoo

best coal tar shampoos

In contrast to the Neutrogena Shampoo, this one contains 5% Coal Tar. As one of the strongest coal tar shampoos on the market this one defiantly deserves a place on this list.

This product has a strong following, with many claiming it has worked where others have failed. Although I urge you use this one with caution, it might not be the most pleasant shampoo but it will get the job done for sure.

And you can always use homemade hair perfume to make your hair smell good.

It seems to specifically designed for dandruff though all other benefits of coal tar should be present.

DHS Fragrance-Free Coal Tar Shampoo

best coal tar shampoo

Fragrance-free coal tar shampoo is another safe option with good reviews online. A much gentler option for these that may be sensitive to smells and harsher shampoos such as Psoriatrax. DHS is a reputable company within the US that have a range of different shampoos so you know they can make a decent shampoo.

As you might imagine, this is another one with a lower % of coal tar.

If you want a product designed alleviate Seborrheic Induced Dandruff and Psoriasis, that is also sold by an experienced company. This product is for you.

PERSON & COVEY DHS Tar Shampoo 8 Ounce.
  • Fragrance Free and Therapeutic; Remove built-up residue without stripping...
  • 8 Ounce DHS Coal Tar Shampoo; Includes one 8 ounce bottle; This easy-open...
  • Gentle Yet Effective Treatment; Formulated for helping psoriasis and...

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Scalp 18 Coal Tar Shampoo

best coal tar shampoo

The scalp 18 seems like a solid middle ground, with 2% Coal Tar and various ingredients not included in the others. Such as aloe vera, panthenol, argan oil and tea tree oil.

While it’s a little pricier, It contains antifungal properties as well as being an effective moisturizer for your scalp. The fragrant oils also serve to counteract the distinct smell that comes with most coal tar shampoos.

If you are looking for a sulfate free coal shampoo with some extra ingredients, then this is another great option to consider.

Capasal Therepeutic Shampoo

best coal tar shampoo

Capasal is a unique product for this list as it contains salicylic acid along with coal tar. The salicylic acid makes this one especially useful for exfoliating, detoxing your scalp and thinning out dead skin that gets trapped in your scalp.

Capasal contains 1% coal tar, 0.5% salicylic acid and 1% coconut oil. It’s paraben, sls and fragrance-free. The downside of this product like others of it’s kind is the smell. Choose this product if you want the benefits of coal tar along with salicylic acid.

Side Effects Of Coal Tar Shampoos

Coal tar shampoo has many benefits but like many things in life, it has some cons too. So don’t stop reading this article just yet since there are also some drawbacks you should be aware of.

As coal tar can stick around for over 24 hours, it also goes without saying that you should consult your doctor before trying any product such as this.

Do not use this product if you are sensitive to light and try avoid prolonged sun exposure. As your skin will be more prone to sunburns.

Be wary that some way experience skin irritation and allergic reactions. Please call your doctor if you experience any rashes, skin irritation, blisters or skin peelings.

Use with caution and follow your doctors instructions.

Coal tar is also known to cause temporary hair loss, so use it in moderation and find a product that works best for you.

So in conclusion, coal tar shampoo is effective at what it does. However it is only advised to use in case of psoriasis, dermatitis or other scalp conditions on your doctor’s advice.

Written by: JackSP

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