7 Best Flat Iron For Curly Hair (In-Depth Reviews & Buying Guide)

best flat iron for curly hair

Using a flat iron for curly hair to achieve that perfect straight hair is always a good idea. But the market is filled with countless options to choose from. And yes, it can get quite overwhelming. To help you find that perfect hair straightener for curly hair, keep these things in mind: If you have … Read more

Why Does My Hair Curl At The End? 12 Reasons & Solutions

why does my hair curl at the end

Why does my hair curl at the end? How do I minimize or stop it? I love curly hair, especially the natural curls but we can all agree that those unnatural and unmanageable curls at the ends of our hair are not our favorite thing. It creates a very unpleasant and unpolished appearance. So why … Read more

What Is The Curly Girl Method? Exact Steps For Beginners

curly girl method steps

What Is The Curly Girl Method? The curly girl method is also called the no-poo method that was first introduced in the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey. This method has gained traction like wild fire from the time curly hair was in trend. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. The curly girl … Read more

5 Best Curl Activator For Relaxed Hair To Achieve Your Dream Curls

best curl activator for relaxed hair

Have you tried using a good curl activator for your relaxed hair? We love to experiment with our hair. If you have curly hair, you might fancy hair smoothening. Or if you have relaxed hair, you might be dreaming about those perfect curls. Well, I totally understand how much we adore experimenting with different hairstyles. So … Read more

CurlMatch: Mobile Application that helps you Find the Perfect Products for Curly Hair

CurlMatch a mobile application to find perfect products for curly hair

 Hey Guys, How are you today??? Are you struggling to find the best matched products for your Curly hair??? Being a hair blogger, I get this all the time. People are struggling really hard to find the perfect products according to their hair type. We are so spoilt with choices of so many products that … Read more

Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Leave-In Conditioner Review !!!

not your mothers way to grow leave-in conditioner review

Hey guys! Today I’m going to review a new hair product I’ve tried. One of the newest products I have used as part of my natural hair routine is this travel-size leave-in conditioner. I received courtesy of Influenster. Though I received this conditioner to test out, my review is completely my own words. I have … Read more