9 Best Shampoo For Colored Hair You Need To Invest In

best shampoo for colored hair

We put so much time, energy, effort, and money just to achieve that perfect hair color. It’s no good if your hair color starts fading in a week. That is why you need the right shampoo for colored hair. The one that won’t strip off your hair color and will in fact make it last … Read more

How To Get Jet Black Hair At Home Easily?

jet black hair

Growing up in India, I have always had a soft spot for jet black hair. It’s one such hair color that suits everyone, no matter your skin tone. Plus, the shine that jet black hair has is incomparable to any other.  I have been blessed with long Indian hair that is jet black since childhood. … Read more

Loreal Color Protection Shampoo Review

loreal color protection shampoo review

I recently colored my hair brown for my friend’s wedding and this Loreal color protection shampoo came free with the hair color box. I personally felt amazing about this offer and therefore grabbed it ASAP. Who wouldn’t like a shampoo free with hair color, I am no different. Let me know share my views on … Read more

How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring? 13 Effective Tips

How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring

Are you struggling to stop hair from falling out after coloring? Hair starts falling after coloring because hair goes through damage after you color them. It’s been ages since I have shared solutions to your hair queries here. I keep sharing some solutions on my Instagram Stories, Facebook Group and on Quora but I felt … Read more

Jovees Color Lock Shampoo with Apple and Vera Review

Have you tried Jovees Color Lock Shampoo yet? Recently, my friend recommended it as one of her favorite go-to shampoos and I knew I just had to buy it for my colored hair. So today I am sharing my experience using Jovees shampoo. About the brand: Jovees Blending Ayurveda, the oldest Indian indigenous medicine system … Read more

11 Hair Color Tips To Keep Hair Color From Fading In A Week

hair color tips

Have you recently colored your hair and within a week your hair color starts fading? Don’t worry I got you covered. Here is a list of 11 exclusive hair color tips that I learnt over the years to keep hair color from fading in a week. These include some very small things to keep in … Read more