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Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Hair Oil Review: Is It Really Effective?

Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Hair Oil Review: Is It Really Effective?

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Hey Guys,

Have you tried Parachute Advanced Aloe vera Hair Oil yet?

I was just shopping in the supermarket last month when this baby caught my attention. The label said it contains coconut oil with aloe vera which literally made me pick it up. Plus, it looked a lil different than other parachute variants.

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Parachute Advanced Aloe vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil Review!

Parachute Advanced Aloe vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

Product Claims: The goodness of coconut meets the magic of aloe vera. It makes hair stronger, softer and silkier.

Appearance: The oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a blue cap. The bottle looks cute compared to another variant of parachute bottles. This variant of oil by parachute is less sticky and smells nice. I loved that it is less sticky.

Price: 90rs for 250 ml.

Ingredients: Coconut oil (50% v/v), Mineral oil (49.6% v/v), BHT, Aloe vera extract and perfume.

Parachute Advanced Aloe vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

My Experience using Parachute Advanced Aloe vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil:

Parachute Advanced Aloe vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

This lil shampoo bottle looked really attractive while I was on my shopping spree last month. The fact that it contained aloe vera along with coconut oil at such affordable price really caught my attention.

The oil is extremely lightweight and will work wonderfully for those who avoid hair oiling. However, I didn’t notice any such huge difference with added aloe vera extract. It just worked the same as the other parachute variant only this one is less sticky. The oil gets rinsed off in one go too. it left my hair softer and more manageable. I didn’t notice any triggered hair growth but noticed that my scalp became little itchy.

But what broke my heart was that this oil contains a high quantity of mineral oils and perfume. Both of these are the culprits that ruin your scalp’s health and gives your hair fall. I personally prefer using hair oils that are free of mineral oils.


  • Makes hair smooth and silky
  • Lightweight oil
  • Gets washed off in one go
  • Contains coconut oil and aloevera extracts
  • Easy availability
  • Travel-friendly
  • Attractive packaging
  • Affordable
  • Does not freeze even in winters


  • Contains mineral oil and perfume
  • Works same as other parachute coconut oil variant
  • Didn’t notice any added effects of aloe vera
  • Made my scalp lil itchy
HCS Rating


Though the hair oil made my hair soft, I won’t recommend it. It contains high level of mineral oils. Be your own judge and take your pick.

Where to Buy Parachute Advanced Aloe vera Hair Oil?

I got it from a supermarket but you can get it from

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Yay or Nay?

Nay for me.

The oil despite giving wonderful results contains high quantity of mineral oils. Mineral oils are extremely bad for your hair and scalp. They tend to leave a layer of buildup on your hair and scalp which eventually triggers hair fall and rampant hair growth.

Overall it’s a good product that delivers good results but contains a high level of mineral oil. You be your own judge and take your pick.

Hope you found this post useful. See you soon with a lot of home remedies, solutions to your hair queries and lots more. To see what is currently on my testing table follow me on Instagram or join our facebook group.

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Thursday 11th of October 2018

i tried it too. No huge difference


Friday 20th of July 2018

This oil was just average and didn't work 4me. parachute disappoint with it

Nimisha Popat

Friday 20th of July 2018


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